The digital age which we are living in helps us gain access to information at the tip of our fingertips. While the internet provides us with an ocean of content and information for any topic we search, there are only a few sites and pages that catch our attention. When we browse for a certain topic on Google or any other search engine, we find a short summary about the details we will find if we click on a certain link. This short summary is called a meta description. The meta description is like a HTML tag, which will describe the content of the web page. 

When you search for information, the meta description is displayed in the search engine results page (SERP) and this will give the users an idea about what content is available on the page. Meta descriptions can be of any length, but Google allows meta descriptions only from 155 to 160 characters. When one says that meta descriptions can be of any length, it is prudent to keep them ranging from 50 to 160 words. The reason why this length is considered ‘optimal’ is because no reader would be interested in reading a big description of the summary. So it is wise to keep these meta descriptions short. As we have taken a brief look on what meta description is, now let’s discuss why they are important and are worth adding.


Reasons Why Meta Descriptions Are Worth Adding

Now as we have seen what meta descriptions are, now lets take a look at why meta descriptions are worth adding!

1. We all know that meta descriptions have the capacity to affect the search rankings of your page. It was announced by Google that neither the meta descriptions nor the meta keyword data come into play when we look  at Google’s ranking algorithm for search results. It is however important to note that the meta descriptions can help create an impact in the click-through rates (CTR) of your page. 

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2. The short summary of your page which is seen in the meta description is a great opportunity to advertise the content you are offering to the people. So we can conclude that meta descriptions play an important role albeit indirectly in directing people to view your page. And this is why you need to make efforts to write a good, compelling meta description.



3. When the meta description is compelling enough, it will automatically raise the click-through rates of the search results. This means that more people who search for the topic will land on your page, thereby increasing traffic to your site. When you have provided an appropriate description of your page’s content with the correct keywords, it will be of great help to the users. They will click on to your page, and this in the long run will increase the number of visitors to your page. And when the number of visitors to your page keeps growing exponentially, it is a great benefit for you. 

4. These meta descriptions help in building a bridge between your customers and you. These short paragraphs are like an advertisement through which you can promote and tell the users what you offer. We should never underestimate the importance of these short paragraphs. The paragraph which you write in the meta description, when written properly will show the users the brand and quality of your page. These descriptions will give people information at the right time. They also save the time of the users. For example, when a user searches a particular keyword in the search engine, they will be shown a lot of pages which will have the relevant information. The meta descriptions help the users know which page will give them the information they are looking for, instead of making them read every page that is shown to them. So, we can say that the meta descriptions play a crucial role in helping users find the information they are looking for.  


5. The meta descriptions are also like a marketing tool that helps you to promote your page. It is quite common that many pages get lost in the huge sea of sites in the search engine. But what will help your page stand out from the rest and give it a little extra edge is the meta description you are going to write. This will help many people in reaching your page and when they click your page, though the page’s ranking won’t be affected, it will still get you more traffic. And this is why including meta descriptions is an added benefit.


The Writecream Meta Description Tool

We all know that technology has evolved so much that we can even rely on technology for writing creatively. With the need to save time and to put out the best work out on the internet, many people have turned to artificial intelligence writing tools for writing. While talking about AI writing tools, we need to undoubtedly address the writing tool -Writecream. Writecream is a popular tool used by many people for copywriting and creative writing. 

Are you looking for ways to write a perfect meta description for your page? Then you don’t need to worry about the task when Writecream’s SEO Meta Description tool is here. This is what you need to do! Login or sign up to your Writecream account, then you will find the ‘SEO tools’ option on your left side. Clicking on that will redirect you to the SEO Meta Descriptions option.

Then you have to fill in the details asked by the AI, and your meta description will be delivered within a few minutes. Your working time will be reduced significantly and Writecream’s meta description tool will optimize and send very personalized content. You will find meta descriptions like these for example, which you can use for optimizing your SEO. 



There’s no doubt in knowing that the meta description is nothing short of an artwork which helps in drawing people’s attention to your page. When you write a good meta description, it is a given that you are getting more user’s interests to your page, thereby increasing the page traffic. Having said all the above, we can safely say that meta descriptions play a vital role in making people click on your page. And you can apply the process of writing meta descriptions to every web page. 


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