You have your business wantings like sending mail merged campaigns, tracking email performance metrics, usage of sample templates, etc. However, do you think Sales handy is a suitable tool for you? This Sales handy tool review will help you clear your doubts about how and why to use this.

What is Sales Handy?

It is a cold email tool and sales enablement software that will help you personalize the email campaigns from your email. Sales handy enables you to increase outreach and Microsoft outlook accounts. Sales convenient has a feature that lets you know the email metrics and use the follow-ups to improve customer engagement.

Features of Sales Handy

Detailed email tracking

Sales handy helps you to track emails with Gmail or Microsoft outlook. You can follow the following information with the help of Sales convenient:

  • An open rate of email: You can now explore how many times a lead has opened your email.
  • Email click-through rate: You can use individual links for your reference. This way, you can track how many times a customer has clicked on your links.
  • Email rate: keep a count on the number of responses you get on your emails and grab the important ones.
  • Email bounce rate: number of emails with failed responses which didn’t even reach the recipients.

Most tracking software copies the data analytics to your sales force or Hubspot CRM. This helps you holistically separate the customers, their needs, and their relationships and trigger actions with the customers.

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Saleshandy had a document feature during the discovery of that tool, but it wasn’t seen after the 2020 version. The quality helped to know the total number of documents downloaded.

Personalize email campaigns

Saleshandy helps you send personalized email campaigns using the mail merge feature.

What are the uses of personalized emails? Why do we need them to increase the outreach? Customized email campaigns can increase email opening rates irrespective of the clients. A customized email contains the following key points in it:

  • Name of the recipient.
  • Company’s name.
  • Industry.
  • Affiliations.
  • Interests.

The initial information a personalized email gives us is your research about the recipient. Since you have shown more interest in the client’s needs, the client is more likely to reach out to you with a positive response. This can simultaneously increase your sales conversation chances.

Here are the detailed steps of creating a mail merge campaign inside the sales handy:

  1. Upload a CSV file containing: the recipient’s name, date, company’s name, email addresses, etc.
  2. Craft your email and manage the column headings of your respective fields.
  3. Configure your outreach campaign- schedule the drive and set the intervals between multiple emails.
  4. Once these steps are completed, the personalized email campaign will send your emails automatically to the expected time.

Automated follow-up emails

The most effective step to increase the open email rate or response is to send follow-up emails regularly. Studies have revealed that a single follow-up email can increase the answer by 20%. But sending follow-up emails every single time can be tedious and time-consuming. The sales handy email sequence comes into use here.

With this email sequence feature, professionals can make the sequence of follow-up emails automatically within a short period. Creating a workflow is also an option to send multiple stages of follow-ups like “email not opened”, “email not responded”, etc.

You can keep an unsubscribe link in your every follow-up email so that if the recipient wants, they can opt-out from receiving emails. You can send your automated email keeping the same thread so that people can see the previous emails and remember what the emails were about. It can increase your email rates, which can improve your sales performance.

Loading email templates into Gmail and outlook email

Crafting emails are very tedious and time-consuming.

Moreover, when you have a large target audience, it is probably next to impossible work to prepare unique follow-up emails for everyone. What is an alternative to this situation? You can use the ready-made email templates to save time.

In sales handy, you can create your email templates and upload them into your Gmail or Microsoft outlook. If you have created multiple email templates, you can organize them according to the fields. There are several benefits of these email templates, such as:

  • Adding mail merge tags.
  • Sending personalized emails to increase outreach.
  • Create shortcuts for uploading your email templates into your email or Microsoft outlook.
  • Track template overview to check the effectiveness of your emails on the recipient.

Saleshandy pricing

There are four kinds of pricing plans in sales handy:

  • Free: You can track the emails, schedule them according to the need, and read receipt desktop notifications.
  • Regular: ($12 per month)- all free features included, SMTP integration, outlook add-in windows.
  • Plus ($29 per month): You can track the emails, schedule them according to the need, and read receipt desktop notifications. Advance mail merging, campaign performance report, etc.
  • Enterprise ($59 per month): includes all plus features and everything accessibility you want in this tool.

Drawbacks of sales handy

Basic plans lack essential campaign features.

It is a fact that most email outreach tools don’t work in free plans or have limited accessibility. But in the case of handy sales, even the basic features like follow-up emails and outreach are not even possible after paid regular plans. To be precise, if you spend 12$ per month, you only get a minimal mail merging and tracking feature. Moreover, when availing of standard procedures, you can only send 200 emails daily, which is severely restricting if you have a large public.

Limited campaign functionality

Saleshandy has a meager limit of sending follow-up emails every day. Even the enterprise plan is also for sending 5000 emails per day. It is not the only obstacle, and software integration is improper in this case. A bulk amount of information cannot pass in a single time.

Limited mail merge capabilities

Native sales handy integration is not available for google sheets.

Saleshandy has imposed a limit on keeping the files also. So with a paid plan, you can save up to a limit of 2000 contacts per file. If you have an extensive file email list, you will have to split the multiple marketing campaigns every time.

Here in this article, we tried to cover everything you can or should know about sales handy.


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