Guilty as charged, all of us are inseparable from social media in today’s time, as much as we have tried). The large user base is one big reason why most marketers unforgettably use social media as a leading marketing tool, as we are sure you do too! Planning to enhance your social media strategies and overall social media marketing strategies? Well, going with the statistics is the way forward (because you wouldn’t want to back your work with research, now would you?). Stats can even assist you to find new prospects and assess your own performance within your business. Social media continues to be crucial to both our everyday lives and the success of brands as the ongoing pandemic drives more people online.

The nature of social media participation is always changing as platforms and apps development. After Facebook, Instagram has the second-highest number of users. 500 million people use Instagram Stories every day on the well-liked, primarily visual social platform. Literally everyone and their dog is on social media. However, along with people and their pets, another demographic of users who have seized the market are marketers!  The number of brands that have established a presence on the platform has multiplied. According to Oberlo, 71% of US companies utilize Instagram. But does it merit their time? Without an iota of doubt, it does!

As we have already established, Instagram isn’t an app used only for personal use and entertainment anymore. On this international network, businesses can now humanize their material, find new employees, present their goods, and motivate their audience. Additionally, Instagram users are engaged rather than merely being active. There is a fine line between activity and engagement. At its most basic level, activity without engagement is equivalent to shouting into earplugs while using a megaphone to get your point across: there is no interaction with the target audience (your existing and potential customers). The platform’s active users spend at least 7 hours each week viewing content, chatting with friends, and engaging with brands, making up about 59% of all visitors. You can offer new products and increase brand exposure on Instagram. 130 million Instagram users interact with shopping-related content each month. Instagram gives you the chance to engage with customers in a warm, genuine way while promoting your business and products.

But, are you wondering what makes Instagram stand out in front of every other social media platform? And why use Instagram, among hundreds others? Instagram’s visual focus is by far its biggest edge over other social media sites. Instagram is the perfect medium for showcasing content if your company benefits from the aesthetics of your products or if the results of your services are clearly discernible.

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The best kind of material to publish on this social media platform are videos, images, and illustrations, but your marketing plan will ultimately dictate what kinds of content you publish and how frequently to post them. No matter how great a new social media platform works for other people’s businesses, developing a strategy beforehand can help you stay focused on your objectives and, most crucially, your audience.

Here are some statistics related to Instagram marketing:

  • Instagram proudly boasts more than 1.5 billion users:

If this failed to surprise you, that is a pity! Instagram has a massive count of active Instagram users which exceeds 1.5 billion users which is more than India’s total population and as we are well aware, India is the second most populous country in the world! Imagine having a user base of more than the second-largest country in the world! Imagine the potential it creates for people (especially marketers) to promote their products and monetize out of millions of accounts, just by advertising!

  • In terms of engagement, Instagram outpaces other social streaming services (hint: 81% engagement compared to Facebook’s 8%):

Instagram is infamously and quite notoriously known for its high engagement, thanks to its algorithms. Over the years, Instagram has proved to be an influencer’s and any marketers’ haven by providing as high engagement, as compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, something the next statistic will confirm!

  • Instagram has an engagement rate that is around six times higher than Facebook’s (0.83% to 0.13%):

While other social media platforms undeniable have high activity rates, Instagram has a cut above the rest with high engagement rates. As mentioned above, there is a clear distinction between engagement and activity. 

Besides, Social media engagement has become a crucial component of any marketing plan as social media platforms develop to reward genuine social interactions. Social media is merely media if there is no engagement. Social networks are not used by people for a one-way interaction. They want to establish connections with brands and with individuals. A platform where marketers can have meaningful discussions with consumers and convert those consumers into followers and customers has emerged from what was once just a venue for people to hang out with their friends online. Additionally, Instagram interaction has a significant effect on small businesses, having an impact on everything from brand recognition to client loyalty.

  • Influencers still choose Instagram Stories (83%) and grid posts (93%) over other content formats:

Because of high engagement rates and activity on Instagram, influencers are largely using Instagram stories and the grid-post feature. Whether it is a TikTok influencer, a reality show star, or a social media influencer in general, they seldom miss out on and skip Instagram to spread their influence, and rightfully so, since Instagram has proved to be a more or less infallible tool to clout and clientele.

  • Over 30% of Instagram users receive ads on Instagram:

Instagram’s advertisements have an incredible reach! More than 30% of its users receive these ads.

  • 91% of active Instagram users claim to view videos there on a weekly basis:

Audio-Video format has repeatedly proven to be a very successful means of reaching the audience. Since it is extremely entertaining, it is one of the larger consumed forms of content. Thus, Instagrammers don’t miss out on videos.

  • The typical user on Instagram logs 11.2 hours per month:

None of us is surprised to see this, after all, how often have we unsuccessfully tried to reduce the time we spend on Instagram? According to recent research, Instagram is most frequently used in Turkey, where usage lasts an average of 20.2 hours each month. The least amount of time is spent each month in South Korea, at 5.8 hours.

  • 50% of Instagram users claim that they have surfed through a brand’s website after viewing their stories:

This is a great statistic for a marketer! One of the reasons is the proven luring of a user to the website. This helps to gain traction and acquaints a whole cohort to the brand!

  • Instagram directly converts to sales/ traction. Users claim that 92% of them have taken immediate action after seeing a product on Instagram:

Somewhat similar to what is mentioned above, this one further proves how Instagram marketing is actually real! It does convert into sales. As per the research, 92% of users claim to have immediately acted on the advertisement.

  • 90% of Instagram users have reported following at least one brand:

It is indeed very exciting for a marketer to know that they hold access to so many people and that brands’ accounts and advertisements do not just go to waste or aren’t looked at with frowned eyebrows

These statistics clearly show how Instagram marketing is an essential tool for every marketer, one they shouldn’t leave out and inevitably make an indelible part of their marketing strategy

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