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Transforming Internal Communication with AI-generated scripts

Good communication at work is super important. WriteCream has a new tool that can help make videos where people talk about their positive experiences using internal communication tools. This tool is called the AI Internal Communication Platform User Testimonial Video Script Generator. It’s here to make creating these videos simple and fun!

Four Easy Steps

  1. Input Your Topic: First, you tell the tool about your internal communication platform. Share what’s cool about it and any good experiences people have had. The AI uses this info to create a script that sounds real and genuine.

  2. Click to Generate: Then, you just click a button, and magic happens! The AI turns your input into a script that’s interesting and true. It’s like having a creative assistant right there with you.

  3. Review and Refine: Now, take a look at the script. You can make it more personal by adding your touch. This step helps you make sure the script fits your brand and values.

  4. Copy and Use: Once you’re happy, just copy the script. Now, you’re ready to make a video that tells everyone in your team how great your internal communication platform is.

Key Features

  1. In Many Languages: It understands and works in different languages. So, if your team speaks different languages, everyone can share their experiences.

  2. You Control the Size: You can decide how long or short your script should be. This helps you share the best parts without making the video too long.

  3. Choose Your Tone: You can pick how you want your script to sound. Whether it’s happy, thankful, or thoughtful, the tool can match your style.

  4. Keeps Things Private: The tool makes sure your platform details stay private. It takes good care of your information.

  5. Use It Anywhere: You can access this tool from anywhere. So, even if your team is working from different places, everyone can still be part of making awesome testimonial videos.