AI Text Generators are progressing rapidly, yet we are developing even more quickly.

The emergence of technologies such as ChatGPT has enabled AI to create a wide assortment of content, from essays to books and news articles. That’s why we crafted our AI Content Detector. Boasting an accuracy rate of 99.12%, it is the only enterprise-level tool that can tell you if digital content was penned by a human or produced by AI, including ChatGPT. Artificial intelligence can rapidly progress, but we are one step ahead.

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Writecream AI Content  Detection & Checker Use Cases



Defend your well-earned SEO rankings from AI-created material. According to Google, "content that's been created programmatically (by ai) without producing anything uniquely" goes against their rules. Unfortunately, that implies the Google algorithm will perceive any AI-generated content as junk mail, resulting in lost rankings.


Students, ensure the material you're using for your study has not been created by an AI text generator before you include it in your paper. Teachers, be sure of who composed those tasks and use any occurrence of AI-generated text as an educational experience.


Be sure to safeguard your reputation and verify the author of any material you intend to publish by utilizing our AI Content Detection system, which can identify AI-created content in books, articles, and other forms of media.


Nowadays, artificial intelligence-driven bots are omnipresent, though they have already been existing on review websites for some time. With our AI Content Detection feature, you can now protect yourself against fraudulent and possibly damaging reviews created by AI copy-generation software.