Do you want to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to accumulate assets worth more than $120,000,000?Well, most of you probably won’t. In fact, fewer than 1% make that kind of money – but that’s the sort of thing Evaldo Albuquerque pulled off after going from barely speaking English to breaking nearly every copywriting record at Agora Financial.Copywriting is a unique skill; it’s a way of influencing readers so that they take an action as a result. My email open rate used to be 48%, and it was only by reading this book for 24 hours straight that I started getting my attention rates up: By the end of day 1 I had increased my email open rate over 30%! My target is 80%.
Russel Brunson “The contents should be presented as if you were speaking face-to-face with the reader. If I believe in what I’m selling so much that it feels like I’m having a personal conversation with the reader, then I know they’re going to feel so compelled by everything written that they have no choice but to buy from me.”


• Write down one strong belief you have about starting your own business and then answer 10 questions about the influences, risks and consequences faced by people who have this belief.
To make the reader believe in that one belief.
“This new opportunity, or the key to their desire, is now available thanks to this improved special mechanism!”
Get someone to truly believe this opportunity is the key to what they want most and make them think that there’s only one way for them to achieve it – through your vehicle. Once the startup has been going a while and is making more money than it had been, some people may consider just buying into this opportunity.


One Belief has 3 important Elements.
– The new Opportunity.
– Your Prospect’s desire.
– The New Mechanism.

You might want to tell these people about the opportunity your new business will present for them as well as describing your plan or proposed strategy. They’ll have to believe that your super awesome idea will solve their problem or be what they desire most.

Remember, your new opportunity is the key to your prospect’s desire only if it provides benefits. To be a success you need to give them what they want and offer them real value for their money. That might show up in many different forms but the important thing is that you identify what that specific benefit will look like in your prospect’s eyes and deliver it!

A new product can accelerate the growth or profit of one’s business by filling an unmet need in the marketplace. A new product helps encourage customers to try different products from their website. And so, it is vital that a company build the foundation for success by supplying customers with options for purchasing something new and potentially beneficial for them – especially when it relates to trying something that has been considered to be out of financial reach (if not completely unreachable) for most people. Success begins with a vision and purpose. In order to succeed with a new product you have to make sure you’re offering something to customers at an affordable price and in a timely fashion.


The secret is out about one of the biggest profits in the stock market: early-stage private companies (under radar and New Opportunity). And you can easily get involved with a special type of private equity account (Desire) that I’ll show you how to open with almost no money down.

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Question #1: “How is this different from everything else I’ve seen?”

Copywriting and marketing often begins with a copywriter asking themselves, “what’s our angle?” Besides being creative in nature, there has to be an added value that you add to the lives of those you wish to reach with your message.

Your USP is crucial! Your sales copy should always begin with your USP to make sure it doesn’t fall under the “weird opener” category. Your USP also needs to be present in your headlines and throughout much of your copy as well. A USP is essentially an elevator pitch for describing new opportunity that you’ve discovered and want to reveal to others. This can be anything at all related to weight loss, dieting, fitness etc., but most importantly it needs to be related specifically when it comes down to opportunity which must feel like a breakthrough!


Hi. I’m Alan Knuckman and I’ll introduce myself further in just a moment. But first, look at this clipboard in my hand with the papers on it. It was filed with the U.S Patent and Trademark Office to protect an invention of a powerful new market indicator… This is an indicator that can tip you off about impending big market news… before the news becomes public or available to most investors.

Question 2#: What is in it for me?

“I feel like you’re always on your computer when you know you’ve got homework to finish. I was thinking of taking a walk over to the park in town, over by the main library. As soon as we get back, maybe you could take care of your homework and then we could go play some soccer! Sound good?”

One of the most effective ways to start your sales letter or advertisement is by writing the most outrageous benefits your product can offer a customer. Don’t hold back, go all out! Consider putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and ask yourself why do you “If I were shopping for product X, what promise can I make that would get me salivating?”

“Now that you’ve got their attention and interest, how will you make sure you deliver? Prove to them there’s more to this than bluster and your whole campaign could unravel. So be prepared to…”

Question #3: “How do I know this is real?”

Following the initial two questions, your customers may be skeptical, so you should use stories to help clarify your point. One way you can have an ‘in-the-moment’ discussion that doesn’t allow you to wind up in too deep of a level of detail is by using ABT, which stands for “and but thus.” This allows you to focus only on the important points.

“No wonder Hollywood screenwriters often write their logline using that format when writing their pitch. I’ll explain: A young man travels to the past in a time machine and meets his future parents but accidentally distracts his mother from noticing and falling in love with his father. But because of that distraction he will cease to exist if they don’t fall in love so he has to get them together or he’ll vanish!

However, if you decide that you want the other indicators to be something different than those from the template, then you should consider representing them with either dots on a graph or some eye catching lines like these: “the company had a sell rating and was showing negative earnings. Investors said they thought the company would go bankrupt – with good reason, too. But then my indicator flashed a signal for buy. At first, nothing happened but when the market opened the next day, boom – shares soared higher. If you had placed a trade based on this signal as well, you could have made quick money too.”

Question #4: What’s holding me back?”


“It’s Time to Reveal the REAL Question you Should be Concerned About when it Comes to Question #4”

It can be difficult to determine when prospects are ready to buy your products and services. It often comes down to knowing how far ahead your market is in terms of how demanding they truly are.

Example: “Another issue is the timing itself. You’re hopping in on the action only once everything is moving. This is a small window of opportunity that’s created by large news stories and investment opportunities. You should take advantage of this rather than jump on late like most people do.”

“You’re preparing them for a positive change and making sure they aren’t going to be overwhelmed while they try out this new option with you. At this point, the chances are good that the prospect will tell your prospects to plan on using your product. You’ve already established that your product or solution is the only alternative and so at this stage all of their prior beliefs are already starting to shift towards the one belief. This can lead to a conversion pretty easily.”

Question #5: Who/What is to Blame?”

“Use the “Us vs. Them” Question to Your Advantage – With Question #5″.

If you set a common enemy, it will bring together people who would usually fight each other.

What I call ‘Republican Checks’ is all about a demographic in the United States that has the spending power to buy things and is taken advantage of by companies offering a service or product. One example would be Kevin Larry from Chicago. He’s set to collect a $45,000 check this month for doing nothing much but using Intuit’s Quickbooks software for small business accounting over the years. Imagine if that happened out of nowhere! That would be great! You’re not going to believe it Kevin has made 34 times more money than average people with Social Security benefits!! What else could he have done with that money? and now… instead of worrying about his retirement savings he says, “it’s time to pursue my personal interest full-time.”

Question #6: Why now?

Four levels of resistance;
– Reactance: Many marketers say that you should make your product seem like a very attractive option as early in the sales pitch as possible. When describing your product, highlight the benefits and how it solves your customer’s problem, not just its features or price. This is called making an Appealing Offer (sometimes Mistake #1). Although this will help you attract some customers at a time when they’re checking out your site, they may not be fully invested in what you are saying because they haven’t yet decided to commit to buying anything.
Distrust: Question #3 helps to destroy this.

Scrutiny: Your prospect will have to see the proof. People buy from their emotions and then justify their choice rationally.

Inertia: Inaction is easier than action, so it’s good to ask yourself “Why should I act now?”

FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out); use ‘either/or’. Either take action now or wait and begin from the leads section or throughout the promotion offers section.

Question #7: Why should I trust you?

“How to Make Your Prospect Know, Trust, and Like You”

Three things to keep in mind that will hold the most worth depending on the industry you’re in. I was once like you storyline.

The goal of this paragraph here is to let your prospect know that you were just like them once. You’ve been there, and you understand how difficult XYZ challenge can be for any individual or team. But the key here is to share what helped you break that barrier and overcome all the difficulties. In other words, how did you succeed where so many others are still failing?

A writer experiences the struggles of dual lives where he is a stone cold killer by day, and a virtuous writer by night. He makes sure to hide his “darkness” from his night time persona as not to burden himself or hurt those around him.

By positioning yourself as an expert you will able to attract people to buy from you. This can be proven through having written books that include relevant information, been featured on major media outlets such as TV shows and radio stations relating to your niche field of expertise and/or shared any type of experience in the field that establishes him as a person worthy of emulating.

How to Write Proven Headline Formulas that Make Your Prospect Buy Your Stuff.

Question #8: How does it work?

Pay special attention to your beliefs. Remember No ABT, use a story.

Question #9: How can I get started?”

Make your offer look so good that it’ll take your audience by surprise. We know that if you make an offer too good to be true then it might turn audiences off, but a great strategy for copywriters is to let them think they don’t necessarily need whatever you’re selling, but once you describe how awesome it will be for their lives and they see what they’re missing out on, they get super eager to purchase it! In this case, “The product being mighty” means that sometimes your best bet is making the product look so amazing and desirable that people don’t care about the quality of the writing itself so much as the product itself – assuming the price is right, of course! Try upping your profits with this tried-and-true trick by focusing on one or both of these strategies in order to hook customers into spending more than they initially intended.

“People tend to be overconfident in their ability to predict the future. This causes them to be overly optimistic about a variety of situations, especially when predicting positive outcomes. The overconfidence bias also prevents people from planning and preparing properly for anticipated problems in the future.”

“Create inspiring premiums by specifically tailoring them to your offer. Whether they’re physical or digital, the key thing is to ensure they go above and beyond what prospects will receive with a basic purchase. Your premiums have to be so good that they’ll knock people off their feet… and be so appealing that prospects will easily part with their cash to get them!”

No matter what happens in the future, one thing you know for sure is that there will always be a time to end negotiations and call it quits. And no push-pull technique can ever do as much good as taking a firm stand after working hard to get concessions from your counterpart!

Question #10: What do I have to lose?”

The first thing to do is lose the word “prospect”. It is important not to overdo it in your sales pitch as it could make people feel as if they’re being persuaded or “sold” to when at this stage they aren’t necessarily ready for it or don’t have enough information. The best way to get this person on-board is by explaining everything in a way that relates to them specifically. This will help better convey the information, making it easier for you to both explain the value of your product and potentially settle any concerns they may have regarding it.

“Remind your prospects what decisions they made in the past have brought them this far. Your job is to show them that the only way to reach their aspirations, hopes and dreams is by making the right choice now – they need to make the decision that’s going to change their life forever before any other opportunity passes them by. To maximize your chances of success, use visual content strategically throughout your sales package. You need be able to illustrate just how much pain your prospect has been suffering with as well as paint a perfect picture as to what things will look like when they’re finally relieved of all those troubles once and for all. Be sure to show him or her exactly what they can expect from this big change he or she will be making. Remember: The best and most convincing pitch stories are the ones that build bridges, not walls!”


“The secret to converting copy is to be structured and organized in order to convince your readers why they should buy this product.”
We hope you enjoyed our article on how to get wealthy. There is a lot talk about how to get wealthy nowadays, but very few people actually do it. Evaldo Albuquerque is an amazing example of someone who reduced his expenses and made extra money by finding a way to make money in an unconventional way. Please keep these things in mind as you are building your business. We are here to help you!Never hesitate to contact us at or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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