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Bard, a new AI-powered chatbot by Google, is intended to enhance rather than replace its search engine. While in beta, Bard is accessible to a select group of users in the US and the UK. It can be used to enter text-based questions, draught written work, spark ideas, and produce simple summaries of complicated subjects. Recently, Google revealed that more people could now communicate with ” Bard,” the artificially intelligent chatbot as it is developing to challenge Microsoft’s early advantage in a crucial technological battleground. Moreover, Chatbots have shown to be very intelligent and time-effective content creators. Several in content-driven sectors have now tried out the ChatGPT tool as a result. However, Google’s entry into the market raises the issue: Can Google Bard be used commercially? Well, in order to know, keep on reading.

What Is Google Bard, and How Does It Work?

Google Bard is a conversational AI chatbot that was developed in 2017 by Google using the LaMDA machine learning technology. In essence, it produces answers to your questions and commands. In fact, it can offer a variety of responses, which are presented to you as drafts that you can edit or use. Although it is not a search engine, you can use it to make general inquiries and come up with suggestions. In fact, Bard may be used for various tasks, including coming up with writing drafts, producing ideas, and having general conversations. To use Bard, you need a personal Google Account. A Google Account maintained by a parent, guardian, or Workspace admin cannot be used. Therefore, you must also be at least 18 years old.

Google bard

Can Google Bard be used commercially?

According to Google, Bard will be updated as underlying technology advances. Reinforcement learning using human feedback, a method that trains a sizable language model to provide more helpful and less toxic responses, is used to fine-tune Bard. Meta will be Google’s logical next step, given the amount of information it now contains. The advertising industry has three moving outputs: video, image, and copy. AI would significantly alter the copy and picture industries. The video covers social media updates, blog copy, and so on. Therefore, AI will write it all over the next few years. Therefore, it will benefit consumers in the market commercially.

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