In the marketing field, it is useful to keep track of the performance of your marketing strategies. This way, you can improve upon your current methods for better results. However, it is quite difficult to spend a considerable amount of time in just analyzing your performance and customer behavior. This is where a good marketing report can help you keep track of your performance and save time as well.

What is a marketing report?

A marketing report is the combination and visualization of data from your marketing channels that allows you to create a custom report that can be reviewed by your team. This report will let you know where you are based on your data from various platforms and inform you where you need to improve your performance standard.

Why is a marketing report required?

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Digital marketing reports constantly track your progress, in terms of generating lead, for which you can use various social platforms as analytics. How much you progress will determine how much the company will progress. Improving your marketing strategy will help you improve revenue. It can be used as an effective decision making tool, to draw valuable conclusions and find out a swift way towards success. Now that you know how important a marketing report is, let’s learn how you can create one!

What are the components of a marketing report?

1. Your Goal: It is important to be focused and have definitive goals when it comes to business. So, start out by reiterating your marketing goals and know where you are at the moment in respect of those goals.

2. Projects: In a monthly marketing report, you can talk about the projects your team has worked on. Discuss their results and their value, whether any improvements need to be made or not. Significant changes in social media reports, paid advertisements and so on, should be mentioned in the report.

3. Website: The website of your company has to be presentable and approachable. This sets your company’s impression. What customers see when they enter your website will determine whether they will make a purchase or simply move on. Keeping track of your website’s data is important because customers are less likely to become consumers of your brand due to a bad experience. Also, keep track if your SEO is generating leads.

4. Marketing leads: Close your report by generating marketing leads. Compare the current report with previous ones and check for improvement. Understand where your leads have come from, whether it’s social media, paid ads, emails, search results and so on. This way you can invest your time and effort into the platforms that are generating most leads.

How to create a marketing report? A step-by-step guide

1. Use tables with columns and rows for a cleaner look. It also helps deduce the report in a simpler manner. Use constructive headings for each column.

2. Highlight the important metrics and provide extra information about specific KPIs.

3. Use illustrations such as videos, images, audio, to make the report more personalized and easy to understand.

4. Summarise all the main points in your report in the conclusion. Use simple language to explain any growth or otherwise in the report.

5. You can add your company’s logo or standard color to give value to your company’s branding.

6. When you present your report, try to enable interactivity to make it more engaging.

7. Allow your teammates to collaborate and add or edit necessary data on the report based on facts.

A well-created marketing report will not only motivate you and your team to understand your company’s data and analytics, but will also help you bring about significant change wherever it is required. It can seem difficult to make a marketing report, but with the correct knowledge about gathering and filing data, you can easily create monthly and weekly reports for the improvement of your company. For your reference, we are also attaching a free sample template. Click here to view it.

We hope this article was helpful. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section. Best of luck!

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