If put in an introductory manner, chatbots are computer programs that simulate the experience of human conversation. The use of Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing makes these chatbots possible. One such chatbot that has taken the world by storm recently is ChatGPT.

ChatGPT, the most potent AI language model ever developed by the company OpenAI, can generate natural-sounding text on demand, including in a specific style or several languages, in just a few seconds. It can answer user queries, write code, translate texts and code to other languages, create PowerPoint presentations, and much more. ChatGPT has Microsoft as the major investor, and hence will be eventually associated with its products. Recently Microsoft has launched the new Bing, that has ChatGPT built in.

Other Alternatives to ChatGPT in 2023

Today let us explore ai tools similar to ChatGPT . Some alternatives to try are listed below:

  • ChatSonic: A revolutionary AI like Chat GPT – ChatSonic, the conversational AI chatbot addresses the limitations of ChatGPT, turning out to be the best Chat GPT alternative.
  • Drift: Drift is a cloud-based live chat, in-app messaging, and email management solution designed for sales and marketing teams.
  • Intercom: Intercom is a chat solution that provides live chat and chatbots for websites and apps.
  • IBM Watson Assistant: IBM Watson Assistant is built on deep learning, machine learning, and natural language processing (NLP) models to understand questions, find or search for the best answers, and complete the user’s intended action through conversational AI.
  • TARS: Marketing and customer service teams use Tars to optimize their conversion funnels, automate customer service interactions, and redefine the customer experience.
  • ChatFuel: ChatFuel is a cloud-based platform that helps small to large enterprises improve marketing operations across Facebook Messenger using artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots. Users can send automated responses for frequently asked questions (FAQs) and redirect ongoing chats to sales representatives for further queries.
  • Jasper, Jasper chat, Youchat, GPT-3, GPT 3.5, google assistant are some more ai-powered large language models that can prove to be best chatGPT alternative.

Chatgenie: top ChatGPT alternative in 2023

Chatgenie is said to be ChatGPT 2.0 with the power of Google Search!

Well, how about exploring another fantastic chatGPT alternative that can easily handle the drawbacks of chatGPT? Sounds intriguing, right?

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Writecream brings to you, ChatGenie. ChatGenie is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that allows users to interact with a digital assistant in natural language. It uses the language model based on Deep Learning to generate customized responses for user queries. How can Chatgenie become your alternative for ChatGPT? Chatgenie prompts the features like ChatGPT, and to add more, Chatgenie does it better at times. You can ask questions and get the most suitable answers, ask for code in any language, or translate it from one to another. Also, feel free to ask for a helping hand if you are stuck with any article or essay writing. And Chatgenie does not restrict users to just English or a few other languages. It comes with a full-on package of 75+ languages to make you feel at home.! It is an ai model use case, that can also work as a writing assistant. The ai technology used here adds on more power of ai, hence it is set to be better at finding answers as compared to Chatgpt. Chatgenie offers a completely free trial to explore one of the best chatgpt alternative.


How Chatgenie can be the best ChatGPT alternative

We all are now aware of the limitations of ChatGPT. ChatGPT has many features and has paved its way at the top by outperforming all its competitors. But, it has its shortcomings that lead to inconvenience to the user.

The first is the most significant concern that ChatGPT cannot crawl the web. It answers all the queries from the dataset on which it was trained and is unaware of any events after 2021. As chatgpt is trained till 2021, the current facts, news, affairs are not answered by chatgpt. But here comes Chatgenie as your saviour and taking role of a perplexity ai. Chatgenie unlike chatGPT can crawl the web and get answers even on the recent happenings in the world and keep itself up-to-date. Users are free to use Chatgenie as a Search Engine. Secondly, ChatGPT is at most of the time at capacity. It is unable to accommodate so many people. And hence Chatgenie can be the replacement for it. Another crucial point is ChatGPT is not available via mobile apps yet. Thus, whenever you want to use it, you need a laptop. Chatgenie, on the other hand, is readily available on mobile applications. So it is just a click away on your phones.

There is no good reason to not give this ChatGPT alternative Chatgenie’s free trial a chance, with its ai writing tools and other tools similar to chatgpt it will prove to be one of the best alternative to chatgpt.


After analyzing both, users can differentiate how Chatgenie can solve their problems in a very user-friendly manner and also cancels out the shortcomings of ChatGPT. So why compromise when you can get started with chatgenie for free.!

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