Millennials are generally the people who transform companies, except for challenges, ad are always viewed as impatient and entitled. But as marketers evolve continually, they understand the correct positions for millennials: Gen Z, or the generation Z, the people who are born between 1997 to 2015.

The next generation is robust and tremendous enough to change retail and marketing strategies. This group has its own needs, beliefs, and design, and it is also a large group of many people determined enough and with immense purchasing power. In the coming years, we can see gen-Z as a more robust and efficient marketer and customer experience. Here is the article where we will discuss some surprising statistics of the gen-z that you should note.

What is Gen-Z? 

Generation Z can also be called zoomers. An age group between the millennial cohort and the generation alpha. Let’s discuss the statistics of generation-z which needs to be followed by the young generation and the good points to note for making a better connection with the customers.

The generation-z facts, figures, trends and statistics 

  1. 58% of the US people trust more on local government more. 
  2. 60% of the gen-z want to have a balanced work life.
  3. On average, it is estimated that gen-z spends more than 8 hours online on different social media.
  4. 78% of the people of this age group strive hard to get a successful career. 
  5. 55% of the gen-z use their smartphones for 5 hours at least daily.
  6. Gen-Z will form the third workspace globally in the next ten years. 
  7. Health care benefits, job security, salary and a secured life are some of the points commonly searched by every gen-z in the US these days.

Gen-Z demography statistics 

The majority of people are white people. Hardly one-third of the gen z kids are immigrants due to their parents migrating from one country to another. 40% of the young consumers in the US are the younger generation. 

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Gen-Z and technology 

Maximum teenagers spend their spare time on the internet. Only 30% of teenagers learn excellent and innovative things from the internet. 69% of teenagers find online ads annoying and disturbing, according to marketing statistics. 

Gen-Z technology adoption statistics 

Only half of the population is sure of purchasing intelligent home appliances. 32% of the gen-z people have started opting for online payment. Marketing experts have cleared a statement that half of the population is now interested in VR(virtual reality) for entertainment. 30% of the young generation have become confident enough to share their data online. Teenagers especially think that every problem has a solution on the internet itself. Gen-Z also uses WordPress to publish their contents. 

Gen-Z device ownership 

Almost three fourth of the young generation had their first phone at the age of 15-16. Mobile phones are a medium of gaming for the gen-z audience. According to the current statistics shown by the marketing people, apple has been the most chosen brand by the gen-z people. iPhone, Samsung and Huawei are the most trusted brands of the gen-z. 

81% of the people not owning an apple phone too demanded an apple smartphone. 

What are the general points to remember if the youth want to connect strongly with your customers? Let’s discuss.

Understand their priorities

Knowing your target audience thoroughly is significant and skipping generation-z is a lousy decision always. However, a marketer cannot just assume your priorities and what you want to stick to. The tricks and tips cannot always work, but some of the behaviour can be noted for future use. These are called genz’s behaviour. 

  1. Expressing the truth of yourself: never singly define yourself. You can always keep explaining alternatives to your traits.
  2. Be radically truthful: You can connect through different realities.
  3. Understanding different truths.
  4. Understanding the facts behind all the things going on in and around you.

Authenticity on aesthetics and experiences over promoting products 

Being authentic is a most demanded trait among young customers. Transparency is the finest asked in marketing to stick to the product for longer. So it is advisable always to make the promotion a little authentic and realistic instead of being full of illusion. 77% of the generation prefers ads with real-life situations rather than showing highly curated photos and absolute imaginary situations. 

The most important exam is that of the clothing brands. Brands that can solve real-life problems, maintain their aesthetic appeal, and fulfil the generation’s needs for it have been made.

Gen-Z trust the influencers 

Most people follow the influencers, their clothing, and their lifestyle. Generation-z people are always picky and choosy in case of trusting the influencers. Auntecity, humor, expertise, and an overall sense of styling are essential. So the brands must keep an eye on what and to whom they choose. 85% of the marketing statistics also reveal that the gen-z want their compensation money for every brand content they post. 

For example, companies sometimes provide unique referral codes or discounts on the next purchase from their personal social media pages. This can help customers to become influencers on their own. It will thereby help your brands to reach new leads.

Immediate engagement is necessary

Generation-z is used to fast response and quick gratification. They are used to a self-paced environment. Not only does the internet speed here matter but also the marketing team, engagement speed, and communication skills. Gen-Z has a habit of communicating through social media handles for business proposals. They always expect an instant response from the other side. 

Don’t forget about email marketing

Email marketing is sometimes underestimated to be an old-generation connection handle. But marketing statistics have revealed that gen-z checks their email box multiple times daily. Social media is preferred as the favourite medium for connecting with customers. 

Summing up 

Making to gen-z is never as hectic or perplexing as much as you think. It is just that, like other generation wants, their needs, interests, and desires to be fulfilled. They only respond in different ways from that of the youth. Generation Z can also be called zoomers. An age group between the millennial cohort and the generation alpha. In the coming years, we can see gen-Z as a more robust and efficient marketer and customer experience. Here in this article, we have discussed some surprising statistics of the gen-z that the youth should note. 

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