Ever since online shopping came into existence, customers have drastically changed their buying habits and trends. It’s not surprising that in 2022, 90 percent of customers who walk into your store or visit your site have already formed a preliminary opinion about your products/services. This is because many customers prefer to conduct thorough research into your business based on what information is available on the internet. That could be something you have uploaded on your site or the reviews of your previous customers.


As a customer, I too go through some reviews of customers like those concerning the price, after-sale services, and other policies of any business before deciding to buy. This habit of customers speaks out loud as to why, as a business, you should be more concerned about your customer reviews and your business’s online reputation. That’s what a review management platform is for. They have made it a hell lot easier for businesses to be aware of their customer interactions as well as save them enough time by offering an efficient review management system.


This article is also centered around one such Review Management Software. Through this article, you will learn about Grab Your Reviews, what it does, its pricing as well all the related information about how you can use it effectively to have an overview of both positive and negative reviews and request reviews from customers. Keep reading to learn more!

Grab Your Reviews: Reputation Management Platform 

Grab Your Reviews is a reputation management software using which you can effortlessly keep an eye on all your customer reviews and embed them together to empower your upcoming marketing strategies based on what your customers prefer. Its main motive is to automate the process of review collection and help businesses enlighten themselves about what customers think of their products and policies.

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Grab Your Reviews Features

Here are some ways Grab Your Reviews can help you:

  •  Review Management: This feature is a combination of four important activities concerning review management, namely, review generation, review monitoring, review marketing, and review reporting. You can easily generate online reviews from more than 50+ platforms like Google, Facebook, and Yelp. In addition to that, also keep track of important reviews coming up on those platforms by continuously updating your team members. Besides that, you can also highlight your reviews before your audiences on your website as well as on social media. Spotlight all your reviews using eye-catching weights so as to create a good picture before your audiences. Talking of review reporting, you can easily track reviews and get review performance reports. Not just that, the process is even more convenient as you get to choose how you would like to get your review reports. That is, whether you want it on a daily basis, a monthly basis, a weekly basis, or a quarterly basis.
  • GENERATE MORE REVIEWS: With Grab Your Reviews you can’t only manage and monitor your reviews but you can also generate new reviews for your business. For this, you can choose various kinds of customizable review funnel layouts that direct your customers to leave reviews on your site wherever you want them. Not just the layouts, it also lets you run SMS and Email Review campaigns that encourage your customers to leave reviews and guide them through the process. Lastly, you can also use eye-catching and customizable widgets to encourage customers to leave reviews. This way you can corner as many reviews as possible.
  • MONITORING REVIEWS: One of the main purposes of every review management software is to ensure that businesses pay heed to their customers’ concerns that they express through their reviews. With Grab Your Reviews, you can ensure that all your customer reviews are responded to and their grievances are being taken care of. There is a special feature called GYR Command Center using which the support team can filter reviews based on sites, set status levels, and leave notes for follow-up. To further help in providing quick responses, you can easily check reviews from the dashboard that are uploaded on Google and Facebook in no time.
  • INTEGRATE WITH OTHER APPLICATIONS: Its capability to seamlessly integrate with our favorite applications makes it even more use-worthy. Their API lets you integrate your important apps via zapier so that the process of review generation becomes fully automated. Through this integration feature, GYR can easily extract customer information from your CRM and can automatically send review requests to customers.
  •  WHITE LABEL SERVICES: Not many review management software offer the White Label services to their clients. With this feature, you can easily make the Grab Your Reviews Platform resemble yours. This means you can easily add your brand’s logo, set up your subdomain, create a URL and have a sender email domain. The White Label feature makes it easier for businesses to provide more satisfactory services to their customers while boosting their brand reputation with less effort. According to the GYR group, businesses like Local SEO specialists, Digital Marketing Agencies, Marketing Consultants, and Web Design Companies can effectively benefit from this feature.
  •  MARKET YOUR REVIEWS: The main goal behind gathering enough reviews from customers is to instill a sense of trust and credibility among new or potential customers. However, that can only happen if your new customers can take a look at your reviews easily. The ‘Market Your Reviews’ feature is solely for that. With it, you can ensure that the reviews on your site as well as other platforms get enough exposure. It becomes easy and automatic to promote your reviews on your site and social media platforms.
  • GET REVIEW REPORTS AND ANALYTICS: With Grab Your Reviews, you can easily get reports about the performance of your reviews and keep every aspect of your review management in check. Using their performance dashboard, you can analyze the performance of your email and SMS review campaigns and keep track of KPIs across various businesses and locations. Speaking of email and SMS review campaigns, you can easily analyze their success rate by going through information like recipients, visits, opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.
  • HIGHLIGHT REVIEWS USING WIDGETS: Last but not least, using a review website widget you can easily display reviews from popular sites like Facebook and Google on your website. This doesn’t just add to the visual appeal of your website but also highlights reviews from popular platforms. Besides, you can also choose personalized layouts for your widgets.

Grab Your Reviews Pricing Information 

Grab Your Reviews offers two pricing systems, a Business Pricing and an Agency Pricing. The plans under business pricing are suitable for small and midsize businesses whereas the plans under Agency Pricing are suitable for well-established and large businesses. Also, let me remind you, Grab Your Reviews also offers a free trial to its users. This free trial comes with a validity of 7 days so it’s better to try it out before going for its paid plans.




The business pricing offers three plans. Firstly, there is a Small plan that costs $29 a month and is suitable for a single user to get started. This gives benefits like 3 review platforms, 1 business location, 400 email credits, and 40 SMS credits. The same plan is available for $23.17/month if you wish to pay annually.


Secondly, there is a Medium plan for small teams. This plan gives benefits like unlimited review platforms, 1 business location, 1500 email credits, 150 SMS credits, and can be used by 3 users. It costs $49 per month and if you wish to bill annually then it can be availed for $39.17 per month.


Lastly, there is a Large Plan which is ideal for large teams. It gives benefits like unlimited review platforms, 3 business locations, 3000 email credits, 300 SMS credits and can be accessed by 5 users. It costs $89 a month but if you choose to pay annually you can get the same for as low as $71.17 per month.




The agency plan is suitable for large businesses. It starts at $125 per month and gives access to a whole lot of features like 1000 emails per client every Monday, fetching reviews from 50+review platforms, and 150 SMS credits per client every Monday. It gets even better because unlimited users can access it from the same account.


Oh yes, most importantly, you can access the White Label Feature with this plan. The other significant features include setting up custom drip campaigns with email/text messages, automatically finding customers to leave a review, and automatically sharing positive reviews on social media. Plus, you can reap the most out of the ‘Review report and analytics’ feature with this plan.

Grab Your Reviews: User Reviews and Rating

To help you make a decision we have compiled the reviews of popular platforms like GetApp and Capterra.

Speaking of GetApp, GYR has scored an overall rating of 4.6 with a total of 20 reviews. Take a look for yourself.

Here’s what a user has reviewed for Grab Your Reviews on GetApp.

Now, let’s take a look at the rating scored by GYR on Capterra. In Capterra too, GYR has scored an overall rating of 4.6 while their customer support and convenience has been rated 4.6 and 4.8 respectively. 

Here, take a look.

Here’s what a user has reviewed about GYR on Capterra.

Overall, Grab Your Reviews is a great choice for those struggling to gather enough reviews from their customers. Besides, they also offer a free 7-day trial for all their paid plans with no credit card required. So, why not try it out for yourself? 

Anyways, that’s all for now. I hope you were able to find everything you were looking for in this article. Thank you for your time! Oh yes, before you leave don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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