A product pitch is more than boring, uncomfortable phone calls or spam emails. Instead of this, great pitching is the art of connecting your clients to the problems and solutions that can solve your every urgent problem. 

How can you satisfy your customers with the art of pitching products/services? Here in this article, we will explain to you every kind of skill you need to opt to improve your leads.

What is a product pitch?

A product pitch is a method of connecting with your potential buyers or clients. The employer’s ultimate goal is to convince the buyers and customers to buy more and learn more about the product. Pitches can happen in many ways like through social media, email, voice mail, or in person. 

How do you make a great product pitch?

Product pitching is a simple five-step process:

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  • Endless research and enriching your research skills

Great pitching skills will help you enhance your product value. It increases your chances of visibility among customers. The customers are likely to respond quickly. You must know about the audience you are pitching your products to. What does the company do? Who is your target audience? Don’t forget to explore what your customers do. Who are they? Their profession, their favorites, their interests. These things might help you customize your product in a better way. 

  • Your product should be the customer’s choice, not your or your company’s

Talking or rating your product is the fastest way to get your product known to more and more new people. The product pitching should focus on the customer’s interests and not yours. Are you reducing your product’s costs? Any improvement in efficiency? Installing more automatic tasks? Buyers generally notice the number of benefits they have by using your products. Then, they will observe the number of features you have installed.

  • Choosing the right channel is the most crucial thing

There are many channels through which you can pitch your product review- voice mail, email, text messages, social media, etc. You must think about both the company as well as the buyer. An already established company may choose a traditional way to approach potential customers. At the same time, a highly innovative and newly emerged company may choose the modern approaches- direct messages or opting the social media. In this field, opting out of the job is never an option. Rather if the customer did not respond to you in one place, you could opt for some more options. 

  • Personalize it

Personalizing it is a skill in its way. You must work on your base template and notice to whom you deliver your message. For example, the format of pitching your product language would be far different from an email and a text message. Your messages must also be modified every time you reach a new customer or whenever you choose other media. 

  • Tell the buyer your purpose behind pitching your product

A Call-To-Action is always an important step to end with. What does the customer want to do? Calling you or meeting or any other medium of connecting for getting more knowledge about the product. Instead of giving them options, go for strong, actionable choices. 

What are the necessary things to be included in the product pitch?

Now you are clear about actually what a product pitch is. Let’s make bullet points about how the product pitch should be done by itself. 


Whether it is the start of the cold call or the subject of your email, it should tend to grab the buyer’s attention. Samples for a good opening can be: 

  • Ask kind of questions.
  • Refer to a shared connection.
  • Cut to the chase.
  • Mention your current connection.


After creating a hook, explain your purpose for reaching them and what your product can do for them. Some bullet points to include are:

  • What should the buyer find unique in your product? 
  • Why should he continue with your company, research, and the data you provide?
  • How can the customer be benefitted from your product personally? You can respond to them with some beneficial tips. 

Call to action

The final step of the product pitch is the call to action. You can give them a clear suggestion about how to approach you after they visit your company website. It may be a phone call or responding with the availability via messages or emails. For example,

  • What is the best time to chat about this more?
  • Are you open for a call?
  • What are the best ways to connect with you?
  • Do you have some free time so we can catch up for a quick discussion?
  • How about the next 15 min, a short introduction?

What are the not to make points in a product pitch?

Some of the techniques that exist in this field are never advisable. There are many red flags that you should avoid in every circumstance.

  • Personalized statements: Your product pitch has limited real estate. You should avoid talking about yourself to a great extent.
  • Difficult explanations and hard to understand.
  • Usage of general greetings like, “how’s your weekend? or how are you doing ?” These greetings can would creepy unless and until you have met your potential customers. 
  • You must have unique prospects: Prospects who work on every case are generally not meant to grab customers’ attention.
  • Fake promises: It looks good when you promise your customer’s moon and stars. But it is a matter of disappointment when you can’t fulfill it.
  • Stay real and show more productivity in action than by utter promises.

How to deliver a good product pitch?

  • Practice makes you perfect. Likewise, practicing before pitching your idea is a very good idea to do good. Building a connection with customers is a difficult job but not an impossible one.
  • Keeping buyers’ profiles with you while pitching a product is a good practice to opt for. Most product pitching is done remotely via emails, voice mails, or social media. 
  • Calculate what your next step would be. Don’t step barefoot whenever your customer says a “yes” to your product. Especially for in-person interactions, you must be ready for the next step beforehand. 

Pitch perfect customer outreach

Product pitches are not generally awkward as they are thought to be. With these tricks and ideas, you would be able to pitch your product with more authenticity. Here we have tried our best in the sample template of the product pitch. product pitch sample template. Are you ready to put your pitching skills into practice? Follow the above methods to ace more success. 

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