Marketing channels and trends change over time. While specific trends come and go rapidly, email is one channel that has stayed relatively constant. Email remains the most popular content marketing channel among B2C and B2B marketers. As a result, in this article, we will walk you through Quickmail, one of the most excellent email marketing tools.

To better understand the tool, you should first understand what it does, its characteristics, and so on. Continue reading.

What Is QuickMail?

QuickMail is a cloud-based email marketing tool that aids in the automation of email productivity and lead creation. Business owners and sales development reps can send out cold emails and follow-ups from their inboxes. The program generates customized responses on behalf of organizations. QuickMail can manage your outreach for you, contacting the appropriate amount of prospects each day and following up with those who haven’t responded. Whether you are in a meeting, on the phone, or even asleep. In this manner, you and your team can concentrate on more crucial matters, such as advancing the customer journey for engaged prospects. With QuickMail, you can send highly tailored emails directly from your inbox while taking advantage of the most recent technologies to increase email deliverability.

How Does QuickMail Work?

Quickmail can send emails in multi-section courses to specific class members, pre-established groups, class sections, or the entire student body. Individual participants’ Subscription choices have no bearing on Quickmail. Because each communication is sent immediately and not included in an email digest. Additionally, you can manually enter or import your prospects’ email addresses. However, all your options will be listed on the dashboard. Clicking on any of their names will bring up additional information about them. If you’re a lead generation expert, salesperson, or digital marketer bored of guessing, this tool may be for you.

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QuickMail Features

To help you comprehend better, let’s have a look at some of QuickMail’s primary features:

Inbox Rotation

Thanks to inbox rotation, you can employ multiple inboxes for your campaigns. This functionality was included to handle as many messages as feasible from a single drive. QuickMail’s inboxes are nothing more than email addresses, which you should be aware of. However, to use this feature, you must first add inboxes. Make sure to choose the inboxes you want to include in your campaign after adding them. QuickMail is designed to send the remaining prepared emails from the same address as soon as one of your prospects responds to your email. Doing this will avoid any misunderstanding resulting from receiving several messages from several email addresses.

Follow-Up Automation

QuickMail provides follow-up automation that will assist you in achieving that objective. Additionally, check to see if it can automate virtually every part of your outreach operations. Your entire workflow will be enhanced, enabling you to focus more of your time on the details of your company that are most important.

Deliverability Reports

Once you increase the overall deliverability of your email campaign, it will be much simpler for you to maximize your sales efforts. QuickMail may occasionally send text messages from one of the connected accounts to their inboxes to assist you in achieving that. This testing ensures that each email you send is delivered to the intended recipient. If you sent hundreds of emails to prospects, but they all ended up in their spam folders, your outreach campaign would fail.

Campaign Management

QuickMail’s campaign management function makes collaboration easier. It provides a distinctive dashboard that you can use whatever you like. Everyone is free to benefit from it by evaluating the most effective campaigning strategies. This will stop any chaotic situations brought on by poor management, such as when two sales representatives get in touch with the same lead.

Email Automation

Your outreach activities will be optimized and accelerated thanks to the efficient email automation QuickMail offers. Without this feature, there would not even be such a thing as an email automation tool. QuickMail allows you to automate personalized campaigns for increased open and conversion rates. It does not provide more advanced options, such as automated events, triggers, etc.

QuickMail Pricing

You can sign up for a free trial for 14 days of QuickMail to see how it works before committing. Remember that you will still need to provide your credit card details. However, QuickMail won’t charge your account until after the free trial has ended. Quickmail starter pack starts from $49 per month.



It is reasonable to claim that hundreds of solutions have the same features as QuickMail now that you have seen them. In comparison to other email automation software, this solution undoubtedly excels. You might appreciate the fact that QuickMail is user-friendly. Therefore, this platform was designed for sales teams who want to close more deals quickly and effectively while saving time and increasing productivity.



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