Humans are unable to fully absorb, understand, and base complicated decisions on the volume of data created today by both humans and machines. Artificial intelligence, which is also the future of all complex decision-making, is the foundation of all computer learning. For instance, most people can figure out how to win at tic-tac-toe (noughts and crosses), despite the fact that there are 255,168 possible movements and 46,080 of them end in a draw. Fewer players would be deemed grand champions in a game of checkers with more than 500 x 1018, or 500 quintillion, potential moves. Computers are quite good at calculating these combinations and permutations to make the best choice.

Although some types of artificial intelligence have been around for more than 50 years, considerable advancements in AI have been made in recent years as a result of advancements in processing power, accessibility to enormous amounts of data, and new algorithms. In this article, we’ll discuss one such program, named Norns AI, along with its features, costs, alternatives and reviews from users.

What is Norns AI?

Norns AI is an AI-backed tool, developed by AppSumo team, that does all the heavy lifting by researching and creating fully customized messages that generate 10 times more replies. Keep up with what potential customers are discussing on Twitter or LinkedIn. They will have everything they need to establish rapport, from the hashtags they employ to their most popular posts. Hyper-personalized messaging and insights will help you connect with more prospects than ever before.


  • The following user and business categories are supported by Norns AI: Mid Size
    Business, Small Business, Enterprise, Freelance, Nonprofit, and Government.
  • During regular working hours, Norns AI provides online support.
  •  LinkedIn and Zapier both interface with Norns AI.
  • Norns AI offers live online training sessions as well as documentation.
  • There is no cost to try Norns AI.
  • Norns AI has a $19 per month starting price.


  • $19/month: $0.19 per prospect, up to 100 prospects, single prospect personalization,
    email based personalization, prospect enrichment, website, news, twitter and linkedin based personalization.
  • $99/month: Similar facilities provided as the previous plan along with some additions, such as, unlimited prospects, pay per use, automations, and integrations with third party tools.
  • Custom Package: Branded portal, custom domain, custom tone of voice, custom writing guidelines, custom info sources, developers API, unlimited users, on-demand integrations and 24/7 support provided.




💡 Generate personalized emails, blog articles, product descriptions, and ads in seconds using the power of A.I

Hootsuite was first introduced by Ryan Holmes in 2008. Through his digital services
business, Invoke Media, he launched it.

Hootsuite works with a lot of social media platforms. Principally, these are:

• Facebook groups on Twitter
• Pages on Facebook
• Profiles on LinkedIn
• Facebook pages (Basic Reports on Enterprise & Pro plan only)
• Instagram
• YouTube
• Pinterest (publication only) (publishing only)


For organisations and agencies, Zoho Social is a full-featured social media management tool.
You may use it to schedule posts, keep track of mentions, design unique dashboards, and
more. The 40+ product suite, which is trusted by over 40 million users, includes
Zoho Social.

It has a strong set of features that will provide you access to all the social media publishing
tools your company requires, including the Publishing Calendar, Bulk Scheduler, and Repeat
Post. You can follow important social interactions with the aid of the monitoring tools and respond accordingly. Utilizing simple graphs to analyze performance, advanced reporting
options enable you to make a limitless number of unique reports for yourself or your clients


Well, before you try it out, why don’t you take a look at what some of its users say about it on the AppSumo site.

Here take a look.

Here’s another review.

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