SEO or Search Engine Optimization refers to optimizing search engine results to ensure that your content is most visible to those looking for it. It helps your content to gain traction and become popular amongst search results. Ensuring that you do the right SEO optimization makes you narrow your audience and ensure that the most traffic reaches your content.
Generating or writing impactful SEO content is essential to make the most use of this tool. In this article, we’ll explore what makes the best SEO content and the ten best free tools you can use to make sure you’re directing the most audience to your content through your SEO strategy.

How it works

There is a large pool of SEO writers who work in the freelance domain; copywriters use SEO optimization to their advantage, and content writers and marketers use SEO optimization to help boost their specific domains. The domain gives the most rewards to people in the Google Search rankings.
Content writing is the main crux of various domains at the moment. Writing captivating and good content is vital to this. Good content and efficient SEO optimization ensure that ranking considerably go up on Google. This can be done using the right tools for SEO content writing.

The Need For Proper SEO Tools

Along with the content being well researched, well structured, and well written, it must be SEO friendly. Only if so does it gain traction and reach a wide audience.
To consistently rank at the top in Google, you must use these SEO tools to enhance your content and increase its chances of ranking high up results-wise.

The Advantages of SEO tools

Content writing is a niche in which, if talented, good content is easy to churn out. Great content is not easy to develop for high deliverability and skill. SEO tools help bridge this gap to churn out the best quality content with these assists.
Here are some stellar advantages of these tools:
1. They streamline what you write to fall under the right category of keywords.
2. They ensure your content is easy to read and of the right length.
3. It grammatically corrects your content and enhances it.
4. It helps write your content depending on the audience’s knowledge level and understanding.
5. It offers synonymous cues and prompts for writing.
6. They help frame your content in a way that fits the intent and central idea of the article.
7. It suggests the addition of images and other elements to enhance your content.

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Stages of writing where SEO tools come into aid

1. Topic Selection

Keyword Research or Topic Selection is the essential element to consider while writing any content. Keyword phrase selection is extremely important to ensure your Google ranking is good and your content gains viewership traction.

Lowfruits, Keyword, and Chefare are three excellent tools for keyword phrase optimization. These SEO tools help you choose topics for your article, estimating traffic volume for a particular keyword.

2. Article Research

Once you have a central idea, it’s important to ideate the process of writing it. This includes research and creating an outline for your article. The article is written in originality and creativity. The more traction it gains.

3. Outline

An outline acts as a guide for your article. You must create a proper outline for your article to make sure that your article is written well and impactful. Make a mind map ideating what you want to incorporate into the article. For this, you can use top-ranking Google articles as primary articles or high- keywords and stitch these elements into your content.

4. Competition Research

The next thing to ensure is that your content stands out as unique and tackles all the competition that already exists in terms of search and ranks on Google. Frase and Surfer SEO are two tools that help gauge competition. Understanding the pulse of the competitors in the market is a great advantage.

5. Writing

Writing the article is the main goal once you’ve gone over all the previous steps. VoiceIn is an SEO tool that allows dictation. You can narrate your article to the tool and then edit what it converts into text. The new trend in today’s day is AI-supported tools. Artificial Intelligence is making a breakthrough. Sudowrite and Jarvis are another two AI-powered SEO tools that help with writing.

6. Editing

The stage that comes after Writing is Editing. This refining part of the article enhances its readability and quality. The most fantastic and easy to navigate tool for this part of the process is Grammarly. It fine-tunes to the most corrected stage.

7. Plagiarism Check

Checking the Plagiarism of an article to ensure that it’s 100% authentic and accurate is another vital step in content creation. The most helpful way to make sure your content is plagiarism-free is to write it originally from the get-go. Including references or citations later and starting with authentic writing helps.

8. Content Optimization

Patching a content optimization tool to the end of the article optimizes it to ensure that search engines find your content and rank high on search engines. These tools add a few words and phrases to ensure your content is discoverable. Search engine optimization tools are Market Muse, Surfer SEO, Clearscope, Frase, etc.

9. Readability

It’s important to write articles that are easy to understand and comprehend. Writing complex articles with linguistic complications might reduce the quality of your content. Some tools that help with readability according to your audience are Grammarly and Hemingway.

10. Publishing and Hyperlinking

WordPress allows you to hyperlink and publish articles efficiently. Another tool that helps with this is the Link Whisperer.

11. Rank tracking

Once you have efficiently written your article incorporating all the important elements and tools, it’s important to keep tracking the rank of your content. SEO tools like Semrush and Serpstat have rank trackers that help you view whether your content is accurate and fits the market. It shows which content shows up fastest in search engines and is gaining the most traction.

SEO Tools Available For Free

1. Fraser

Fraser is an SEO optimization tool that helps build quick framework outlines for writing. They also have an AI integrated tool with a 7-day freemium tool.

● Following are the main features of Fraser.

1. Outline builder: this helps you create a quick guide for the article itself
2. Content optimization: this helps you optimize the content to help it be trackable through SEOs
3. Content analytics: Frase allows you to track your content analytics and track its performance.

● Pricing

Following is a graphic of how much Fraser is priced at


Monthly price

User seats


Cost per doc

Google Docs
















  1. KWFinder (a part of Mongols)

Mongools is an SEO optimization portfolio, and KWFinder is the most used SEO optimization tool. It’s very efficient for SEO optimization and offers a seven-day free trial.

  • Features

  1. Keyword research tool helps you from the first stage of content ideation, offering and adding relevant keywords and phrases to help optimize your content.
  2. Filtering and ranking: it helps ideate seasonally. For example, if you have a specific topic and don’t know how it ranks in search results, KWFinder helps rank this and shows you the most pursued search results.
  3. Tracking: Getting the premium paid plan gives you more SEO tools to work with and gives you a content performance management event and a daily ranking tool.


  • Pricing


Monthly price

Annual Price

Daily keyword

Keyword suggestions
per search

Keywords for rank tracking



















  1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the industry leaders regarding spelling check AI assistant and grammar optimization. They offer many features like tone adjustment, spell check, plagiarism check, etc. they have a well-working free version and a state-of-the-art premium version.

  • Features

  1. Instant feedback: the free version allows you to write the most accurate content giving you instant feedback, prompts, and pointers on how your text looks and what to do to improve it.
  2. Speed: the speed and efficiency of the proofreading and editing process are extremely high. It’s very quick in bringing up loopholes in the writing and allows smooth correction.
  3. Goal setting: a great feature of Grammarly is the app’s ability to set goals according to the audience’s knowledge level of the writing the tone of the writing. Setting these tones allows you to optimize the content to certain parameters.


  • Pricing

Grammarly Pricing Packs Image

  1. Google Search Console

The Google search console will help you optimize your content with the power of analytics. You can search the parameters that bring users into your website and performance to make your search engine presence felt.


  • Features

  1. Helps in content planning: once you know the performance of various optimization tactics, you can tailor your content to appear how you want it to.
  2. To find SEO help helps you add content query modifiers and leverage the most helpful SEO keywords and phrases to churn out the best impressions by tailoring them to the most impactful SEO keywords.


  • Pricing

Search Console is free for all web users.


  1. Hemingway

Hemingway is an all-rounder app that helps in content optimization for SEO visibility. It focuses on the conciseness of your content, making it easy to read and enhancing the quality. It makes sure your sentences are short, easy to read, and delivered the right way.

  • Pricing

While the app is free that anyone can use, the desktop version comes for $19.99. It works offline and allows for integration to publish into WordPress directly.


Must have analytics tools for SEO content writers


Here are three tools that help with SEO analytics that all SEO content writers must-have. They help you navigate the performance of your content.

1.Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows you to check if your articles perform well in the organic search section if enough people are organically clicking on your content.

It indicates what keywords are ranking your website and which pages bring in the most traffic.

This allows you to plan how to write more of your web content, tailoring it to the performance.


2. Answer the Public

Answer the public, a tool mostly content creators use. It is mostly for ideating. Getting a few queries lets, you see what the world is currently asking. It adds in topics elements and subtopics in the article to make it more palpable.


3. Google Trends

Google Trends is another tool that evaluates what topics are being talked about currently. If particular topics are being reported seasonally or controversies are being talked about. It tracks the long-tail term keywords and assesses their performance.



BuzzSumo shows you the amount of content on a  specific topic. This helps you check if your topic is covered extensively by people who will help prioritize your article and its content. Accordingly, you can choose to get ideas for inspiration and material for your article.



As discussed in the article, SEO content optimization aims to write content to tailor search engines to rank your articles per performance and get the highest organic clicks. The ten tools mentioned in the article for optimization and analytics research aim to make your content the most unique and searched for. These provide great long-term benefits and churn great results!

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