Section 1: What is Website Copywriting? 

Website copywriting is the process of writing content for websites to showcase on their landing pages, blog posts, informative articles, or any slide that is meant to give value to the customer.  

It is a crucial skill to master as doing it efficiently will bring great returns to businesses or services as they increase traffic.  

Properly written content on websites meant to inform, engage and include the potential customers will encourage them to take action-based steps. These could be submitting a form, subscribing to a newsletter, signing up for a weekly mail, etc. Proactivity like this ensures that customers are actively interacting with your content. This kind of boosted content engagement really helps businesses take off.  

One of the earliest methods of website copywriting can be tracked to a process called Search Engine Optimisation, commonly abbreviated as SEO. It improves both the quality and quantity of website traffic to a specific website using search engines.  

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Simply put, it is a visibility tactic that businesses use to be more present on search engines to appear in the suggestions of prospects looking for services or products they can provide. This directs traffic towards them.  

The trend of copywriting seems to have a steep increase amongst businesses.  


Section 2: The Importance of Website Copywriting  

A website is a launchpad for a company. It is where it establishes itself and what it stands for and also converts people interested in the business into potential customers. It is a platform that can reach out to a huge pool of people at once.  

Great copy and content have the potential to act as leverage between interested prospects and businesses that aim high. Using this smartly can be of great advantage. It is the most direct and easy way to connect with an audience to form a relationship.  


Section 3: Copywriting Essentials 

Businesses can follow a blueprint to successful copywriting to make the most out of it. Keep the following tips in mind to harness the true power of what it has to offer: 

  • Key objective: it is important to identify the key objective of the copy. Having a good understanding of what is expected to be communicated to the reader is important. Keep them engaged with concise to the point and clear content.  
  • Central topic: always base the copy around a central topic. Choose the main point and construct the copy around it. Research says that prospect attention must be caught within the first 10-15 seconds of reading. This keeps them engaged. Make sure that is done. 
  • Cohesive writing: make sure that there is seamless writing. Every line should be a segue into the next. This ensures that the reader reads the content cohesively and does not discontinue their interest in it. It keeps them engaged and curious to move on to the next line. 
  • Customer-first: it is important to treat the customer like your only end goal and objective. Most businesses don’t care about customers, preferences, status, or what they need. Making sure that they are put first even in the way content is written makes them feel recognized and approached as individuals, winning their hearts. 
  • Write with confidence: copywriting must be done like writing to a known person. This makes the content easy to follow and understand as if you were explaining a topic to a friend. This does not intimidate the reader and helps them get off on the right foot with whatever they’re reading, piquing their interest. 
  • Clarity: it is extremely important to be clear, concise, and confident in copywriting. Not being around the bush and directly tackling a topic by sending clear messages shows an element of good copywriting. It helps sell the business as it is a huge plus point.  
  • Be informative: include what, why, who, when how questions. Copywriting must not be about beating around the bush but rather about answering questions and providing intel to consumers who can use it to elevate their interest in the business. It shows clear communication. 
  • Show proof: incorporating proof in copywriting writing guides shows proactivity and responsibility. Mentioning quotes like “This guide has 50% more actionable content than other guides” shows solid proof and works as a step up.  
  • Include CTAs: it is important always to be closing when it comes to sales and copywriting. Thus including CTAs means active callback options and situations where the customers don’t have to search for callback action points. They can easily reach out as they need.  

Section 4: How to charge for Copywriting 

For online copywriters, charging per project is the best way to go. As each project is different and copywriters need to use their creative skill and time to master the process, it is more practical.  

It is important to consider the following for a skilled copywriter.  

  1. Skills and experience 
  2. ROI on each project 
  3. The versatility and uniqueness of each project 

Following are some base prices of the different types of copywriting. 


Website Copywriting Type   Description   Price Per Copy  
Sales copywriting   Written to persuade a visitor to take a specific action, usually to buy or demo a product   Newbie – $200-300  

Intermediate – $500 – $1,000  

Expert – Base price of $1500  

SEO copywriting   SEO copywriting is written with a target keyword to drive organic traffic from search engines.   Newbie – $50 – $100  

Intermediate – $150 – $500  

Expert – Base price of $600  

Product Description copywriting   Typically written for e-commerce websites or standalone products.   Newbie – $20-$50  

Intermediate – $100- $300  

Expert – Base price of $500  

Web content   Website content such as homepage, about us, and service pages   Newbie – $100 – $200  

Intermediate – $300 – $600  

Expert -Base price of $1,500  

Landing Page Copywriting   The landing page content is the ultimate conversion content written to sell or promote an offer.   Newbie – $150 – $200  

Intermediate – $500 – $1,000  

Expert – Base price of $1,000. Some may negotiate royalties.  

 Now that we know what copywriting is and everything there is to know about it, it is important to remember that it is a great premise to connect with an audience. It works a great deal for businesses to connect with potential prospects. As an integral fragment of marketing, this copywriting guide should help you master it.  As a bonus, try Writecream’s copywriting tools now!

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