By automating the process of developing those leads into sales-ready leads, marketing automation aids in the identification of potential clients. It automates processes that move potential customers closer to the point where the sales team can approach them directly with the goal of closing a deal and establishing a long-term relationship. The data it collects can also guide your choice of marketing strategies.

The process of generating leads is crucial to the expansion of any organisation. Your team has more time to concentrate on overall strategy and nurturing the prospects who truly show potential thanks to the automation of numerous steps in the process from marketing to sales. More clients and prospects result from this.

Top Marketing Automation Statistics :

1. Successful marketers claim that 78% of the credit for increased revenue contribution goes to marketing automation.

2. 80% of marketing automation users experienced an increase in leads, and 77% saw an increase in conversions.

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3.  productivity, according to 43% of respondents, is the most crucial goal of a marketing strategy, followed by boosting marketing ROI.

4. 88% of marketers felt it would be beneficial to spend less time on report preparation and more time on strategy and client interactions.

5. 63% of businesses use marketing automation to outperform their rivals.

6. According to the most recent marketing data, businesses can save 6+ hours per week by automating their social media posts and advertisements.

7. Compared to single-channel automation, omnichannel marketing automation produces a 90% greater client retention rate.

8. Marketing automation will be used by 33% of marketers that don’t currently use it by 2022.

9. 55% of eCommerce marketers employ marketing automation or email marketing tools.

10. Marketing automation solutions are reportedly used by 75% of marketers in some capacity.

11. While 21% of marketing leaders say they will utilise an automation platform during the next two years, 67% of marketing leaders say they already do.

12. 17% of professionals recommend that new users plan their marketing automation approach in advance.

13. In America, marketing automation has a greater acceptance rate, with 69% of respondents using or implementing it.

14. According to 51% of B2B marketers, tailored or dynamic content is the most effective marketing automation strategy.

15. Email marketing automation is the most efficient tool, according to 53% of marketing influencers.


There is an automation solution out there for you whether your goal is to increase productivity, client relationships, or quality leads. Create an MA strategy using your business objectives to get the most out of your system.

You may enhance your marketing efforts and perfect your strategy for 2022 by being aware of these crucial marketing automation statistics.

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