What if you have a new product to offer, but you are struggling with your sales copy? Well, that’s where copywriting formulas like BAB(Before-After-Bridge) step in. Newbies who lack experience usually prefer using copywriting formulas to attract buyers and grab their attention. 


However, have you evaluated the performance of your sales or marketing copies? If not, then it’s high time for you to dig into some blunders you might be making while applying BAB to your sales copy. 


BAB is all about hitting at a pain point and highlighting the problems that your potential customers might be facing before they know about your product. After that, you present a situation where they have overcome those problems using your product or service. This way, you create a bridge between the two different scenarios. 


Now, let’s get back to the blunders I was talking about earlier. Copywriting formulas like BAB become ineffective owing to certain mistakes which are very often overlooked. However, such mistakes can be easily avoided with a little bit of research into the fundamentals of copywriting. If you are wondering what could be the reason behind the low performance of your sales copy even after using BAB, then you have got all your answers here. 

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Keep reading to know about various mistakes that hinder the efficacy of your sales copy and make it unappealing to your customers. 


  • Lack of Emotion

Digital marketers worship copywriting formulas because of their ability to connect with the audience emotionally and personally. If your efforts of effectively using copywriting formulas like BAB are constantly falling flat, then there is a possibility that your piece of writing lacks emotion.


  • Poor Relativity

That, in my opinion, is the root of every problem. As mentioned above, BAB is about bridging the gap between two very different situations, namely, the one where your customer is facing a problem and the other one where you are providing a solution. Failing to provide relevance to the needs of your customers drives them away, thus making your sales copy ineffective. 


  • Improper Call to Action

Even if your entire copy was exceptionally inquisitive, a poor call to action could ruin your entire game. The key to an effective call to action is not sounding too much salesy. Your readers should not feel any sort of pressure from your side. They must feel like they have the freedom to make a choice. 


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I am pretty sure that the above tutorial will acquaint you with all the ins and outs of the copywriting tools that Writecream offers to its users. That said, do try it out and let us know about your experience in the comments section. 


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