TikTok has grown into one of the most innovative and intriguing tools for advertisers, with over 1 billion users globally. Even a single 10-second movie can generate millions of views, whether you’re running an international advertising campaign or running a tiny mom-and-pop store.

However, what you publish on Tiktok must still be intriguing enough to attract attention, like most branding content. Thankfully, TikTok offers users a variety of tools to assist users videos to stand out.

One of the simplest methods for doing so is to use the Voiceover tool on TikTok. With it, marketers, users, and artists can sing along to their favorite song, narrate visual stories, and instantly generate instructive media. Additionally, the chances to improve your video are unlimited thanks to various voice modification effects (from baritone to chipmunk and beyond).

Many people now use TikTok as a means to pass the time, which has increased manifold since the coronavirus outbreak. The app has established itself as a tool for people to grab their 15 seconds of fame while sitting at home with billions of downloads and millions of daily users. The variety of content on the app contributes to its appeal; some users use TikTok to share quick funny sketches or for vlogging, while others use it to post their contributions to the most recent challenge.

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Here is a guide that will show you how to add Voiceover to your TikToks like a pro.

What is TikTok Voiceover?

One of the key editing options on TikTok is voiceover, which enables users to add recorded sounds over their original video. You can find this feature in the app’s drop-down menu on the right side of the screen (it’s the white microphone icon), along with a few other trending options

Users only need to film a video as they normally would to use the idea, which is as simple as it gets. Then, users can record more audio to play over the content by using the Voiceover feature on the editing page.

Why should your TikTok videos include voiceover?

We understand the temptation to provide content with the least amount of work feasible. Although you can be missing out on thousands, if not millions, of additional views by ignoring the Voiceover function.

There are many factors that could influence your decision to use voiceover tool. First off, it’s a fantastic substitute for those who are unable or unable to use their real voices in videos. Perhaps you wish to maintain your anonymity or are shy. Alternatively, you might communicate nonverbally or vocally, have a speech impairment, or both. In either case, this function gives you a different way to tell a story to audiences.

But this function also offers your viewers a number of advantages. Some of them might have trouble reading, have poor vision, or even be blind. They can still engage with your material by using Text-to-Speech, so be sure to do that.

Making your videos more approachable will increase engagement, which is advantageous for both parties.

What makes this tool so crucial to your content strategy, then? Let’s go over some of the more convincing reasons.

1. It makes your Content Better

‍We are aware that contemporary content marketing techniques depend on a few tried-and-true tenets. The most effective of these is creating educational content with great value.

Although not the only option for creating rich content, TikTok’s Voiceover tool is one of the best.

2. Strategy Simplification

Every company on the planet looks for strategies to organize its marketing activities. From automated tools to free content idea generators, there is always an opportunity for improvement

But what if, despite your best efforts, your target market is still unable to comprehend your good or service?

This terrible fact occurs more frequently than you might imagine. It’s simple to forget that consumers don’t have the same expertise after spending weeks, months, or even years honing your business concept and products. A typical customer might find your product or service complicated and choose a more straightforward option, even though you and your staff may think it makes perfect sense.

Now, this does not imply that you should simplify your approach. You can keep coming up with unique, cutting-edge products and services that are unlike anything else on the market, but you still need to offer resources to customers. Why should they spend their hard-earned money on something that is difficult to use, after all?

Thankfully, digitalization has made this process exceedingly simple. You may now film a series of 30-second TikTok tutorials that describe your product or service in instead of printing a 30-page instruction booklet.

3. It inspires originality

The majority of consumers have experienced many years of advertising. They are accustomed to the brief advertisements that appear in their social media feeds because they have grown accustomed to seeing the same type of commercial in the same colours on highway billboards.

Therefore, even though it might seem like most people are glued to their phones all day, it’s more difficult than ever to catch their attention. In just 15 years, according to researchers, human attention spans have practically halved.

8.25 seconds is the current rate, which is just 0.75 seconds slower than a goldfish.

The end of marketing as we know it is not indicated by this. After all, scientists are still attempting to determine why this number is fluctuating so greatly. For all we know, it might be due to the abundance of content already available online. Users may just be more likely to browse over previously read posts or skip videos in favour of one of the many available options.

Whatever the case, this observation only leads to one conclusion: Your content must be unlike anything they have ever seen.

TikTok is an almost ideal solution, offering a wide variety of artistic tools and effects. Although voiceover can produce excellent results when employed for basic narration, it also provides access to thousands of other possibilities.

How to write a Voiceover script?

TikTok’s emphasis on short-form content has contributed to its tremendous popularity. Even while the platform only recently began rolling out a feature that allows users to record videos up to 10 minutes long, even that seems like it’ll be a rare occurrence.

TikToks are designed to be short videos, as the name of the app suggests. They work best when they are well-edited and succinct. For the best chance of success, yours must adhere to the same requirements.

With Voiceover, it can be challenging to accomplish this. Without a plan to stick to, you can babble on for two minutes about how excited you are about your product, losing the interest of your audience. Alternatively, if you choose to improvise, your knowledge can come out as boring or hard to understand.

This is when the trustworthy script comes into play.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to ignore your marketing expertise when it comes to TikTok. Writing a screenplay for the platform isn’t all that different from creating a typical YouTube or TV advertisement. It only needs a few adjustments to take into consideration its concise methodology.

Keep Reading

1. Analyze your audience

Spend some time researching the demographic you’re aiming for, the information that might resonate with them the most, and other crucial details. Don’t be hesitant to examine how your rivals do things to determine which components are already effective (and which ones have fallen short).

2. Identify your goal

Now it’s time to consider the actual content you will be using. Will it be a quick TikTok video with instructional content outlining a new function on your website? A lengthier clip that addresses some typical customer FAQs? Whatever it is, keep it top of mind as you design the remainder of your film to make sure you don’t veer off course.

3. Plan out your video

‍For maximum impact, your voiceover audio and video content must sync. As a result, it’s best to prepare your video in advance. Avoid writing the narrative for a clip that isn’t even in the video by accident!

4. Draft our first draft

You can now begin creating the actual script after completing these preparatory stages. Your audience and purpose will determine how this appears


Although adding Voiceover to your TikTok isn’t a surefire way to go viral, it won’t damage your chances either. So give the feature a try when you roll out your next marketing plan, and don’t forget to use our free content idea generator to increase engagement!


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