Oleg Salamaha founded the SEO software package known as Serpstat. It has gradually changed from a keyword research tool to a “growth hacking tool” with tools for PPC, technical SEO, link building, and more. You’ll feel right at home using Serpstat if you’ve ever used a notable SEO tool (like Moz or SEMrush). Many of the same features are present. and a comparable UI.

It’s time for my comprehensive Serpstat review now.

Our goal is to develop a product that boosts the output of search marketing specialists and enables companies to outperform their rivals for greater revenues. Since its founding as a keyword research tool in 2013, Serpstat has expanded and improved. An internal piece of software evolved into a stand-alone item that is now headed towards the top of the world market.

Serpstat evolved into an all-in-one SEO platform in August 2016 and currently provides 5 crucial tools utilised by expert digital marketers all around the world.

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You’ll probably utilise the “Organic keywords” report more than any other if you use Serpstat for SEO. This is due to the fact that it displays a list of each and every term that a website ranks for.

Serpstat is a reliable SEO tool with all the capabilities you would want in an SEO software package.

When it comes to automating SEO procedures, Serpstat is a read-and-write Swiss Army knife. It has five different modules, each with a specific function.

  • Rank tracking
  • Back link analysis
  • Keyword research
  • Site audit and
  • competitive research

The sole platform you must maintain is this one. Follow the progress of your projects, user history, and analytics report. Serpstat Is the sole platform that any digital marketer, specialist, and analytic professional needs.

You must serve set if you consider yourself a professional in one of those disciplines, and here’s why.

With SubStart, you’ll get unique reports and data on your projects that will help you determine how effective your marketing is. You’ll also learn a lot of fresh information about your competitors, which will save you time because it only takes a few minutes to complete a day’s worth of work.

Thousands of experts from all over the world have already utilised this tool, including SEO and digital marketing businesses of all sizes in health teams and individuals working on their own projects as well as large and small freelancers. They have only recently begun to expand internationally, but they already have the largest keyword research databases for many regions. They collect data every day, 24 hours a day, allowing them to keep adding new regions to Serpstats.

They are putting a lot of effort towards becoming the exclusive source of SEO and digital marketing in the future. Yes, Serpstat’s databases presently contain over 6.5 billion keywords, and they are continually expanding.

According to Serpstat, there are 230 Google databases, 9 Yandex databases, 6.46 billion keywords, 1.35 billion keywords that appear in search engine results pages, 1.29 billion domains, 41.5 million ads, and 4.01 billion search suggestions.

Above all, Serpstat pricing plans give you tonnes of features and start at just $69 a month.


Serpstat’s Features: An Explanation 

You may implement your SEO tactics more quickly and efficiently using Serpstat’s plethora of capabilities. Here is a summary of some of the fantastic features that Serpstat offers.

Domain Analysis

You may conduct effective keyword research on competitors with Serpstat. The tool will provide all the keywords that the blog or site is ranking for after you enter the domain’s URL. You’ll see that the tool was able to extract a sizable number of the keywords that you are currently ranking for on Google. As you may already be aware, Google Analytics is the only tool that can precisely estimate how much traffic you’re receiving. Any automated methods have difficulty obtaining precise data on the volume of site visitors who look for information. You’ll also see a list of the top pages as you go down, which is quite helpful.

Missing Keywords

With the use of this tool, you may see a list of terms that the researched page’s rivals are appearing for in the top 10 search results. Simply provide the URL of any widely read blog post on your site, and it will show you all the additional keywords that, in comparison to your rivals, you should be ranking for. Take note of the top 5 competitor results for your keyword as you write your blog article. Now look up any missing keywords for them. Make sure the content you create includes the keywords your rivals overlooked.

SEO Research

You may learn all the keywords that a website is ranking for by conducting SEO research. You can also type a specific page’s URL to determine where it ranks on Google (along with the keyword volume, position, CPC, and other data). This is really useful if you want to jumpstart your new blog and steal the keyword data of your rivals. Filters can be added, and conditions can be specified using AND or OR. Compared to other research tools on the market, Serpstat’s filter feature is extremely powerful.

Additionally, you may add as many conditions as you like in order to present the keyword results that you want to use in your blog posts. An effective feature is the keyword filter. Nobody can prevent you from ranking higher after you learn the art of narrowing down the keywords utilising these keyword filters. This tool is also extremely useful if you want to rank for the keywords that all of your rivals are targeting or ranking for but you aren’t.

As the tool offers the popular terms that the compared sites are ranking for, you can do this. Knowing the topics you must cover to compete with your rivals is a fantastic advantage provided by this function. Additionally, it provides you with a tree view that enables you to verify the placements of your pages and enhance any that are barely behind the initial page.

Text Analytics Tool

As we all know, Serpstat is an all-inclusive SEO toolbox, and “Text Analytics” is one of the most recent capabilities to be included. In reality, it is also a component of the “keyword clustering” tool discussed above because they are related to one another. That means that it is simply not possible to do text analysis without first launching keyword clustering.

It gives you a breakdown of the optimization of the studied pages along with an in-depth content analysis of your website and those of your competitors. Simply put, Text Analytics makes it simple to optimise the text on your page so that it ranks for a collection of clusters rather than a single keyword. It aids in semantic optimization of your page for improved search results.

PPC Research

For individuals who are running Google advertisements, PPC research is really helpful. It helps you find the sponsored keywords and advertising of your competitors by displaying paid competition to you. Additionally, it aids in locating holes in your personal PPC campaigns so that you can save time and money. Google ad operators can benefit greatly from PPC research. It reveals paid competition and aids in the discovery of paid keywords and advertisements used by your rivals. In order to save time and money, it also assists you in locating holes in your own PPC campaigns.

Similar to SEO research is the PPC research feature. This tool shows you all the terms your competitors are using to conduct their sponsored advertisements on Google AdWords in place of organic keywords.

Keyword Research

If you already have certain essay topics in mind, you can skip the keyword research and just compose the essay. Entering the target keyword you want to utilise in the search field will also bring up the appropriate keywords. Google Trends is the source of the information. By examining the trends graph, you may decide whether or not it will be advantageous for you in the future to create content that targets the keyword. The quantity of keywords you can track is where Serpstat stands out from its rivals. For $69 per month, Serpstat enables you to monitor up to 15,000 keywords. Both AccuRanker and SEMrush would cost well over $500 per month for this. Many of the capabilities seen in other search tools are also present in Serpstat’s rank tracker. This includes the option to employ geography-specific rank tracking, the ability to monitor ranks for mobile and desktop, and a daily update for rankings. 

Backlink Analysis

The backlink analysis tool in Serpstat is useful for assessing the current backlink profile of your website and finding intriguing content ideas. Serpstat was accurate, however we discovered that it did not find as many backlinks as more sophisticated tools like Ahrefs. Basic data such as your backlink count, referring domains, and the proportion of follow and no follow links are all included in the Serpstat dashboard.

Additionally, Serpstat offers graphs that show your referring domain count and the number of gained versus lost backlinks over time. Your own link building campaigns can be inspired by these high-performing pages. The same material that produces backlinks for other businesses will probably also work for you.

Why Serpstat?

Administrators can examine the advertising plans and budgets of rival companies using Serpstat’s advertising analysis functionality. They can also group keywords according to their performance and domain, and they can tailor campaigns for different customer bases.

Through graphs, analytics, and white-label reports, marketing managers can also keep an eye on metrics pertaining to initiatives, keyphrases, and adverts. Utilizing longtail and latent keywords to build custom content for websites, receiving content recommendations based on audience search terms, and analysing projected traffic for certain web pages are all made possible by Serpstat.

Keyword quality control, domain and URL analysis, competition analysis, keyword clustering, managing missing keywords, API access, and other features are among the features. Teams can check links and meta tags, identify duplicate content, and fix broken links, images, and descriptions using the built-in site audit feature. Serpstat is an all-in-one search tool that is perfect for businesses and agencies looking to track a lot of keywords at a minimal cost.

In Serpstat, tracking 15,000 keywords costs $69 per month. This would cost many hundred dollars a month for Ahrefs and SEMrush. As mentioned above, Serpstat does not have as many features as some of its more sophisticated rivals.

Serpstat is a great choice if cost and the ability to track a large number of keywords are important factors. Ahrefs and SEMrush are worth trying out if you have the money to pay for a fully featured service.

Conclusion :

Serpstat provides a comprehensive range of SEO tools, including competitor analysis, site audits, and keyword research. Additionally, it reports a respectable quantity of keywords (along with fantastic keyword filtering tools) and quickly searches websites for backlinks.

I would strongly advise choosing Serpstat if you intend to purchase a tool specifically for backlink analysis. You should also be aware that Serpstat’s backlink reporting section lacks filtering capabilities. Initially, buying these tools could seem expensive.

However, if you can figure out how to use these tools to your advantage, you can quickly recoup your investment in them.

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