What is LMK? 

With the advent of the internet and the methods of communication on messaging and social networking services, using abbreviations has become common. Many people see it as a tool of ease while communicating, meaning they can say more in fewer words and get across what they’re trying to say. 

As SMS language, abbreviations have taken over the internet and sometimes verbal language by storm. Many people have even started bringing abbreviated slang into their daily conversations. In such a backdrop, it is important to be aware of people’s different slang.  

One such abbreviation that is commonly used is “LMK”.  


What is LMK? 

LMK is the abbreviation of the phrase “Let Me Know”. It is used when you want the receiver to be aware of certain details or information. It can also be used when you want someone to confirm plans or let you know of something. 

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It is important to note that abbreviations are not used in formal settings. If you are talking to a higher-up or someone who demands respect from you, you cannot use colloquial SMS language. If you want information or confirmations from them, make sure you’re using the spelt-out version of the word and not ‘LMK’.  


How to use the abbreviation in phrases?  

Now that you know what LMK means and where to use it, under what circumstances, learn how to use it in phrases or sentences so you don’t make mistakes conversationally. While the slang may not be used formally in conversations, while asking for any additional information, you can use the slang.  

Let us look at some examples. 

  • When you’re confirming a plan 

Often you make plans with people over text that require confirmations, and using this abbreviation comes in handy then. Below is an example of when you need a pick-me-up from a friend and are waiting for them to reply with a positive.  

“Lmk, if you’re going, I will prepare in advance.”  

  • When you’re asking for details 

Doing work for others that might be informal or providing them with help or service is common among individuals. In such a situation, there might be a conflict of interest. This abbreviation comes in handy when you need to know a quick positive on what you have engineered.  

“Lmk if you require any changes.” 

  • When you’re looking at changing something 

Sometimes plans get cancelled invariably, and there might be last-minute changes. In such situations, when you need to know of a change in the plan or what is to be done next, you can use this abbreviation in handy.   

“If it’s not possible lmk so I can change the reservations.” 

  • Making future plans 

Confirming future plans with your friends is another reason to use this abbreviation. When you need a quick pick-me-up on a plan yet to come, like catching a drink with your friends or a game, use this abbreviation to confirm their presence.  

“Are you free on Sunday? Lmk if you’d be up for a game of football.” 

  • Opinionated questions 

When you need a quick opinion from a friend on a decision you want to take, be known their opinion using the abbreviation.  

“What do you think of this piece? Lmk if I should purchase it.” 

Another cool tip regarding this abbreviation is pairing it with ASAP, which stands for ‘As Soon As Possible”’. When you need a quick confirmation or additional details essential to you, say ‘LMK ASAP’.  

 This means you expect quick information so you can go ahead with solidifying your plans.  

The response to LMK. 

Now that you know how, where and when to use LMK, what do you do when someone asks you to let them know? 

When you are the one responding to the abbreviation, the proper slang is “LYK”.  

If you’ve already guessed it, you’ve probably guessed it right. The abbreviation stands for ‘Let You Know’and is used conversationally as follows:  

  • When you need to check your calendar to confirm a plan to a friend who has just asked if you’re free 

“I’ll lyk if I can make it”   

  • If you’re letting them know that you’ll inform them of you’re opinion 

“Let me google it and lyk”  

  • If someone has asked you for confirmation on something they’ve done for you or provided 

“Let me look at the document closely. I’ll lyk if I need any changes.”  

As LMK is used in daily conversation quite fleetingly, it is important to know what it entails and means, where you can and cannot use it and how to use it.  

Available for use within sentences and information, this is the guide on how to use it in your daily conversations and how to respond to it if it is used with you.  



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