A B2B prospecting tool is software salespeople use to research, identify, qualify and make initial contact with a prospect. Initially, they were created to solve a big pain point for salespeople: the lack of information on connecting and engaging with decision-makers. Information includes company size, revenue, industry, job duties, work life, personality, etc. Sales professionals find these tools very important for better sales and reach.

Why are tools for B2B prospecting important?

Without the right prospecting tool, it’s nearly impossible for salespeople to quickly find the right contact with the decision maker and make smart decisions when accepting b2b leads with prospects. sales representatives had to rely on personal networks, referrals, and trade shows to get an early sense of their potential. Sales was not organized earlier as automation tools were not designed properly. It wasn’t until the professional networking and social media platform LinkedIn emerged in 2002 that sales reps finally got a new way to connect with decision-makers during outbound sales. It was better than any tactic used before; salespeople can connect with prospects anywhere in the world at any time and build stronger relationships across the company through meaningful prospecting efforts and communication. This was the birth of social selling as we know it today. Tools for b2b are immensely helpful.

How do these sales prospecting tools help in your business?

When the B2B search engine Sales Navigator was launched in 2001, LinkedIn took search to a new level. Sales organizations can use billions of profiles to find qualified leads with advanced search filters, targeting features, real-time alerts, statistics, InMail, and other sales tools. It became a gold mine. Most importantly, the teams were able to increase the ROI of their LinkedIn leads by looking at who the best possible leads were and prioritizing them. B2B prospecting is a process that helps you generate opportunities and fill your sales pipeline. Using some of the best sales tools will help you 2attain your sales goals. Finding and connecting with potential customers are challenges in any space, but filling your pipeline is especially important in the B2B space, which can require approval from multiple decision-makers and work through a longer sales cycle. B2B prospecting software can help you in this area. Special sales prospecting software tools make your prospecting process and LinkedIn lead generation more sustainable. LinkedIn sales navigator is of great use as well.

Sustainable manufacturing is a strategy for maintaining stable sales performance while increasing it over the long term by using the right skills, training, resources, and technology. Instead of dwelling on the fact that your primary B2B prospecting tool doesn’t have all the features you need, consider adding specialized software to complement your current technology. LinkedIn prospecting is another way to increase your engagement.

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What are some of the best b2b sales prospecting tools to find in 2022?

  1. Swordfish AI

Swordfish AI (swordfish.ai) is one of the best email and mobile detection tools. Swordfish AI simultaneously connects with more than 200 online data partners to bring users the most up-to-date and accurate b2b contact information, including personal and business email addresses, as well as valuable personal contact information, mobile, and cell phone numbers. Swordfish AI works on the most popular social media profiles across the web with the free Swordfish AI Google Chrome extension plugin that combines when visiting Twitter, GitHub, Meetup, Facebook, Stack Overflow, Dribble, Xing, Bing, Gmail or Google.

The Swordfish google Chrome extension displays all the contact information found on that person’s profile. Mobile number and email address searches are also easily accessible directly from Swordfish.ai without the need for a Chrome extension using the bulk upload and data enrichment feature. Swordfish’s mission is to save your most valuable resource – time, reduce your cognitive load, facilitate contact with business opportunities, and of course recognize your identity. This is one of the best sales prospecting software

2. ZoomInfo

ZoomInfo (zoominfo.com) lets you find and connect with your customer of choice. Improve every step of your marketing with technology, integrations and automation. Reach your sales leads, sales and revenue. Their tagline is “Hit Your Number”.

ZoomInfo’s mission is to provide every business with a 360-degree view of their ideal customer, empowering them at every step of their marketing strategy and advancing their ability to achieve scale.

3. Lusha

Lusha (lusha.co) lets you enrich your B2B profiles and improve your sales. The Lusha Google extension enriches business profiles for validation and increased trust. The Lusha plugin currently only supports LinkedIn and Salesforce. Lusha’s mission is B2B data that you can trust. They believe great businesses are driven by reliable and easily accessible data – and they’re building a solution enabling organizations to do just that. Sales professionals use this due to its easy navigation and because it gives sales reps an increase. It is definitely a good b2b lead generation software.

4. Aeroleads

AeroLeads (aeroleads.com) allows you to search e-mail addresses and business phone numbers of decision makers. AeroLeads claims to be the first lead generation and B2b prospect generation software according to their website. AeroLeads’ principles guide clients on how lead generation can facilitate the sales process by automating the search for relevant lead details and innovating as technology evolves and is adopted in the prospect generation process. This is an effective b2b sales prospecting tool.

5. Rocketreach

RocketReach (rocketreach.co) is your primary connection to every professional. Contact the right decision makers directly using the world’s largest and most accurate email database and direct phone number. RocketReach’s mission is to believe in a high accountability and low control culture, where data and experimentation drive decisions and guide direction. They care deeply about data, science, elegant solutions, and above all, the needs of their users. B2B companies must rely on such softwares for better reach.

6. Salesloft

SalesLoft (salesloft.com) helps B2B teams make more deals. They integrate with today’s best CRM systems and transform your data into simple, actionable omnichannel steps that help salespeople get to the right answer faster.

SalesLoft’s mission is to help brands add value and build trust by connecting with their customers in an authentic and meaningful way. This sales platform lets you to communicate with customers on their terms.

7. DiscoverOrg

DiscoverOrg (discoverorg.com) claims to have the best prospecting information at your fingertips. Connect and close your ideal customers with your B2B business contact database and buy signals you can’t get anywhere else. It helps sales teams organize their work better as well.

DiscoverOrg’s mission is to provide every business with a 360-degree view of their ideal customer, empowering them at every step of their marketing strategy and advancing their ability to achieve scale. This is one of the popular b2b prospecting sales tools.

8. Clearbit

Clearbit (clearbit.com) is a marketing analytics engine for all your customer interactions. It also aides in sales intelligence. Deeply understand your customers, identify future prospects and personalize every marketing and sales interaction. Clearbit’s mission is to create a data framework for modern companies, to be an engine of marketing information in customer communication. This tool helps businesses grow and give sales by providing tools to help them deeply understand their customers, identify prospects, and personalize every marketing interaction. You can use these tools to find your favored customers.

9. AnyMail finder

AnyMail Finder (anymailfinder.com) is a sales engagement platform that helps you find more leads and make more sales. The goal is to give marketing and sales teams the product they’ve always wanted with core features, refining them over time to deliver more value to users. It was better to pay for 100% verified emails and then give the rest away for free. Sales and marketing are challenging enough tasks without bounced emails hurting your overall generation results and response rates. Every sales organization must have software along these lines.

10. Datanyze

Datanyze (datanyze.com) is a technology leader. In addition to technology tracking, Datanyze offers predictive analytics to evaluate your existing pipeline and find new accounts that match your best customers, easy lead workflow, and data enrichment for your CRM. Datanyze uses machine learning and proprietary methods to capture more than 9,000 technologies used or adopted by more than 35 million companies worldwide. sales conversations become easier with these software.

What are the ways to use your B2B prospecting tools for sales?

  1. Through Emails

Many B2B sales teams rely heavily on email because it has several advantages over other forms of communication.

Email can visually display the most important information to a prospect in a way that phone calls cannot. It also creates a record that can be easily communicated to the decision maker. Because emails are asynchronous, they also allow you to consider the offer on your own schedule and spend the necessary time researching your product and company.

2. Cold sales calls

B2B prospecting over the phone can help your rep provide a more human touch. By hearing their voice and valuing their feedback, sales reps can connect with the prospect more deeply.

Phone calls have some important advantages over email. For example, they can attract a potential customer’s attention faster and easier than a cold email. Because the relationship is live (rather than email), phone calls can speed up the time to close a deal because trust is built faster. Sales teams use this technique extensively to increase sales workflows. By this way, you can use sales calls to your advantage.

3. Through Twitter

Beyond cold emails and calls, there is a whole world of B2B prospecting techniques that focus on social media, networking, outreach and social selling. According to a Statista report, 67 percent of B2B companies use Twitter as a digital marketing tool to track sales.

Twitter’s advanced search feature helps you find potential customers who are interested in your company’s products or services. This can be used as an effective sales funnel.

4. LinkedIn

It is considered by many to be a professional social network. This is a great place to leverage social selling to get leads. Your reps can use it to find prospects who meet certain criteria, including company size, location, job title etc. You can get your leads directly from linkedIN.

5. Facebook

Like LinkedIn, Facebook groups can be a powerful social media tool for finding potential customers with similar needs or characteristics. Join groups related to your industry, but don’t forget to follow the rules of the group to avoid getting banned. If you want to use Facebook to prospect, make sure your agent profiles are polished, professional and personable.

6. Webinars

Hosting informational webinars is a great way to attract potential clients. By choosing a topic that relates to a common pain point of your customers, you can ensure that you attract qualified customers.

Webinar should create significant added value for a potential customers by educating or informing them about their pain or problem. The best webinar formats for B2B are product demonstrations, content marketing or training on specific topics.

Using the best b2b tools for sales along with these instructions will definitely give you an edge.

Pointers before going through the prospecting process to increase sales engagement

Let’s look at the list of things to keep in mind while adding new free sales acquisition tools to your toolkit:

  • Determine if your team needs a B2B prospecting tool that helps with your goals
  • Before you do, research how the tool works and ask yourself how it will help sales and your B2B prospecting strategy. This will hep you find the right tools for your organization to improve sales.
  • You should also consider integrating the b2b Prospecting tool to ensure it integrates seamlessly with your CRM management.
  • Read previous user cases, user reviews and success testimonies.
  • Social proof tells you how similar organizations use free sales prospecting tools and their pros and cons. This will help you decide if it is right for your team.
  • Use the tools to find out for yourself. A steep learning curve creates friction when implementing and using any tool. As a result, it can quickly hinder workflow and productivity if it is not easy to use. Try it yourself to see if using tools like these optimizes your sales process. This will further help your sales reps.

These are some of the popular b2b prospecting tools available on the web. A B2B prospecting tool optimizes prospecting by helping reps complete tasks such as prospect generation automation, sales tasks management, and research and follow-up. Prospecting tools like the above-mentioned will help you find your target customers and keep track of your b2b sales growth at the same time by automating labor-intensive processes, segmenting your audience and helping you develop better sales strategies, they increase sales prospecting activities and their efficiency.

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