AI writers are widely available nowadays, and these tools have made it easier for content writers everywhere to do their duties. Though various artificial intelligence writing assistants operate significantly differently, most do a similar job.

In this piece, we’ll contrast Copysmith with These are two excellent artificial intelligence copywriting aids.

Along with all the other crucial factors to consider when selecting a tool like this, we will evaluate features, cost, usability, and convenience.

You should be able to choose between these two after this article. Additionally, you’ll learn more about how these technologies support copywriting.

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Benefits of using AI Copywriting Tools

  • AI can be a great addition to the copywriting toolkit. Consider it as a second copywriter.
  • A large volume of information may be scanned by an AI writer and used as input for your current copy.
  • You no longer need to manually research to discover new subjects or areas in which you are an expert.
  • By allowing AI to generate highly influential content and articles, time may be saved. Many people employ it while writing ad text.
  • AI systems are a practical approach to reducing time spent on tiresome and challenging jobs.
  • You’ll have more time to spend how you wish.
  • Although it lacks a personal touch, you may change the material to give it your voice.

What is

Copysmith is a program that automates writing and boosts creativity. Its objective is to enable human-AI cooperation rather than completely replace humans with robots in content generation and distribution.

At Copysmith, human interaction is always necessary when connecting with people.

Because of this, Copysmith was created to help your marketing team produce various quality content and marketing-related materials at various stages. From the first concept through the final manuscript and many further stages. Producing high-quality material at scale is made possible by working with this.

Stand-Out Features of Copysmith AI

These are CopySmith’s most notable characteristics.

  • Brainstorming: It does the brainstorming to produce concepts and content from the most basic ideas.
  • Plagiarism Check: To ensure your work is original, CopySmith’s original code compares the duplicate it creates to the rest of the Internet.
  • Constant Updates/Backups: It is continually changing and improving the programme, but it will always make a backup of your work, so you never lose anything.
  • Wide Range of design: It has a vast library of designs for all types of marketing copy.
  • Large-scale short-form content creation is possible with CopySmith in only a few hours.

Copysmith is for who?

Employing this AI writing software will benefit you if you need to produce material in large quantities while working with your team, clients, or workers.

  • E-Commerce  Store Owners

Since most product descriptions are so brief, there is little opportunity for mistakes. You have a few phrases to persuade an online shop visitor to purchase a product.

With Copysmith, you can quickly produce hundreds of product descriptions. Additionally, it enables you to transfer the material straight from your workspace into your storefront if you operate a business on Shopify or WooCommerce.

Whether you have 100 SKUs or 100,000, you can input your product spreadsheet into the platform using the bulk creation option, and the tool will create a flawless description for each one of them.

  • Multinational companies’ internal marketing departments

Like marketing firms, large corporations’ marketing teams may benefit from using it.

It provides a workspace where you can swiftly write excellent content and effortlessly collaborate with one another because content development typically takes several hands to work together.

  • Marketing firms

If you work in a marketing firm, you know that many people collaborate while creating content for a customer.

In addition to creating excellent material for you, It offers a feature that allows you to communicate within the app rather than jumping between tools.

Your copywriter may review newly written material from it, your copy team lead can tag the editor to make minor tweaks, and your team’s head of client operations can be tagged in-app for final delivery to the client.

It eliminates the need to switch between applications to interact. The programme allows you to add team members and tag them in each other’s work.

Price of Copysmith: What Does Copysmith Cost?

Starter Plan: Costs for it begin at $19 a month. You get 75 credits, 20 plagiarism checks, and access to all integrations with the starting plan.

Professional Plan: It costs $59 for the Professional package. You still have access to everything in the basic plan, but your credit limit is now 400, and your number of plagiarism checks is 100.

Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise package, the last option, offers limitless access to premium services like content import and export, in-app teamwork, bulk content creation, and more.

Copysmith Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Trustpilot Reviews

Trustpilot’s average rating for Copysmith is 2.7 stars. There are four reviews in total, with one 5-star and three 1-star ratings. Thus, there isn’t much information on which to base decisions.

G2 Reviews

On G2, It has a more remarkable average rating of 4.3 stars. This is based on twelve reviews. Eight 5-star reviews, Three 4-star reviews, and one 1-star review.


Capterra Reviews

On Capterra, It has a more remarkable average rating of 4.3 stars.



Jarvis has recently been renamed Another well-liked alternative for an AI writer or writing help is

Jarvis is One of the top artificial intelligence (AI) tools for copywriting; it facilitates the creation of content quickly. Their homepage describes the tool as “your AI writing helper that makes it fast & easy to write content for your blog, social media posts, landing pages, web pages, and more,” with a primary focus on marketing copy (which includes blog articles).

It’s possible to generate a lengthy blog post using AI using Jasper’s templates and recipes.

Key Features of Jarvis

  • With the help of their Surfer SEO partnership, Search Engine Optimisation integration may be used to generate blog articles that are optimized for SEO and that rank for lucrative keywords in search engines.
  • The application can produce material in 26 different languages.
  • Develop Quora or Examine reactions
  • Discover quick ideas for blog post topics, email subject lines, product descriptions, and other helpful material.
  • Produce top-notch content for various platforms, such as social media, video scripts, video titles, sales emails, and more.
  • Take current information and rework it to make it more intriguing, imaginative, and compelling using several copy variants.

Other Features of Jarvis

  • Starter – With more than 50 tested layouts, you can 5X quicker improve your text and generate new ideas.
  • Boss Mode – Write lengthy material, such as reports, emails, blog articles, and tales.
  • Art – Jasper quickly produces stunning artwork for advertisements, thumbnails, illustrations, and more.
  • Over 25 Languages – Jasper can read and write in more than 25 languages with intelligence and creativity.
  • Integration of Surfer SEO – Create keyword-optimized content 5X faster for Google page 1 ranking.
  • Jasper for the Office – Request a demo to explore how Jasper helps businesses produce better content at scale.

Jarvis is for who?

  • Ideal for Freelancers

Jarvis could be a good fit for you if you’re a freelancer seeking to produce content for your clients utilizing an AI writing tool. For instance, if you work as a freelance email marketer, Jarvis can help you create exciting emails for your clients. Email Subject Lines, Marketing Angles, Persuasive Bullet Points, and other email marketing templates are helpful.

  • Editorial content production

While Copysmith does not yet support editorial material, Jarvis does. The Jarvis creative tale design might be helpful if you create novels. You can use it to create tales that your audience finds attractive.

  • Founders of early-stage startups

A startup’s early stages are not optimal. You still need marketing copy even if you need more money to hire the best content writers.

Given that you may be an independent contractor in this situation and don’t require a lot of material, Jarvis might be a suitable fit for you.

Jarvis (Jasper AI) Pricing

On the surface, Jarvis’ two-tier pricing structure is simple. You may view headlines, tweets, and product details with the lowest subscription plan, which costs $24 per month.

The Boss Mode bundle is the second-price option. This monthly fee is $49. You may compose lengthy blog entries, reports, emails, and tales with this strategy.

The drawback of these price options is that they cap the volume of articles or content you may produce monthly. Therefore, you need to invest more money to produce more content.

Consider the beginner plan, which has a monthly starting price of $24 but currently has a word limit of 20,000. This implies that you will have to spend extra if you need to produce 25,000 words of content in a month. The boss mode price structure is the same. Although it begins at $49 per month, the current maximum is around 50,000 words. You would need to pay more monthly if you wanted to write more than this word count limit.

Reviews of Jarvis

Trustpilot Reviews

Things are going well for Jarvis, who has a 4.8 Trustpilot rating. Users talk about how helpful the programme is in assisting them in producing high-quality material. It is impossible to find any criticism about Jarvis.


G2 Review

The platform’s G2 rating is an impressive 4.8 stars. Most people wrote things like “once you experience Jarvis, you never go back” in their ratings.



Capterra Reviews

Jasper or Jarvis has a 4.8 rating on this platform with a review of 1430.


Comparing the Features of Copysmith with Jasper AI

  •  Plagiarism Check

Depending on your membership, Copysmith provides plagiarism checks. You will receive 20 checks per month for the starting plan and 100 checks monthly for the professional plan.

The Enterprise plan provides limitless checks for plagiarism. Unfortunately, these tests are not available through

Although the website employs artificial intelligence to produce word-for-word duplicates, the material remains original.

  • Long-Form content

One tool that supports long-form material is But to utilize this, you need a pro account and a paid version.

Long-form is still in beta on, which means the quality isn’t great. You may produce lengthy material for your blog articles, sales pages, landing pages, etc., with the aid of a long-form helper.

  • Search Engine Optimisation Tool Integration

SURFER SEO and have integrations. Consequently, users can now do search engine optimization on the information they authorize before it is published.

You may utilize the tool to create engaging titles and meta descriptions by simply entering specific keywords and necessary details.

Unfortunately, copysmith doesn’t offer any search engine optimisation tools.

  • User Interface and Ease of Use

Even though they both have user-friendly interfaces, outperforms Copysmith. The dashboard contains all the necessary information and has a lovely user experience.

The layout of the templates is excellent, and they are further divided into marketing categories. Consequently, it’s simple to locate the template you need.

Simple inquiries about your sort of industry and why you wish to utilize the platform are asked throughout the onboarding process. Is it for personal, corporate, or agency use? Following that, you add your account and domain.

  • Languages

CopySmith outperforms in terms of language support since it supports more languages.

Compared to’s 11 languages (English, Polish, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, etc.), it has more than 100.

However, CopySmith claims on its website that while they support several languages, English produces the greatest results.

On this website, you may still request a language, though.


You must admit that deciding which of these two top-notch content writing tools is best would be difficult given their similar features and revolutionary impact on the field.

Jasper AI does have an advantage over its rivals. The Jasper command, a tool that elevates writing and content production to a new level, sets it apart from Copysmith regarding user experience.

There are other further AI tools, including Copysmith and Jarvis. WriteCream is among them. The internet community has already begun to favor WriteCream.

You can easily convert a product name into a blog article, YouTube video, or podcast with Writecream.

The coolest cold emails will be written for you by WriteCreams after they examine your prospect’s website or LinkedIn profile and compile the most crucial information.

There are more than 40 tools available for successful cold outreach, SEO, and marketing initiatives.

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