Folderly is an all-in-one platform for email delivery tracking, deliverability testing, IP heat treatment, and domain reputation improvement. Their goal is to help marketers boost their sales by sending emails that increase revenue and stop wasting money due to email delivery problems. More than 51% of all business emails worldwide never reach the inbox. Emails in spam folders ultimately lead to budget problems and lost sales opportunities. 

Folderly makes sure you’re never in that 51%. The Platform combines cutting-edge technology with the right people to create the most efficient mailbox and IP warming process.

Key features of Folderly

1. Email placement test

 Folderly identifies key email issues and recommends fixing them so you can build an automated spam campaign and stay on top of things. Find out what’s holding up your email delivery and make sure all email accounts are working at full capacity. 

2. Folderly premium

Folderly runs positive engagement campaigns that increase your email deliverability rate and prevent your marketing emails from ending up in the spam folder. You

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just need to register your domain name and mailbox and start the process. After 30 days of using Folderly Premium, you should expect a secure and ready mailbox. However, we recommend keeping your mailbox connected after 30 days to maintain a high delivery rate.

3. Email Audit

 Email deliverability check gives you a 360-degree view of your domains and mailboxes. Email delivery is the ability to deliver emails to subscriber mailboxes. Some marketers evaluate the likelihood of their email campaigns reaching their subscribers’ inboxes based on delivery issues such as ISPs, restrictions, forwarding, spam issues, etc. 

Deliverability factors include sending without custom authentication, using single sign-on, sending from a free email address, making the unsubscription process difficult, using URL shorteners, and lacking engagement. On the delivery side, email service providers (ESPs) indicate why the message was rejected (bounced) based on the information returned by the receiving server in the error message. Suppose you want to improve the deliverability of your email. In that case, you can sign up with Folderly and start enhancing your deliverability today, or you need to think like the people who make email possible: Internet Service Providers (ISPs). To do that, you need to understand what ISPs deal with daily. The review includes: overall health score domain and mailbox analysis, long-term recommendations

4.  Email authentication

This is a way for recipients to protect themselves from keeping spammers and phishers out of their mailboxes. The hosting servers must recognize and validate your domain name to work correctly. They do this by referring to authentication protocols (i.e., DNS records), which prove your trustworthiness as a sender and ensure secure communication.

Folderly Premium Features

  • See where your emails go and analyze inbox placement between different email providers.
  • Get current information about your domain health, sender score, IP information, and WHOIS.  Get real-time DNS status: SPF, DMARC, DKIM, and BIMI register, and make sure you are a trusted sender.
  • A performance-based approach to automate thousands of human GTP-3-based or custom email interactions. 
  • Keep your inbox safe and prevent email leaks with a daily rotation of different start lists with a high sender cost.
  • Keep track of the most popular blocklists and spam filters and learn practical removal steps. 
  • Preview your plain text and HTML email for spam triggers and track its inbox placement percentages
  • Your account manager refines email infrastructure and improves critical performance indicators.

Folderly Integration

 Directory integration has one main focus, which is to increase email deliverability. As email service providers (ESPs) tighten the screws on spam, getting marketing messages through to the customers, let alone getting them to read their emails. There are various reasons why using Folderly to improve your emails is the best choice, and you’ll love them all. The advantages of Folderly integration compared to other service providers are as follows. Deep analysis In business, data is everything, but processed data is everything. Folderly offers some of the best data analytics services available on the market. A quick bounce analysis gives clients insight into howmany emails didn’t reach their customers. 

There are also several analytical benefits of using Folderly. These include a graphics panel.

Integrating Cyber ​​Security Folderly tools gives website administrators a comprehensive email security plan. Having your email account hacked can be devastating and cost you a fortune in business. Integrating the EPS option with Folderly’s integration tool ensures an effective protection plan for your email and mailing list. Support In terms of customer support, very few services come close to Folderly. Folderly has a full weekly schedule. This means you can get the service every day of the week. 24/7 live support is another feature that can be quite useful. Most service providers usually have customer support during business hours. In dynamic marketing, this can be quite a problem.


Folderly is available in three pricing tiers: Individual, Starter and Agency. Pricing starts at $200

per month and each level scales as outlined below: 

Individual – $200 per month

  • 1 Email Address 
  • Domain and Email Warm Up
  • Email Deliverability Test 
  • Email Spam Fix 

Startup – $1500 per month

  • 10 Month 10 Email Address
  • Domain and Email Introduction
  • Email Delivery Test
  • Email Spam Fix
  • Dedicated Support Agent Office

Agency – $2,500/Month 

  • 50 Email Addresses 
  • 50 Email Addresses 
  • 50 Email Addresses
  • Domain & 50 Email Addresses
  • 50 Email Addresses 
  • Deployment Settings
  • Dedicated Support Agent 
  • 360 Domain Audit

Capterra reviews

The Reviews on Capterra for Folderly are rather optimistic and encouraging, with the users appreciating its pricing and ease of use. Their deliverability rates are one of the commendable features. People prefer this software for its ability to keep spam mail away. This software has good reviews on all platforms.


Folderly lets you avoid spam filters and blacklists. Your letter will be delivered directly to the inbox of your email recipients. Folderly was built from the ground up to help businesses get a return on their marketing dollars. Folderly can help you increase email delivery to multiple addresses or avoid spam issues. Whether you’re looking to increase your email deliverability to multiple email addresses or prevent spam problems before they happen, Folderly is a great starting point to make sure your emails reach your recipients’ inboxes. 


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