As we know, Instagram is one of the domains becoming a large hub to leverage people to collaborate and network with. To reach out professionally to someone you want to barter, it is important to reach out to them professionally through email. It is important to find their email and extract it through Instagram for this to happen. But it is important to carry this out with the right legal compliance with clear know-how of how to do this and its follow-up process.

Understanding Instagram

Instagram is a social networking site that Facebook owns. Two co-owners founded it in 2010. It is the most installed and largest social media giant within smartphones.

Making an Instagram account and onboarding onto the platform is fairly easy. People starting from the age of 13 can make an account on the platform. It allows you to create and explore feed of all your interests and also helps you connect with people who might have an intersection of the same interests as you. Additionally to posting videos and photos, it acts as a messaging service. Recently they have allowed people to post stories that expire in 24 hours. However, highlighting them and letting them stay on the profile is an option.
According to Hubspot, Instagram saw 1 million users in December 2010 and 1.386 billion users at the moment in 2022. That’s a huge jump and is commendable.

Why should you leverage Instagram

The large traffic on Instagram is undoubtedly a great incentive to use the platform. The community is a great platform to leverage your content. You can also collaborate with companies and brands to make a lasting effect on the social networking site. A billion people who are users of Instagram can view, access, and save your content on the app is of great advantage.

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Instagram’s statistics:

There are 1 billion users of Instagram of which 70% plus are young adults under the age of 35+

close to 90% of Instagram’s users do not live in the United States

Close to 60% of Instagram’s suer base logs in every day onto the application.

One third of all Instagram users who login on the mobile app visit it at least thrice a day

13 percent of Instagram’s content is of video form.

The top 100 brands see engagement on Instagram grow by 50 plus percent annually

4.2% is the average engagement rate that is clocked on the website-application.

30 percent plus B2C brand consider Instagram as a crucial element towards image boost.

More than 10% of B2B brands consider Instagram an important social media marketing element

80%+ people use Instagram as a product and service guide

Instagram Business in a Nutshell

The statistics of how good a platform Instagram is to boost your business are no joke. Marketers and people looking to scale their business can always use the platform to increase their business positively.

Retail sales:

over half of Instagram users make purchases on Instagram. It is a powerful tool to relay these.


retail sellers and wholesale sellers can place their products in front of a market on the app, and those willing to purchase can connect with them.
It allows them to
Post pictures and share expertise through sharing pictures and information about the product
It allows them to tailor captions and niche marketing tactics to their audience.
It allows them to create a timeline of fresh and recent posts
It allows them to interact and stay connected through Instagram stories.
It allows you to engage and inform your audience by replying to comments, question stickers, and patching your other social sites or your company’s website.

Finding Instagram E-mail Address

Explore the bio: Most content creators or prospect collaborators link a clickable link in their bio. This is the easiest way to take you to their direct emails, where you can shoot them an email for further communication.

The e-mail option:

Many Instagrammers who have a business or professional account can add an email shortcut to their profile. On toggling this email option, you can shoot an email to the user you want to collaborate with.

Hold contests:

if you offer to give out products, services, or barter items to people, you can get them to onboard with you as potential collaborators. They can share more details with you, and you can become a part of their mailing list. You can give out coupon codes, discounts, special perks, or freebies as an exchange to get them to work with you.

Visit their website:

most websites have contact details that reveal email id credentials on the landing page itself. Visiting the person’s website also helps you understand them as a person.
Check their social media pages: their other social media pages like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google’s search engine as well might provide you with email credentials.

Search Emails Effectively.

Go through your prospects’ Instagram profiles efficiently. Make sure that you don’t miss any contact credentials or information that might be available on their profile on their bio, highlights, or even contact info.

You can search google for the actual name of Instagram usernames and then get their emails off of professional networking websites like LinkedIn to collaborate with them.

Email lookup tools:

email filter tools exist that search for certain Instagram accounts’ email once you enter the Instagram URL credentials on the tool’s interface. AeroLeads, Volla Nobert, etc are some prospect email finder wbeistes that do this.


Now that we’ve seen how much of a boon Instagram is as a platform for businesses, collaboration on this up and coming website is the next logical step. Searching emails is a primary step towards doing this and it is recommended to follow the steps given in order to master it.

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