With each request, the QuickScraper API’s pool of millions of proxies and more than a dozen ISPs will switch your IP address. That means you can quickly get past unpleasant blocks!Retry failed requests automatically so that you can obtain the information you require without being obstructed.

Additionally, as QuickScraper offers more than 10 geolocations, you can harvest data from other nations.You can completely adapt QuickScraper’s API to meet your needs by adjusting request headers, request types, and IP geolocation.

For simple Javascript rendering, use a headless browser, and use sessions to reuse IP addresses repeatedly.Additionally, this application frequently deletes sluggish proxies from the pool, ensuring that you have unlimited bandwidth up to 100 Mbps.The best part is that QuickScraper and Zapier may be combined to quickly automate operations.

You’ll be able to connect to a tonne of tools that improve your workflow, including Google Drive, Slack, and Gmail.QuickScraper’s assistance with automating tedious processes enables your company to handle real-world difficulties and adapt to changing market demands without stress.

💡 Generate personalized emails, blog articles, product descriptions, and ads in seconds using the power of A.I

QuickScraper enables you to invite team members to collaborate on various projects at once from a single account.That implies that you can divide your workload without being concerned about dividing your resources!

Additionally, you can develop scalable web scrapers with ease since QuickScraper offers unsurpassed speed and dependability.

Some of the Features Of QuickScraper :  

1. One million API calls

For programmes to hook into or use web apps like Facebook and Flickr, the creation of the API has been crucial. The act of releasing APIs has eroded web communities, resulting in an open framework for information sharing among domains and apps.

2. Acquire geolocations

Let’s look at geolocation and how developing smartphone technology will soon enable users to find, study, and buy products all with a single, portable device.

3. Permit rapid automation

We use to hone our abilities and boost productivity while we face problems in the real world. Additionally, we have the capacity to adapt to shifting market demands and prepare for new difficulties.

4. Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

Your website should always be accessible to people all around the world. These assurances are meant to ensure that a web hosting company will guarantee to keep your website available at all times.

5. Utilise unrestricted bandwidth.

We outline the volume of data that can be sent via an internet connection in a certain period of time. It’s crucial that we handle your research with a web host that provides hosting with limitless bandwidth.

6. Technical advice from an expert

A company’s success depends on its customers. For business owners, effectively managing consumers is one of the most time-consuming and difficult duties. Technical support services should be available and have repeatedly shown to be necessary for handling the various technology investments that clients must make.

Purchase options : 

Free Program

• Zero Dollars Per Month

• One User

• Five Requests Per Second

• Five Thousand Credits


• No JS Rendering

• Regular Proxies

• Email Assistance

Basic $ 30 Monthly

• JS Rendering

• US, CA, and EU Geotargeting

Single User

•15 Concurrent Requests

•100,000 Credits

•Standard Proxies

•Email Assistance

Startup $ 75 Monthly 

• US, CA, and EU Geotargeting

 •JS Rendering

•Standard Proxies

• 5 Users

•45 Concurrent Requests

• 7,50,000 Credits Email Assistance

Premium $ 200 Monthly

•15 Users

•75 concurrent requests

•22,50,000 credits

•15+ Geotargeting

•JS Rendering

•Premium Proxies

• Priority Email Assistance


•Dedicated Support Channel

•Custom Concurrent Request

•Custom Credits

•15+ Geotargeting

• JS Rendering

•Premium Proxies

To conclude: 

You can quickly scrape any page with QuickScraper to obtain the data you require at scale without ever being blocked.

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