What are cold emails? Why is it important to warm them up? 

Cold e-mails are the professional’s best friend when scouring for leads. Warming up domains to send out cold e-mails is crucial for businesses not to give up. Deliverability is sometimes an issue for cold e-mails, and Lemwarm ensures email addresses warm up most efficiently and effectively.  

Today, most email inboxes are instrumental in recognizing cold email campaigns as spam and being blocked. E-mail providers today have systems that collect data and immediately sort unknown email addresses and domains into spam folders or categorize them as high risk.   


What is Lemwarm?  

Lemwarm is an email warm-up tool that promises magical deliverability. Here are seven reasons it should be your destination for email warming up. One minute to set up to run100% on auto-pilot! 

1. The best e-mail warm-up tool:

Short and consistent constant efforts make email warming up an efficient process. Lemwarm ensures this is done in the best way.  

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2.  Reliable accounts:

No fake accounts are created that trample the domain is used. Lemwarm uses real people’s accounts across 10 thousand plus countries to speed up your email warm-up process most efficiently.  

Why Should You Use Lemwarm


3. Your Network is your Net-Worth:

Join an exclusive network of big names in the business field as you share the common platform of Lemwarm. Lemwarm is used by reputed companies like SAP, Uber, Zendesk, etc. The oldest domains are 25+ years old.  

4. Best-in-class algorithm:

Lemwarm’s algorithm is the most efficient, effective, minimalist, and easy to use. It is a state-of-the-art tool.  

Best In Class Algorithm

 5. Progressive warm-ups:

Email providers set certain rules and perfect delivery is no longer a myth with Lemwarm! It gradually increases the curve of sending emails in the best way to get perfect deliverability. Ramp-up is also done with this in mind.  


Progressive Email Warm Ups

6. Conversation thread:

It is important to watch potential replies closely. Lemwarm automates this process, creating threads so that replies can also be kept in the loop. You never miss a response. 

7. Filtering spam & Promotions:

Warming up a new email domain is crucial. Lemwarm ensures that any warm-up email to spam is automatically brought back to the inbox. It opens every email on its own and marks it as important, making the process easier.  

Filtering Spams And Promotions


Why Lemwarm?  

Lemwarm has its list of great advantages, but why choose it? It is a platform that is trusted by ten thousand companies worldwide.  

Here are some of the trusted customer testimonials.  

Why Should You Use Lemwarm

Lemlist Reviews 

Capterra: 4.5/5

  • Capterra is a 23-year-old trusted online marketplace that serves as a review hub for specialized software. It acts as an intermediary between vendors and users and assists in the research and choice of consumers.  
  • Lemwarm has a 4.5 out of 5 rating on Capterra and is described as a “top of the list marketing solution.” Lemlist describes their tool and self as:  “Lemlist is the first cold email outreach platform that gets you more replies. Kick-start human & warm relationships with your clients from day one, thanks to highly-personalized content (images, videos & templates). Lemlist boosts your deliverability, so you never end up in spam, with our unique email warm-up feature lemwarm.” They describe themselves as what you get, and it doesn’t seem to disappoint.  


G2: 4.5/5 

  • G2 is a peer-to-peer review site that was launched in 2013. They focus on bringing together user reviews for business services and technologies that help. They aid in research for the same through their platform.  
  • Lemwarm has yet again a 4.5 out of rating on G2. Various reviews describe it as a “neat tool for cold emails and outreach.” Lemwarm is said to Streamline and automate your follow-ups, put repetitive tasks on autopilot and never miss a thing. It sends quick emails at scale without compromising quality and makes everything professional and personalized. The reviews validate it to the same.  


Google: 4.9/5 

  • Google is one of the most trusted platforms, and Lemwarm by Lemlist has received a whopping 4.9 out of 5-star rating.  
  • The warm-up tool has gained traction in reviews, and specific reviews mention that it has allowed the elevation of businesses into new heights.  



Pricing Of Lemwarm Subscription

The monthly pricing for Lemwarmis $29 per month. This platform’s perk is that no credit card is required to start a free trial.  

“You’re just one cold e-mail away.” 

Is what they believe.  

You can get started for free and experience how your emails are automagically shaped to elevate your business to greater heights.  


Their yearly prices are $25 billed annually.   


The Game-Changer: 

Lemwarm also has a great onboard page called “Templates” on their cold email templates page which allows filtered searches and templates for cold emails along with open and reply rates for each one. This helps users streamline what exactly they want and caters to their needs. 

The Game Changer Templates

 They have great customer service with 

  1. AI-powered chatbots on their landing page,  
  1. Youtube channels that are hyperlinked and playing within their website for various features and  
  1. Clean, minimalistic design.  


Is Lemwarm Worth It?

There are several free alternatives to Lemwarm like Gmass’ free email warmup tool. They build email lists and warm up your domains serving the same purpose.

Lemwarm is worth it if the user is looking to send cold email campaigns using Lemlist. If the purpose is only to warm up the email, then they can look at free alternatives 

Lemwarm is a great choice for your cold email warming up hassles. Its seamless features help its performance peak, and reviews validate its automagic warming up process. The easy-to-use and customer-supported, brand-trusted software is a great investment. It is packed with greatness and will elevate your business.  

Email deliverability hassles? Automagically eliminate them with Lemwarm now! 

What If You Didn’t Need Lemwarm In The First Place…

When cold emails are non personalized, the email body state the same. This means the same email is sent to thousands of people. Email providers like Gmail block such large volume of emails and filter them to spam. The computer server that sent that emails is blacklisted by Google and any future emails from this server are automatically filtered to spam.

Tools like Lemwarm try to fool Gmail here. They send emails from the blacklisted server to a select group of recipients. The emails in spam are then marked as ‘not spam’ and moved to the primary inbox. The number of recipients is in hundreds or maybe thousands. When the emails are marked as not spam at such a large scale, Gmail is led to believe that the blacklisted server is no longer sending spam emails. Over a course of few weeks as the emails are continuously marked as not spam, the server reputation is improved and it is removed from the blacklist.

If the emails are personalized from the get go, each email will be unique. This will eliminate the need for Lemwarm

Lemwarm could indeed get you off that spam folder, but the fact that personalizing cold emails would do it too for you. And what better than Writecream to get your emails personalized.

Personalizing reduces your chances of ending up in the spam in the first place. To keep it simple and short, the clear way of understanding this point is that the more you personalize – the more you receive responses. When the emails are personalized, they are portrayed to be specifically designed for that particular receiver that receives them. Over a long run of time, it’s a worldwide accepted fact that personalized emails received twice the reply as non-personalized emails. This activity shows that the company has added time and effort to design the email. And this indeed increases your chance to receive replies from the recipients. Writecream understands the importance of personalization and provides one with great outputs.

Writecream has a very simple interface, and this makes personalization a calk-walk.

The 2-minute video above shows how Writecream can help you generate personalized introductions for your emails by entering either the website of your prospect or their LinkedIn profile. Simply include these introductions at the top of the email body and your emails are personalized!

What about personalizing emails at scale? Writecream has your back. You can upload a CSV with hundreds of prospects and Writecream will add a column to the spreadsheet with the compliments. You can then add these compliments to your email campaign using a simple placeholder.

Isn’t it pretty simple? It’s just within your reach to choose the simplest way to get your cold emails personalized and make way for all the replies that you await.

You can sign up for a free account on Writecream using the following link and seeing for yourself what kind of compliments Writecream can generate:


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