If you have been a part of the Copywriting community for a while, you must be aware of what we have to go through to write the perfect piece of content. Like, sometimes we are so caught up with writing that we hardly have time to spare for focusing on any other thing. And a few times, it seems next to impossible to write even a single line as it feels like our brain is clogged or spent up. Thankfully, modern-day technology has solved that problem for us.


Nowadays, Copywriters like us are taking to AI writing assistants, which can generate all forms of content for us in a matter of seconds. All you need to do is feed a little bit of input to the AI copywriter, and it will generate human-like content in minutes which sometimes is even better than what a human could write. In this article, I will acquaint you with the details of two very prominent AI-powered writing assistants that can assist you in your day-to-day writing tasks. Let’s begin, shall we?


Bertha is an AI-powered copywriting assistant that can wholly automate the process of creating content for your WordPress website. It uses Natural Language Processing(NLP) to write every piece of content for you in just a few seconds. With Bertha, you need some basic inputs and ta-da! Your content is ready. Now let’s take a look at its features.


  • One of its extremely impressive features is that it comes as a WordPress plugin. Unlike many other AI-Powered writing assistants, Bertha can be easily installed on your WordPress website and is compatible with all WordPress themes. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Besides, it is also compatible with page developers like Divi Builder, WooCommerce, Elementor, etc.


  • Talking of blogs and articles, Bertha can easily generate every component of your blog article. From the introduction to the conclusion, Bertha can write everything for you. Also, it can draw out a perfect blog outline for you and give you some ideas for your blog posts. With all this, I think you can simply write thousands of blogs without effort.


  • Bertha can even help you in your sales promotion. Do you know what’s the most important component of sales promotion? The answer is ‘Product Descriptions’. Product Descriptions should be captivating and persuasive enough to convince the customers. Well, Bertha can help you in writing such converting product descriptions in no time.


  • Writing website copies can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. Besides, it takes a lot of expertise. No need to worry anymore, as Bertha can generate highly converting website copies for you without going through so much hassle.


  • Another striking feature of Bertha is that it’s available in more than 20 languages, and you can even alter the tone of every piece of writing you generate using it.


  • Besides the usual marketing stuff, you can also generate other things like FAQs, bullet points, case studies, and a call to action.


  • SEO can be a hard nut to crack. Well, Bertha can ease it for you. With Bertha, you easily generate SEO title tags, get SEO keyword suggestions and SEO description tags. In addition to that, using Bertha, you can also structure your content according to copywriting formulas like Before-After-Bridge, Pain-Agitate-Solution, etc.





Let’s take a look at some of its pros and cons. Talking of its pros, Bertha can be easily used as a plugin on any WordPress website. Secondly, it can generate different forms of content in 20+ languages.

💡 Generate personalized emails, blog articles, product descriptions, and ads in seconds using the power of A.I


Now looking at its cons, I would say that it is only great for WordPress users as it is limited to WordPress sites only. This means it cannot be used for websites that are not on WordPress, which is quite a drawback.




Of course, nothing is free in this world, not even AI writing assistants. So, let’s learn about the pricing system of Bertha.


Bertha offers plans both on a monthly and yearly basis. Talking of its monthly plans, the first one is the ‘pro’ plan, which costs $30 a month. This one’s quite suitable for small teams. Using it, you can create about three websites, 50,000 words, and unlimited users can access it simultaneously. Besides, you get a 7-day money-back guarantee. The same plan is available on a yearly basis, for which you need to pay $300 every year. This way, the pro plan costs you only $25 a month.


Next, there’s a ‘pro unlimited’ plan that costs $99 a month if you want to pay on a monthly basis. It is great for large teams managing multiple websites. Like the pro plan, unlimited users can access it simultaneously. Using it, you can generate unlimited websites, 500,000 words every month, get priority customer support, and a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you wish to pay for this plan on a yearly basis, then it’s available for $1000 a year. This way, it would only cost $83 a month.


Also, if you don’t feel like purchasing any of the above plans, then you can choose to pay as per your requirements. This way, it would cost you $1.4 for 1000 words.





Writecream is also an AI writing assistant that uses GPT-3 to produce human-like content for its users. Like its competitors, Writecream is known for generating enhanced quality writings without requiring any human effort.


Here are some of its striking features:


  • Writecream can also integrate with WordPress via chrome extension. Thus making it perfect for WordPress users.


  • Writecream can help you write a blog from scratch. It has dedicated tools for writing a blog introduction/conclusion, giving you blog ideas and a blog outline for your upcoming blogs.


  • Not just blogs, using Writecream, you can also generate messages for your cold emails and LinkedIn outreach. Very often, we have to send emails to unknown people or prospects, and it seems quite a difficult task to write an email that sounds impressive and less sales-oriented. Thankfully, with Writecream, we no longer have to worry about that.


  • Writecream can also write marketing copies, Facebook Ad copies, Google Ad copies, and product descriptions for your e-commerce sites. Besides, there’s also a tool for creating engaging social media captions for your product or service.


  • Talking of copywriting formulas, Writecream also has tools for Before-After-Bridge copywriting, Pain-Agitate Solution, and value proposition. This way, you get numerous ways to present your product or put before an idea.


  • Besides writing content, Writecream can generate images, voice-overs for YouTube videos, audio ice breakers, and podcasts. There are also tools for creating bullet points, quota answers, headlines, and product reviews.




Given the prices charged by its competitors, Writecream has some pretty amazing plans. To begin with, there’s a free forever plan that offers 20 credits each month. This plan is suitable for newbies who want to try it out before subscribing to its paid plans. Under this plan, you can generate 20 ice breakers, two long articles of 5000 words each, four short articles of 1000 words each, four podcasts, and four YouTube voice-overs. Besides, you get access to all content templates, newest features, and chat or email support.


Aside from its usual paid plans, there is a limited period offer going on, which gives unlimited access to all its features for just $29 a month.


Next, there is a standard plan that costs $49 a month and gives 200 credits. Under this plan, you can generate 200 icebreakers, 20 long articles, 40 short articles, 40 podcasts, and 40 YouTube voice-overs. Besides, you get access to all content templates, newest features, and chat or email support.


Lastly, there’s an ‘extended’ plan that costs $69 a month. It gives 750 credits to its users, and one can generate 750 ice breakers, 75 long articles, 150 short articles, 150 podcasts, and 150 YouTube voice-overs. Oh yes, the other features like content templates and priority customer support are also available.




This might seem like a tough one to answer. Well, no worries because I am here to simplify things for you. In my eyes, Writecream is the one you should go for. Why? Firstly, it is cheaper. Secondly, anyone can use it for their website irrespective of whether he is a WordPress user or not. Next, it offers more features. Not just stuff like articles or Ad copies, you can also generate images, podcasts, email, and LinkedIn messages. Oh, I forgot to mention that Writecream also has a plagiarism checker to check your writings for plagiarism errors. Also, Writecream is available as a mobile application which makes it quite suitable for mobile users. These features are what make Writecream a better alternative to Bertha.


I hope I was able to clarify your doubts. Both Bertha and Writecream are great AI writing assistants but Writecream goes a step or two ahead by providing more services at a better price range. So, that’s all for now. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Good Day!



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