By utilising AI technology to refresh your image content game across all of your social media and online presence, you can join the AI revolution that is sweeping the globe.

SUPERMACHINE is a lightning-fast option that can produce images in a range of different aspect ratios in under 15 seconds. With the help of SUPERMACHINE, you can make your own stock photos, artwork, NFTs, YouTube thumbnails, blog images, and anything else your imagination can think of!

These pictures are exclusively yours to use commercially and won’t be seen anywhere else. This technique has a wide range of uses, including NFT and stock photos. You have the right to use your photographs for commercial purposes as you see fit. With experience in AI, we can offer a superior solution that follows current trends.

Just enter the prompt, select the aspect ratio, and click Generate Image. One credit is spent on a square image, 1.3 credits on a portrait, and 1.5 credits on a landscape. Only one image can be generated at a time on the screen, although each generation takes only a few minutes.

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1. You have the ability to optionally correct the faces in your photographs and upscale them to four times their original size.

2. In order to enhance your photographs, Supermachine has introduced an Advanced Styline menu that allows you to easily select from a variety of artist styles, themes, and genres. You may pick the phrases you want to use in your prompts from a menu that includes a variety of graphic styles, moods, CGI possibilities, etc.

3. Searching for prompt ideas quickly is another fantastic tool. When you enter in the image you’re trying to produce, Stable Diffusion will display examples of other users’ work that is comparable to your own.

4. You can simply copy the prompt and use it for yourself if you find an artistic style that you like. You’ll create a totally original image that shares the same aesthetic and traits as the prompt you’ve selected. For those of us who lack imagination, this is a fantastic technique to conjure up images.

5. As you presumably already know, AI-generated faces occasionally have an odd appearance. The go-to tool for this feature is a tool called ESRGAN since it can resolve the face problem. It is currently included in Supermachine as well.



The Apprentice plan includes 750 picture credits each month for you to get started with the Ai- generated images at only $10


You adore artificial intelligence (AI)-generated photos, and you enjoy sharing your artwork with your friends, family, and coworkers every five minutes. 3,000 credits per month for Master AI at $35


Utilizing the most recent image AI technology from Stable Diffusion at a reasonable cost is SUPERMACHINE. The goal of the desktop and mobile responsive web application is to give you the best picture generating experience at the most reasonable cost.


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