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Use Command Mode And Easy Your Workflow

If you need help, please refer to the video tutorial aboved or the detailed step-by-step instructions at the end of the page

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Utilize command mode to create:

Bullet points, Lists, Outlines, And more!

Create blog titles, meta keywords, meta summaries, headings and much more

Instantly generate a headline, title, or meta description with a single command.


What is a Command?
A Command is a basic instruction that triggers Writecream’s functions to execute in response to the instruction.

Here are some basic ideas of commands:

  • Write a paragraph on why I should invest in the stock market.
  • Write a few sentences on how smartphones and the internet changed the world.
  • Provide bullet points on the benefits of physical workouts every day.
  • Write an article on market crises.
  • Build a blog post outline about the difference between software and hardware.
  • Answer the question of how long working out a day is good.
  • Write a conversation between Mick and Ben on how was the ben’s flight was.
Here are some more Command Examples To Try

Blogs Related :

  • Create four blog post titles related to [topic and keywords].
  • Compose a content brief for [topic, title, and keywords].
  • Plan out a blog article on [topic].
  • Come up with section headings for [topic].
  • Generate a list of [topic] (ex., a list of auto manufacturers).
  • Construct an introduction for a blog post titled [title] using keywords [keywords].
  • Formulate an introduction concerning [section heading].
  • Construct a paragraph of content about [topic].


  • What queries do you have concerning [topic]?
  • Generate questions on [topic].
  • Provide FAQ about [topic].
  • Write a list of questions and answers [topic].
  • Answer the question, ” How much time of sleep daily is good “?


  • Write an article on [topic].
  • Compose an article about [topic].
  • Compose a breakdown of [topic].
  • Highlight the pros and cons of [topic].
  • Formulate a list of potential arguments against [topic].
  • Generate a list of alternate terms for [word].
  • Clarify the concept of [topic].
  • Describe [topic] in detail.
  • Examine the implications that [XYC] will have on [ABC].
  • Unite the concepts of [topic 1] and [topic 2].
  • Showcase the significance of [topic].


  • Generate YouTube Titles for [Topic]:
  • Create a Video Script Outline for [Video Title]:
  • Compose a Video Script Introduction for [Video Title]:
  • Construct a Video Script Hook for [Video Title]:


  • Write some ad headlines for the product [ Product Description ].
  • Write ad copy about the product [ Product Description ].
  • Generate some ideas for ads.
  • Generate some marketing leads ideas.