Mixmax: The sale engagement platform

It goes without saying that the sales environment of today differs from that of the past. Platforms for sales engagement are crucial now because of this. However, with so many alternatives available, deciding which one is best for you might be challenging. To assist you in making the best choice possible, we have chosen a sales engagement tool called MixMax for you. All of the details are provided below to help you better comprehend the subject.

What Is MixMax?

Mixmax is 1 sales engagement platform that assists sales and customer success teams in increasing revenue at all stages of the customer experience. It helps its users to precisely track Gmail, emails, organise meetings instantly, use email templates to save time, plan email sequences, do away with data entry, and automate their busy work. The communication workflow is improved with integrations. Mixmax offers consumers the freedom to manage their email communication using any internet-capable device since it is an online solution.

How Does MixMax Work?

Mixmax is dedicated to protecting the security and privacy of your data and being open and honest about its business practices. The tool asks for your permission to use capabilities. It includes email scheduling and send-later functionality as well as open, click, and reply tracking. This is the name of the Google permission; it is unable to access your inbox’s emails. Providing periods when you are available enables you to rapidly organize meetings by email.

Once your recipients select a time, they book the meeting on your Google calendar. It will remove the meeting for you if someone cancels. In order to respect your current preferences, including undo send, email aliases, and email addresses, Mixmax needs access to your mail settings.

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MixMax Features

To help you comprehend better, let’s have a look at some of MixMax’s primary features:

Email Tracking and Analytics

Business owners and sales representatives can examine which emails are most effective for their marketing and sales efforts using email tracking tools. Therefore, these monitoring tool statistics provide you with insightful data about the interaction with your recipients.  After you send an email, Mixmax tracks several parameters, like the majority of email tracking solutions. You can also use analytics to examine your tracked emails.

Email Scheduling

Mixmax enables you to schedule emails by simply inputting dates and times. When the predetermined time comes, it will then automatically send emails to your consumers. Email campaigns can be timed to reach prospective customers when they are most likely to check their inbox, resulting in higher interaction. Workflow automation tools in Mixmax can further streamline scheduling.

Email Personalization to Boost Engagement

With the aid of the automation tool Mixmax, you may tailor emails to increase outreach and sales campaign engagements. Personalize emails filled with information from sources can be sent. Your receivers will get an instant email catered to their needs rather than another generic message in their inbox.

Save Custom Templates

With just one click, you may utilise it as a template for the future. You won’t need to create a fresh email for each campaign since you can reuse these email templates. Business owners and account managers can save a tonne of time by doing outreach campaign creation in this way.

MixMax Pricing

Users of MixMax can use a Free Plan for calendaring and email productivity. The price is then $9 per month per user for unlimited basic calendaring and email productivity.  $24 per month per user for email campaigns & team calendaring. And last, sales automation for expanding teams costs $49 per month per user.




If there’s one thing this Mixmax review has made obvious, it’s that the Mixmax email marketing platform is far from ideal. This is the tool to use if you wish to simplify your life. MixMax has made great strides in terms of product enhancements, customer service, and product usability. Although it is straightforward, it offers all the capabilities required to build an efficient sales team automation and cooperation.

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