Who doesn’t like getting more traffic to their site? Of course, everyone does, which is why most of us leave no stone unturned to get the best results, but what if we are missing out on a key point? For example, have you ever mulled over the reaction your headlines get from potential clients? Well, if you haven’t, then it’s time you include it in your priority list. 


Modern SEO isn’t just about keywords or writing great paragraphs. It is a much wider concept that has everything to do, from headlines and meta descriptions to backlinks. Let’s discuss more about headlines! Headlines are something that your customers come in contact with at first glance. Some people regard them as even more ‘important’ than the article itself. 


There are obvious reasons behind it. Think of it like you work for hours on a dish, and you have no plate to serve it when it’s done. I mean, who will care to read your article when they find your headline extremely dull and unappealing. 


Nowadays, you need an SEO-Friendly and a creative headline to attract as many eyeballs as possible. For example, you could add words like ‘tips and tricks’ or ‘secrets’ to arouse curiosity. You can add keywords and ensure that your headlines actively demonstrate your value without being too lengthy. Nevertheless, if you are struggling to write a great headline, then I have got something great for you. 

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What if I say you can use AI to generate the perfect headlines? That is indeed possible! Writecream has one such amazing tool that you can use to generate quality headlines for your websites and blog articles. Let’s learn how to use it! 

Firstly, go on the official website of Writecream and sign up for a free account. Once you are done, you will land on the main dashboard that has a number of AI-Powered tools available at your service. 


Next, scroll down and click on ‘Headline Generator’. On clicking on it, you will land on a page where you need to enter the text you want to generate a headline for. Alternatively, you could enter the link to your desired blog post.

Once you are done filling in all the details, click on ‘Generate’, and you are done! 


Take a look at how I generated a headline using the same tool. 


I entered the following text: 


“Writing a book is no longer hard but to crack. Here are a few amazing tips for creating a mind-gripping book. Make sure you create a detailed outline of your ideas and find captivating titles for each chapter. Ensure that each chapter is not too lengthy and provides substance so that the reader is urged to go ahead with the book. Lastly, do not rush the ending to meet the word limit. Instead, you could write different endings and read them from your reader’s point of view to select the best one.”


And here’s the output that the tool generated:


“10 Amazing Tips for Writing a Book”


Isn’t it extremely simple? All you need is a few seconds to enter the text, and the tool automatically generates a captivating headline for you. Do try it out! 

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