Writing is a powerful tool that can help you stand out amongst a crowd. It is reflective and informative and works as a great descriptive technique to set you apart from things. The more content you write, the more you are discovered and hailed.

If you are stepping into any industry needing to write content or content that easily translates what you do and your interests is an important aspect to consider. In such situations, you need to hire an efficient blogger or writer who can put what you require in crystal clear writing that is impactful and professional. To understand and market and find writers and bloggers who write seamless and professional content for you it is important to understand how much they charge in 2022.

The average cost of writing per word comes to about $0.1 or more. For a beginner or intermediate writer, it could be an average of $0.12 per word.

For writers or bloggers with no experience, it could cost less than $0.1 per word. This is done to build their experience and thus also the quality of their work. Once they have a solid portfolio of work and notable experience in writing their work also becomes more refined and thus the cap of payment can be increased.

Thus, if you are looking for a cost-effective way to reach your content goals you can hire a fresher content writer who hasn’t been in the game before. But make sure you communicate your goals and the things you wish to hit. Training these fresher writers and getting them to reach the expectations you wish for them to fulfil might however be a time-consuming process. While the efficiency may only be half fulfilled it saves the majority of costs.

How much should an entire blog post cost?

As mentioned above you can take up a per word costing system to decide how you want to cost a blog post, based on the number of words equals the payment your receive approach. Another way to approach costing a blog post could be a base price and then building up per word. Most bloggers, especially if they are native English speakers and have immense knowledge on the topic or commendable research skills, demand between $100-$200 but depending on the writer again and their expertise and expert knowledge the price could even go up to about $500.

How long should a blog be?

Now that you know the pricing strategies of the blog and a large part of it is dependent on the length of the blog based on the number of words it has or just a base length, how long exactly should a blog post be?

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Typically bloggers write about 1,000 words per blog post. The average length of a blog post in terms of words is 1,200. This is done to keep in mind the ranking requirements of blog posts on various search engines and in general search engine optimisation. Sources say that this length makes it easier for content to be sorted or formatted into categories and broad sections improving its visibility and thus your reach as well.

Another important thing to note while taking these factors related to visibility is keyword optimisation. Using long-tail keywords and optimising the accurate and well-ranked ones in the form of clusters or ranked lists is important to be discovered as well. But the general rule of thumb when it comes to length is, that the longer the blog post, the more it will cost for it to be written.


Research is an important part of writing any sort of content be it a short form or long form. To save costs on hiring a writer make sure the person you hire knows about your niche. Both the client and writer must have parallel views on the niche that they are invested in so that they are fulfilled.

Research as an activity requires a good amount of energy, previous knowledge and time. As a business or client, you should have answers to the following questions with regards to the writer you hire.

Are they experienced in the field you’re exploring?

Can you give them the time they demand research?

How much research do you expect the writer to conduct?

Do you have the resources to pay them extra if any further work comes up?

Do you have previous knowledge of the particular topic?

How much are you planning to charge for your work including research?

How much research can you conduct and in how much time?

As a writer, you must have answers to the following. Answering these questions before hiring will help you save time and costs quite effectively.

Both writers-clients and hiring individuals or businesses must have three important aspects in mind while figuring our costs:

  • End goals
  • Deadlines and research
  • Budget and expertise

Keeping these three in mind helps broadly categorise all that is required when it comes to hiring writers or bloggers. Keeping the general per word cost in mind and the rule of thumb that several words and blog length, as well as expertise and previous knowledge in the niche in mind the hourly rate charged by writers and bloggers in 2022, comes to about $25/hour to about $35/hour.

The lower limit of the general 1000-1200 word article can range from $200-$700.

Now that you’ve got a framework of how much is charged by freelance writers or bloggers in 2022 and the different elements to keep in mind while drawing up a cost card or an expectancy report of what is to come when you hire them, it is time to put to test your knowledge.

Remember to set your time, skill, value for work and knowledge as a priority and so will your writers!



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