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Doing the work that we find mundane and arduous, is the sole pledge where technology’s roots lie; and that is where technology has also, oftentimes, acted as the direly needed third hand – automated, occasionally –  to us humans. While in the 19th and 20th century, factory machines took charge of relieving us from back-aching labor, it is the AI’s inundating applications now in the 21st century that are taking after those machines, and relieving us from repetitive chores that possibly obstruct our stream of creative thoughts.

Steve Jobs sold the idea of personal computers to the world as them being a “bicycle for the mind.” And in this age of an outburst of various AI features, his idea – of computers being “intelligence amplifiers” to boost human creativity – is put to test, and proving itself ‘repeatedly’, while on the mission to aid creators and writers in their productivity. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions like Writecream and Lyne are concrete representations of Jobs’ futuristic idea – especially, when it comes to round the globe digital communication for marketing, advertisements, outreaches, and you name it.

1. Features

Lyne offers AI-powered sales personalization to double your cold outreach response rates. Its varied features include:

  1. Automating cold-outreach with integration of Lyne AI with various tools like Reply.io, Wavo.co, etc.
  2. A.I. powered cold-email icebreakers.
  3. Easily set up workflows that will take you from raw prospect data to hyper-personalized cold messages.
  4. Simply upload your data to your dashboard in the cloud and Lyne will remind you when the work is done.
  5. Use their Chrome Extension to scrape prospects and their professional emails from LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Writecream allows its users to:

💡 Generate personalized emails, blog articles, product descriptions, and ads in seconds using the power of A.I
  1. Write or generate blogs from scratch: Its multitudinality, even in text creation, encompasses Long-Form Editors (A.I Article Writer), Blog Ideas, Intros & Outlines, Blog Heading Expanders, Blog Conclusions, and Compelling Bullet Points can all be created using Writecream.

  2. Generate personalized and persuasive cold emails to make the receiver unable to ignore them: Personalization is applied to cold emails, LinkedIn connection requests, InMails, and backlink outreach. When you provide them with prospect credentials, its AI analyses them and generates engaging content that guarantees astute responses.

  3. Catch the central themes and opinions of writers from a given piece of article, and additionally, present the idea in a unique manner.

  4. Writecream uses GPT-3 to generate plagiarism-free output.

  5. Generate human-sounding voice-over from a script for their videos: Writecream masters its excellence in not only text processing but audio and videos too, and provides content for podcasts, voice notes, video scripts, special media post captions, social media product reviews, Quora answer assistance, and other platforms.

  6. Generate digital ads copies for Facebook, Google, Instagram, and other various ads: It has brought creating advertisements a click button away. One can create Facebook ads, Instagram ads, and Google ads.n real time by pressing a button and entering the name of the firm and what it does.

  7. Formulate ideas for social media posts and contents.

  8. Writecream can deliver the following SEO and copywriting services: Feature to Benefit, Before-After-Bridge, Value Proposition, Website Title & Sub-Headline, SEO Meta Descriptions.

  9. Upload a CSV file for the A.I to generate personalized icebreakers for all the rows. 

2. Reviews:

Writecream is exceptionally recognized and appreciated in the reviews for its intelligibility in personalization and outreach features – personalized emails and LinkedIn messages. The users have testified in the reviews how effortless Writecream has made implementing SEO. Sales and lead generation specialists are overwhelmed by the multi-dimensionality of features – with 75 different languages and consistency of performance throughout – that aid marketing, value propositions, and numerous business oriented needs with just one-liner descriptions of their products. It has bagged an overall score of 4.8/5 on capterra.com.

Writecream Capterra Reviews


Lyne, on the other hand, is popularizing for its email and message personalization. While, it is admired for its human-like output and the feature of integration with other similar applications for automation, beginner users are also struggling a little to comprehend the features of letting the user extract data from LinkedIn or emails and their architecture of the app to move from the point of login to the list of features and their corresponding outputs. It has an overall score of 4.5/5 on capterra.com.

Lyne Reviews On Capterra


3. User Interface:

Lyne Website User Interface

If we were to describe the UI of Lyne’s website in a word, it would be, as a modern day designer would say, “slick”. Its usage of precise cards, interactive animations, and attention to minute details like shadowing, displaying brand reviews artistically, all brings about a touch of the modern trends of UI in the website and its user dashboard. However, as one might indulge into a UI that attracts new users and “hooks” them to the website, it is the UX element that ensures the regular return and long-term commitment of those new users. And given the organisation of the software’s complexity and its way of instructing the users about handling the software overall, it seems to be lacking in achieving a satisfactory, smooth, and ease of user experience.

Writecream Dashboard User Interface

Writecream features a highly user-friendly UI — straightforward and  unambiguous. Even though it’s their first time, any new user will find it effortless to use. Writecream categorically incorporates, and precisely explains, the core services provided by their AI and their usage in individual domains like outreach, copywriting, blog/article writing, social media, image and audio processing, etc to ensure a peculiar marketing and advertising of their product. Every feature operates swiftly and without latency, delivering the greatest results in a matter of seconds. As complex as the software can be for beginner users, the brand also provides video tutorials on youtube for each and every feature and tools of the software to educate and familiarize those users with ease. There is also a blog part where you may learn about various topics and features available on the website. Even their customer-side dashboard, keeping in mind the complexity of the types and sub-types of their features, is compartmentalized for each of their broad domains: Create Copy, Emails, Social Media, Copywriting, Upgrade, and Feedback, making it extremely easy for the users to move through and check out each tool without any information overload.

4. Customer Support:

Lyne has commendably shown its care for customers and their needs and established a live chat feature on their website, which runs on Intercom, with a usual response time of 5 minutes. Although, this seems to be the only mode of communication between users and the support team of Lyne.

This is where Writecream stands out in reaching out to their customers as immediately as they can, to as many as they can at a particular point of time. Unlike the usual methods of contacting suggested by several companies, like emails and twitter, Writecream provides 24×7 contact service and live chat support on their website, also a section to ask for the users’ feature requests in the up-coming updates of the software and feedback on their experience. This tacitly hints their concern for the users’ opinions about their business needs that can simultaneously broaden the software’s applications.

Furthermore on the feature requests, the website of Writecream has put extra efforts to clearly articulate and convey a roadmap of their numerous and undoubtedly advancing features, like public API, sentiment analysis, Natural Language Processing features, and many more, in consideration and under progress, to keep the customers in a constant loop about what to expect from the company in near future.

5. Output Comparison:

Lyne’s LinkedIn personalisation:

Output 1: Saw you’re based out of Seattle – you a big Seahawks fan?
Output 2: Intrigued by your move from Breakthrough Energy to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Curious to learn how that impacted you.

Writecream’s LinkedIn personalisation:

Hey Bill, I was intrigued to Learn about your experience as a co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. I’d love to hear more about your work and insights as a co-founder of Microsoft. I saw that you also founded Breakthrough Energy and am interested in knowing more about your work in that area. You seem to be a very knowledgeable person and I’d love to hear more about your experiences.

Writecream output

Output Verdict

Lyne has two options for generating personalized icebreakers: no-touch lynes and classic lynes. I used no-touch lynes which are similar to what Writecream has. These personalized compliments don’t require any screening by the user and can be sent directly. Lyne also has a feature called as Classic Lynes under which the user can decide what trait of the profile should be used for the compliment. Example, the compliment can be generated using the education of the individual. In No-Touch Lynes, the A.I automatically decides which trait is the best and generates a compliment accordingly.

Writecream has a feature similar to Classic Lynes on their roadmap that is due for release in the coming weeks.

Albeit, the most essential part of outreach communications, which compels the receiver to participate actively and respond to them, is establishing a formal though friendly connection with the reader – consequently inviting them to carry forward our business goals with each other. 

This is where Writecream possibly overcomes Lyne’s limitation, and clearly portrays an effort to begin with a healthy introduction with the receiver. It selects the accurate detail from the profile to lead the conversation with, and subsequently, understands its meaning and adds to the message, a sense of completeness and human-like touch, with words related to that term. And as it seems appropriate and preferred for a business setting, it does not miss to keep the overall note of the output as formal and respectful – with proper salutations and addressing. 

Whose outputs are more suitable for LinkedIn connection requests?

LinkedIn connection request

When we talk about personalization, we not only refer to cold emails, but also connection requests on LinkedIn.

If I were to choose between Writecream and Lyne for LinkedIn connection requests, then it would be the former. Writecream’s output is not only more personalized, but it is also ready to go. If I were to send a connection request to Bill Gates, I would simply copy paste the above-generated output and send it as it. Whereas, if I had to use Lyne’s output, I would have had to add a couple of more sentences to give the recipient a reason to accept my request. You will probably understand where I am coming from once you read the outputs and put yourself in Bill Gate’s shoes. Would you accept the connection request with Writecream’s output or with Lyne’s?

Don’t get me wrong, Lyne’s outputs can be good for some use-cases but if you are cross shopping between the tools, then I would say Writecream is the better option. Writecream’s outputs are suited for both cold emails and LinkedIn outreach, whereas I would probably use Lyne just for cold emails and even then the outputs would require some fine tuning either on your own or by a virtual assistant.

Writecream offers more forms of personalization

Another reason to choose Writecream over Lyne is the versatility. Besides text personalization, Writecream also offers image and audio personalization, which Lyne lacks.

Also, Writecream has more features in its toolkit than just personalization. You can also use it for generating blog articles, ad copies, social media posts, voiceovers for YouTube videos, and so much more. As a marketing or salesperson, your job is likely to include more tasks that are not cold emails. And thus from that point of view, I feel Writecream is a better bet.

6. Pricing:

Lyne offers a variety of pricing plans:

  1. Plan for everyone ($0)
    1. Pay as you go
    2. No monthly charges
    3. Pay per credit
    4. All integrations
  2. $25/month:
    1. 100 lynes / month
    2. $0.05 / lyne
    3. Credits Roll over
    4. All integrations

Lyne Pricing Plans For Customers

The pricing plans of Writecream, however, are as varied as their features’ categories, and there are four proposed plans on their website:

  1. Free
    1. $0/month for 20 Credits
    2. 20 icebreakers / 40,000-characters
  2. Standard
    1. $49/month for 200 credits
    2. 200 icebreakers / 400,000 characters
  3. Extended
    1. $69/month for 750 credits
    2. 750 icebreakers / 1,600,000 characters
  4. Custom
    1. User Defined Credits
    2. User Defined character limit

Writecream Pricing Plans For Customers

The usability of these credits and their associated benefits are clearly stated on the website’s landing page (https://www.writecream.com/#pricing).

Writecream’s Extended plan allows for generating 750 icebreakers. If you would have to generate more icebreakers than that, then you can go for their custom plan that will also bring down the cost for each icebreaker. More the number of icebreakers you opt for, the lesser the cost of each icebreaker will be.

7. Conclusion:

We have taken into account nearly every factor of both the software that can potentially help alleviate their client’s businesses and their operations, and can possibly affect the outlook of each software in the commercial field. When Lyne seems to be expertising in sales and lead generation communication techniques, Writecream tries to firmly hold the essence of diplomacy, along with attention to minute facts – and their meanings and similar addable content – to objectively bring out the core subject’s qualities to the receiver and maintain the formality that a CEOs or investors or business officials ideally look for to be persuaded. Thus, for the responsibility of large scale communications – especially for early-stage startups, marketing agencies, business with less man-power, etc – Writecream does bring out a portfolio of qualities that may be ideal when the aim is competent and wholesome promotion of brands and products.

Writecream gets more points for offering more forms of personalization, including audio and image icebreakers. On top of that, it also has other tools for blog generation, social media posts, ad copies, podcasts, voiceovers, and more.

Having said that, both Lyne and Writecream offer free trials. You can sign up on each website and determine which suits your needs better. You can sign up for a trial on Writecream using this link: https://app.writecream.com/register

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