A new prospecting platform called InboxGold offers easy and affordable access to millions of businesses and contacts.

Access to >200 million contacts and >20 million US corporate profiles is available through InboxGold. Additionally, you may check who is viewing your website and receive business opportunities in your mailbox.

Why enroll for InboxGold?

• Gain access to search tools that use filters and keywords to find businesses and people who suit your desired profile (s)

•Build company lists and export company profiles for integration into other systems.

💡 Generate personalized emails, blog articles, product descriptions, and ads in seconds using the power of A.I

• Unlimited searches and company viewing.

• Business contacts available to view and download.

• Web Insights – identify companies visiting your website.

• Create lead alerts to be given directly to your email address;

• Create a contact list;

• Export information for integration into other systems;

• Rich Firm Profiles with a company description, growth insights, staff, revenue, a LinkedIn profile, a company website, and more!

Key components of InboxGold:

  1. Prospecting: Search through millions of corporate profiles and contacts to find your ideal clients. With more than 200 million connections, InboxGold can help you locate the appropriate individual to speed up your sales process regardless of the product or degree of contact you’re searching for.
  2. Daily Dig: Automate your prospecting using Daily Dig. If you prefer a more automatic method, you may add your potential clients to InboxGold’s Daily Dig feature, which will deliver client profiles right to your inbox on the day(s) and hour of your choosing.
  3. Web Insights: Find potential customers. You can view corporate profiles based on web traffic to your site using InboxGold’s bespoke web insights code. Companies that visit your website will automatically be added to your Web Insights list, where you can access further details and contacts.

Users of InboxGold?

  1. Anyone looking for a streamlined method of prospecting and anyone tasked with finding and getting in touch with new clients is welcome to assist!
  2. Sales experts, newcomers to the field, small business owners, inbound/outbound teams, etc. at both large and small businesses.

Conditions of the transaction:

You must use your code(s) within 60 days of purchase to access the InboxGold Plan for life and receive all future updates. Note that you cannot stack deals like this one.

Here are a few reviews that users have written about InboxGold based on their own experiences across various platforms:

There is only one offer that InboxGold provides that is a lifetime access for $69 with the features listed below:
• 20,000,000,000 Company Profiles
• 200,000,000 Contact Records
• Unlimited Lookups
• Company Growth Insights and Unlimited  •Company Profile Viewing
• 1000 Credits at Registration
• Delivered Customized Leads to Your Inbox
Web Insights That Are Customized
• 15% off Organizations and Contacts with Permanent Access.


However, there are exports for company and contact data available for incorporation or upload into other systems like Salesforce and other sales process management platforms. InboxGold does not currently integrate with other systems.



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