It is always hard if you have a billion streaming hours daily on youtube. With high popularity comes higher competition and great responsibility also. That’s why you need to keep your video and audio-making separate. In this developing world, everything is becoming a better version of itself. Thus you will always face confusion in selecting what’s best for your video and audio. For a better version of your youtube work, you can follow some of the best youtube description templates on the internet.

Here in this article, we will try to give you an overview of how your youtube profile should look. We all watch videos on youtube for hours till the end. But the question here is how the marketers make their youtube channel this catchy among the several trendy videos.

Youtubers always work hard on youtube algorithms and technical systems. Still, the most important side of a youtube video being on the trending page is the appealing editing of the videos.

This article will discuss video descriptions and tricks to help you reach new heights in youtube marketing.

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What is a youtube channel?

Everyone who becomes a member of YouTube has access to a personal YouTube channel. You can have more than one YouTube channel, and it acts as the user’s account home page. If you have a YouTube account, you can change the background and color scheme and part of the content displayed on your personal channel. A YouTube user with a Brand Account can create a new business channel.

How Do I Make a Personal YouTube Channel?

Without having an account, anyone can access YouTube. However, if you want to publish videos, leave comments, or create playlists, you must first register for a free YouTube channel. Picking a unique description for your youtube channel. A perfect youtube channel contains the main keyword. This is how:
  • Connect your Google account to YouTube.
  • Try any operation that calls for a channel, such as a video uploading.
  • If you don’t already have one, you are now asked to establish a channel.

The Best Way to Start a Youtube Business Channel

  • Open your YouTube account and log in.
  • Launch the YouTube channel changer page.
  • To launch a brand-new commercial channel, click Create a new channel.
  • Click Create after entering the name of your brand account in the box given.

What is a youtube video description?

Youtube video description generally describes what the video is all about and what it wants to tell the public. It is generally written below the youtube videos. A well-described youtube description can help the audience to get the best results from the internet. What are they searching for? It also gives you additional information about the video and other necessary links. To simplify things, we have youtube description templates available for you. Using these templates, you can uplift, create and explore amazing things in the youtube description work.

What is the importance of video description?

Since Google uses video descriptions to determine each video’s relevance to a certain keyword or phrase that users use to locate videos online, videos play a significant role in SEO. YouTube automatically recommends popular videos based on search phrases when someone uses keywords associated with your company, such as “best dog food.” While writing descriptions, ensure to include a primary keyword, video content, and call to action to help viewers understand the content.

What kind of information should Be Included in the Video description?

Social media marketing requires the use of video explanations. To give potential viewers a succinct summary of the topic of the video, be sure to include one. Add any necessary tags, keywords, and hashtags that are pertinent. These points generally optimize your youtube channel.

Now we will discuss some of the dos and don’ts of the youtube description that are a must to follow. Then, we will also discuss how to increase the SEO strategy of youtube descriptions and keyword research. The youtube description box contains a link to your youtube channel and helps you increase your ranking in youtube search and SEO.

What to include and what not to include in your YouTube channel description?

There are a few things to remember while preparing the YouTube description.

The first thing to do is to explain what your video is all about. You see, the Youtube description is very different from those described in the meta descriptions. You have a limit of 5000 characters nearly in your description box. Although you have nearly 5000 characters to play with, keep your important keywords within three to four lines of the start. It doesn’t mean that you will mess with all the keywords at once.

Your description should be crystal clear to the audience. If you have a lot of information to give your audience try using bullet points and short paragraphs. Long paragraphs are generally boring and not preferred by most readers. Timestamps can also be an alternative if you have much information to present in the description.

This feature is very appealing and consistent. This is opted for by several YouTubers nowadays.

Major things to add to your youtube descriptions 

Adding relevant links or additional suggestions linked to the topic shown in the video is good practice. Try to add anything you have discussed in the video in the description below- it may be a link, another channel, or anything else.

You can also add different links which you want your audience must watch. If the video is a part of the previous video, you can add the previous and the next video link too. Give the link to the playlist too. This is an important step in making your youtube videos monetize whenever you decide to do so. It would be best if you gave credit to the people you mentioned in the video.

Youtube description keywords research

You need to do deep research on your keywords if you want to excel in your youtube skills. One way youtube uses to know what the video contains is through the video description only. Youtube is the second largest search engine. It has got more than three billion searches every month. It is important to know what your target audience prefers the most. It is advisable to use your primary keywords at the beginning itself.

But video SEO is quite different from normal SEO. Therefore, it is important to know the techniques. Use the words you think people will search for on YouTube. Take feedback from your active viewers. Make sure that you use every keyword 2-3 times at least.

What is a channel description?

A Channel Description is a succinct summary of the content you produce on your channel (sometimes referred to as a “YouTube About Page”). Both your channel page and the YouTube search results feature it.

Why is channel description important?

Visitors can discover more about you and the kinds of videos you make via your channel description. Additionally, visitors can become subscribers with the help of a well-written channel description. Additionally, using keywords in your channel description can boost its YouTube SEO.

Overview of a youtube description

We have tried to provide you with a free template of a youtube description here. Your youtube description should be about 200 words to make your audience understand what you want to say through the video. This is enough to make your target audience understand what the video says. YouTube description free template

As an influencer or content creator, your goal is to produce something unique. But, indeed, a single template won’t work for all kinds of youtube videos. Your description must include the following thing:

  • Add some of your primary keywords.
  • Explain to your viewers about your video.
  • Use a few hashtags if necessary.
  • Add relevant links, resources, and social media channels, if any.
  • Timestamps are a must.
  • Include a CTA at the end.
  • Use youtube analytics to analyze your work.
  • Always have a default description.
  • Add the channel url at the end of your description.
  • Help viewers find your video.
  • Make a channel id.
  • Manage your youtube video rank.
  • Manage your youtube audience.

Some Tips about Writing Effective YouTube Descriptions.

1. Be particular
The channel and video descriptions on YouTube depending on the keywords you choose. Optimize your YouTube videos with the help of choosing the right keywords.
2. Perform a keyword search.
You can determine whether a keyword you’re considering using Google Trends, for instance. The tool can be used to determine which terms receive more searches.
3. Use keyword searches
Instead of using YouTube itself, more and more individuals are finding YouTube videos through Google searches.
4. Be familiar with keyword usage
Knowing how to incorporate your keywords into your descriptions makes sense once you’ve determined which ones to use. The title and description must be relevant to your video.
5. To increase CTR, include crucial content above the fold.
The portion of your video description will show up in search results is the first 100 to 150 characters.

6. Simplified description

An easy-to-read description can spike your audience’s interest. A better SEO score can help your audience find your videos more easily.

Summing up the YouTube channel

Usage of video and channel description helps you to do less work on optimizing your videos. You should add a good name to your profile page, cover, and profile picture related to your work. After these things, make your video, edit it, write a short description, and publish it. It is advisable to use the languages you think are mostly used by your target audience—for example, Hindi.

Do every step consistently to have a fast-growing youtube channel. This ultimate guide to youtube gives you every tip you need for your youtube channel. The points help you increase ranking in youtube search and SEO.


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