If you are a content writer, you know first-hand how difficult it is to write unique content on monotonous topics. Even if not monotonous, most topics, especially under the same genre, already have a lot of content out on the internet. Hence, it is very difficult to come up with new, distinctive ideas.

This is where Content Gap Analysis comes in. This process is helpful for those writers who seem to be blocked in certain areas. It helps writers analyze other people’s content, what it lacks, whether it’s outdated, and how it can be renewed, and in turn, they can add all the things lacking in their content.

What is Content Gap Analysis?

Content Gap Analysis is an evaluation of content that already exists and finding out the “gaps” or what it lacks. For example, it can lack examples, it might be vague, and it might also be outdated. So, in other words, the weaknesses in the existing content are analyzed and used to improve upon your content by using Content Gap Analysis.

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Why is Content Gap Analysis important?

If you use Content Gap Analysis, it will be easier for you to know whether you are better than your competition.

The main purpose of this process is to create content that is better than the ones already out there. Hence, it makes sure that you add all the important information and improve your content with what already exists.

While using Content Gap Analysis, you need to search on the topic you’re working on. Whatever comes up first on Google, read up on their material, check the keywords and phrases they have used, and move on to find the ‘gaps’ in their content. It could be several things. For example, it might be difficult to read and understand, or it might not deliver the information in the way it was intended, or the content may just be a simple explanation of steps/events. This knowledge instantly helps you improve your writing and also helps you get rid of writer’s block.

How do you conduct a Content Gap Analysis?

1. Buyer’s Journey: The way content is presented, along with the various marketing strategies used, determines whether a reader will turn into a buyer. Find out what compels readers into becoming customers by analyzing content; it can be your content or others’. Understand what attracts customers, whether it’s the style of writing, the updated information, or an immediate solution to their problems. Study this journey and try to incorporate it into your content.

2. Customer reviews and feedback: You can easily check customer reviews if you include a comment box at the end of each article. However, for a more personalized opinion, you can use questionnaires, like Google Forms and so on. You can ask questions about what they search for in terms of your product/service, how they are benefited from it if anything is lacking, and so on. Use this feedback to create an effective analysis template.

3. Keyword research: Study the responses given by your customers in the questionnaire. Focus on the words they used, as these can be considered and keywords to rank first on the web page. Use similar words and phrases while providing valuable insight into your content.

4. Gaps in your content: Study your content. Try to look at it from a stranger’s perspective. Whatever feels unnatural or incomplete in the content can be regarded as a ‘gap’. Be up to date with your content. Resonate with the audience. Solve their problems. Give them a special place in your content. This will work as an effective marketing technique.

5. Gaps in your competitors’ content: Now, it’s time to study similar content that already exists on social media and find out what works and what doesn’t. In gap analysis, you need to focus on what doesn’t work or what’s lacking. Keep a note of all the things you find missing and add them to your content.

6. After analyzing, create a content plan: Once you’re done analyzing everything, make a crisp plan. After analyzing the gaps, you need to implement them, and the best way to do it is to have a good content plan that is precise and saves time.

Gap Analysis is an easy and mandatory process if you want your content to stand out. These simple steps will guide you to make an effective analysis template.

For your convenience, we have created a sample template to help you carry out your next content gap analysis effectively. Click here to access it.

We hope you enjoyed our blog about how to perform a content gap analysis. We know that there are many important things to consider when you’re building your content marketing strategy, and we hope that this template helps you narrow down what areas you need to focus on. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section before leaving. Thank you for reading; we would love to hear from you!


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