Best Product Description Generator AI – 2022

In today’s era, Product description generators are essential for e-commerce. With the help of AI, you can simplify the process of creating them. These are the Top 10 best AI tools for you.

There’s a quicker and more useful way to do just about everything these days. And if you’re in the e-commerce industry, it’s necessary to have product description writing tools to save time.

Once you find the right product description generator tool, you achieve an up-to-date and faster method of creating descriptions that convert. If you’re frequently uploading a lot of products at a time, it can get tiresome to create copies from scratch.

Why AI tools?

And that’s why product description generators come in front. This article will help you to figure out which product description generators are worth your time. After comparing and differentiating a wide collection of existing tools, we arrived at one conclusion: Most of it, not all the existing tools out there claiming to be product description generators aren’t all that helpful.

💡 Generate personalized emails, blog articles, product descriptions, and ads in seconds using the power of A.I

However, there is a variety of handful of tools like – Writecream, Dukaan, or Rytr – that are worthy of consideration. First, let’s walk through when you should assume to use a product description generator and when you should option to do it all manually.

About Product Description

Product descriptions can make or break an e-commerce business. Product images can do a lot of heavy lifting in terms of getting buyers interested in your particulars. still, it’s the marketing dupe on each of your product runners that will close the trade.

Not all product descriptions are created equal. However, there are many effects you’ll need to keep in mind, If you want to write the perfect product description to increase deals. Below, we’ll dive into how to write a product description and give some killer exemplifications of important product marketing dupe.

What is a Product Description?

A product description is a type of marketing dupe that includes information about a product and its features, functions, and benefits. They’re designed to educate implicit guests about the product while encouraging or soliciting them to buy it.
Though there’s no bone the right way to produce a product description, the stylish product descriptions are frequently detailed, including information about the problems the product solves as well as how it benefits the stoner.

Top 5 strategies to conquer Product Description

1. Focus on your target audience

Writing product descriptions requires you to confirm and get clients for each product. These descriptions will be more successful if they’re written in a way that sounds like you’re speaking directly to the intended client.
Still, you can use these as a starting point for good product descriptions, If you’ve created buyer personas. Consider what features and benefits they watch most when deciding what information to include and what language to use in your description.

2. Go beyond product features

When writing your product description, be sure to include further than just a list of features in the product details. While some guests do want to know the specific features and specialized details of your product, utmost buyers are more interested in how the product is going to help them.

rather than just talking about what the product is or includes, showcase the benefits of the product and describe the experience of using it. However, they will be more likely to make a purchase, If you can paint a picture of how the item solves the ideal client’s pain points in the product dupe.

3. Avoid overused adjectives

Avoid overused adjectives like “ good, ” “ beautiful, ” “ excellent, ” and “high-quality” when describing the product features in your online store. While these may describe your product, they’re rather vague and not as conclusive as more specific adjectives.
To increase the conversion rate for your e-commerce website, try using specific descriptors that will appeal to your target followership. For case, rather than saying commodity is “ high- quality ” use adjectives that show the buyer what you mean by high- quality like durable, long-lasting, hand-made, water-resistant, etc.

4. Make it readable

You want to make it as easy as possible for people to read your description and make a purchase decision snappily. The stylish product descriptions are edited for readability, which can include

  • Using pellet points to show lists( generally of features or benefits)
  • Making the content scannable by using short paragraphs, heads, and bulleted lists
  • Make any power words( or keywords that showcase the value) bold so they’re easy to spot
  • Keeping the textbook short and sweet, only including the details and highlights

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5. Include keywords in the title

Optimization goes beyond just formatting for readability. You should also include keywords that your followership would use to find the item you’re describing in the title and the product description itself. This isn’t only great for SEO( which boosts your visibility on hunt machines), but it’s helpful when people search for keywords on your website to find what they’re looking for.

When to Use a Product Description Generator

Anytime you aren’t sure how to write a crucial product description or you want to speed up the process of creating your descriptions, you’ll want to get the help of a copy generator tool.

It also reduces the writing time you spend. It also helps you get out the author’s block you might be going through (hey, it happens to the adequate of us!)

When should you assume to produce your product descriptions manually? If they’re so distinct that you have to be careful about every single word, also you might consider writing them out yourself. But unless you’re trading aged organic cologne for Yorkies, chances are using a product description generator is always a good idea.

1. Writecream

You might need the best generator that creates quality product descriptions that communicate to your target audience. But you might also want help summarizing blog posts for your content plan or you might want to generate YouTube scripts for your channel and lots of things as your need.

If that’s you then consider Writecream as the writing AI tool that pretty much covers all your writing content needs. Moreover offering awesome useful features like a plagiarism checker tool, built-in Grammarly abilities, and tone adjustment selection strives, it also comes with brainstorming templates. They are an incredible way to not begin from scrape every time you work on something new topic.

Here’s an example of a copy written about a product created with Writecream’s Product Description:-

Top features


  •  Cold Emails
  •  LinkedIn Outreach
  •  Backlink Campaigns
  •  Image Icebreakers
  •  Audio Icebreakers

Digital Ads Copy

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads (Soon)
  • Twitter Ads (Soon)

Articles & Blogs

  • Long-Form Editor (A.I Article Writer)
  • Blog Ideas, Intros & Outlines
  • Blog Heading Expander & Conclusion
  • Compelling Bullet Points

SEO & Copywriting

  • Feature to Benefit
  • Before-After-Bridge
  • Value Proposition
  • Website Title & Sub-Headline
  • SEO Meta Descriptions

Video & Audio

  • Podcasts
  • Voice Notes
  • YouTube Video Script
  • YT (Youtube) Video Voice-Over
  • YT (Youtube) Video Ideation

Social Media

  • Social Media Post Captions
  • Engaging Social Media Posts
  • Compelling Bullet Points
  • Product Reviews
  • Quora Answer Assistant Professor


  • Free Plan – Suitable for occasional use

Features of Free Plan:-

  • 20 Credits
  • Access 35+ Tools
  • Write in 75+ languages
  • Every content template
  • Access to all of our tools
  • Create your own custom use-case
  • Priority email & chat Support
  • Unlimited Plan – Suitable for daily use

Features of Unlimited plan:-

  • It charges $29 for a month.
  • Unlimited Credits
  • Generate UNLIMITED words per month
  • Access 35+ Tools
  • Write in 75+ languages
  • Every content template
  • Access to all of our tools
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Create your own custom use-case
  • Priority email & chat Support

2. Dukaan

Dukaan’s product description generator is a fraction of a huge set of tools created to help you begin an e-commerce shop within a few minutes. Its product description tool is on the modest side. Once you enter your product name, it’ll create a description for your product.

Because of its simplicity, it’s best to use Dukaan’s copy tool as a starting point for making unique product descriptions. This is great for you if you’re a business holder, who struggles with writing content about your product features.

Top features

  • Easily generate product descriptions in a few minutes.
  • No account creation is required to start using its generator tools.


  • You can start using Dukaan tools for free.

3. Smart Copy by Unbounce

Smart Copy (newly Snazzy) is an AI copywriting tool that builds product descriptions as part of its different sets of templates. With a set of defining tags, you can also create product descriptions in a few minutes. Its eye-catching opening pages, Google ads, and slogans are only some of the topics Smart Copy enables you to generate to reel in probable customers.

Top features

  • It offers a 14-day free trial.
  • Also offers templates in six different languages.
  • Easily available and easy to use by everyone.


  • Free – You can create up to five copy generations a day.
  • Growth – It charges $49 for a month.

4. Rytr

Rytr helps you to write product descriptions for your business. But it also helps you with YouTube video content description generation, e-mail, web landing pages, social media ads, and blogs. Plus, its paid plans come with a writer community which helps you to learn more.

You can also create up to 5K characters per month in a free plan. This makes it excellent for smaller proposals or one-off usage.

Top features

  • It comes with a browser extension to create a copy on the go.
  • It has over 30 use cases.
  • Accessible in 30 various languages.
  • It arrives with a built-in plagiarism checker features
  • Over 20 different copy tones to choose from.


  • Free – You can create up to 5K characters per month.
  • Saver – You have to pay $9 for 50k characters per month.
  • Unlimited – You have to pay $29 for unlimited characters a month.

5. CopyAI

CopyAI was built with speed in mind. It has over 90 copywriting AI tools to help to write marketing copy for various types of plans. As you enter your product name and a brief product description, CopyAI generates ten different choices at a time so you can select the best one.

If you’re in a rush, CopyAI’s bulk copy creation feature can come in helpful. The best part of it is you can start trying it for free of cost and make your hand perfect on it.

Top features

  • You can write long-form blog posts.
  • It lets you collaborate with team members.
  • Accessible and easy to use.
  • It allows you to save past programs to reference later.

You can write a copy in over 25 different languages.


  • Free – You can create up to 10 credits per month.
  • Pro – It charges $35 a month for unlimited credits.
  • Team – You can contact your teammates to learn more about custom plans.

6. Simplified

Simplified’s copy dashboard lets you generate over 30 various types of copy – containing product descriptions – with its AI copywriter tool. It creates original copy for anything varying from blog posts, product descriptions, video descriptions, and Google ads.

Much like other copy generators, Simplified lets you set the tone of your copy required. You can keep clicking the generate button until you reach the copy you’re happy with.

Top features

  • It makes it easy to collaborate on copy with your teammates.
  • Integrated with apps like Shopify and Zapier.
  • It is a very Easy-to-use dashboard.


  • Free – You can write up to 1k words.
  • Small Teams – It charges $8 per member per month for 8k words.
  • Businesses – It charges $24 per member per month for 50k words.
  • Enterprise – You can contact simplified for a personalized plan.

7. Descrii

You can guess Descrii as your convenient copy generator. It’s built to deal with your most prominent copy desires – comprising blogs, Facebook ads, LinkedIn ads, and sales copy.

Top features

  • It can generate Instagram captions.
  • Generate different copy editions until you’re satisfied with the results.
  • It can also generate different types of e-commerce copy.
  • It helps you to create blog posts.


  • Free – It provides a seven-day free trial.
  • You can contact Descrii for a customized plan.

8. Copy Shark

Copy Shark’s copy generator creates human-centered copy that sounds like it was written with natural vocabulary in mind. It can create a copy in over 500 different languages and it offers more than 50 various tools. This helps you create copies for various plans which can save you a lot of time.

CopyShark generates unlimited product descriptions for e-commerce brands. But you’ll have to pay to get access to more tools. As it doesn’t offer a free plan or free trial for users.

Top features

  • You can create cold emails and social media answers.
  • It can generate copies in over 100 different languages.
  • It can generate more niche copy like Etsy product descriptions or real estate descriptions.


  • Premium monthly – It charges $67 for 20k monthly credits.
  • Annual – It charges $799 to generate unlimited AI copies.

9. Copysmith

Copysmith is specifically built for the e-commerce brand’s needs of teams and agencies. With it, you can instantly write search-engine-optimized product descriptions as well as metatags. It also comes with “eye-catching templates” that are designed to help you win against writer’s block if you’re drawing a blank when you’re trying to come up with attractive product descriptions.

Top features

  • Built-in SEO features
  • Built-in A/B testing features
  • Specifically built for e-commerce needs


  • Starter: $19 for 50 monthly credits
  • Professional: $59 monthly for 400 credits
  • Enterprise: Contact the team for more information

10. Anyword

As a copy AI generator, Anyword uses a predicting performance score that lets you know the strength of your AI copy in real-time. It helps you get an obvious knowledge of how your copy is distinguished by various demographics and the score also helps you analyze how engaging your copy is.

Much like other AI tools, Anyword doesn’t just create extraordinary product descriptions. It also helps with content writing, landing pages, web page copies, emails, and even SMS messages. Probably one of its more fascinating features is Custom Mode.

Once you unlock it, you can instruct Anyword’s AI tools to write copy in your brand’s voice.

Top features

  • Add special words to your product descriptions.
  • Easily create copy for social platforms.


  • Free – Up to 1K words per month.
  • Data-Driven Basics – Cost $79 for up to 30K words per month.
  • Data-Driven Unlimited – Cost $239 per month for unlimited words.
  • Enterprise – Cost $999 per month to start. Contact sales for more information.

Write better product descriptions with Writecream

With the help of AI, you can make the product description creation process a breath. But first, you want to make sure you’re onboarding the stylish product description creator to ease your content creation workflow.

That’s where an each-by-one approach like the one Writecream uses can come in handy. With Writecream, you’re suitable to handle so much further than product descriptions. Anything from blog outlines to YouTube channel descriptions to wharf runners and indeed blog posts can be generated within twinkles.

Check out WriteCream then and get started writing better dupe with better tools in half the time.

Stay connected with us at Writecream for more updates.


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