The world is heading into a new era, the era of technology! With the advent of AI tools, everything has become easier and more familiar. The demand for AI tools in the market has increased at a very faster rate as there are many advantages to using them. AI tools not only saved time and effort but also helped the company increase revenue and efficiency. When it comes to AI writing and content creation, there are many artificial intelligence tools in the market, but we don’t know which one to choose. Here we use similar tools such as Writesonic and Jasper (Jarvis), very popular tools and burning software. So, let’s compare Writesonic and Jasper (Jarvis) to see which one is the best.

Writesonic: What it is?

Writesonic was founded by Samanyou Garg in the Year 2021, and it is headquartered in San Francisco, California, United States. Writesonic is a gpt-3 concept-based AI writing assistant that is widely used for copywriting templates, website copy, landing pages, generating long-form content, blog posts, E-commerce product descriptions, blog outlines, SEO- optimized articles, tweet generators ads and for many other types of content creation.

Features of Writesonic

Writesonic AI tool has many important features which are very user-friendly and easy to use. They are as follows:

  •   An AI Content Writer that writes the content, be it long or short, in a few seconds for the copywriters without much complexity involved in the process with appropriate keywords, which helps search engines to reach faster to the results.
  • Paraphrasing Tools help in rewriting sentences with unique content quality and plagiarism-free content, which is very often used in the content creation industry.
  • Sentence Expander is one of the unique features of Writesonic AI, which expands the sentences very easily in the fastest manner with even better sentences than the original ones in multiple languages.
  • Text Summarizer ai writer helps you create or generate a well-written summary of the long text without making any changes to the original ones that too very quickly and easily. It is also of greater help to those looking for the same as it reduces the efforts involved in doing so manually.
  •   Writesonic and Surfer integration has helped widely in the generation of SEO- optimized content, which not only reduces the time involved in writing such type of content but also helps to get large traffic attracted towards their product through seo based content, thus giving a boost to the sales and revenue. It also has a very easy learning curve.
  • Facebook Ad Generator feature of Writesonic ai helps in generating Facebook ad copy which helps the organization grab the attention of the audience towards their brand and a lot of customer conversions; thus, can be said to be a conversion-ai tool.
  • The Landing Page generator feature helps to create high landing pages in very less time by generating high-quality and professional landing pages, which do a wonderful job by assisting the organization with so many conversions.
  • AI Article Ideas- It helps in generating the eye catchy articles or blogs, which again pulls the organic traffic to your website on google.

Pros of Writesonic AI writing assistant (It’s contribution in generating landing pages)

  1. Writesonic provides an array of options when it comes to copywriting, strengthening the sentences or kind of verbiage, be it professional or normal, also creating social media posts and campaigns, which has shown that Writesonic has got best tools to ensure that there is no better content than Writesonic.
  2. The customer service team is very cooperative. They respond very quickly to problems.
  3. Writesonic ai an open API, and its integration with Make and Zapier allows it to connect with other services of the organization, thus helping in serving the clients very effectively. It has reduced the long hours into a few minutes or seconds to get an effective result.
  4. Writesonic AI text tool provides great keyword-centred content, which has a very impactful implication on the organization using Writesonic ai writer software. Writesonic is the best when it comes to ease of use. It is a very easy new ai tool.
  5. Businesses widely use writesonic for content creation purposes, and this ai copywriting tool has changed the views of those who refrain from doing such kinds of stuff as it only needs a basic idea of the topic for which one is looking. This piece of information is sufficient for these tools. This way, Writesonic offer to create quality content.

Cons of Writesonic

Every good thing comes with some bad thing as well same is here. Let’s know more about the same:

💡 Generate personalized emails, blog articles, product descriptions, and ads in seconds using the power of A.I
  • Writesonic’s rephrasing tool is not very standard with the requirement as rewritten sentences produced by it have almost the same verbiage, thus failing a bit in this area.
  • Writesonic’s Landing page tool gets off track sometimes, like what it is supposed to follow is ignored at the time of website landing page creation.
  • Even though the ai writer tool provides high-quality content, it is still artificial intelligence-based content which is not fully perfect. It needs proofreading by some experts.

Pricing of Writesonic

  1. Writesonic offers a free plan in which users get a free trial of the ai assistant and learn how to use it. It offers 6250 words per user for an ai article writer along with 70+ AI Templates, 25+ Language access, a Landing Page Generator option, 1-Click WordPress Export, Zapier Integration, Browser extensions, AI Article Writer and Sonic Editor options.
  2. The second Plan is a Long-form Plan with Premium, Good, Average and Economy options and charges per user of $12.67
  • In Premium Plan offers 19000 words per user with a max limit of 200000 words for up to 10 users.
  • In Good Plan, it offers 47500 words per user with a max limit of 500000 words upto 10users.
  • In Average Plan, it offers 95000 words per user with a max limit of 1000000 words for up to 10 users.
  • In Economy Plan, it offers 190000 words per user with a max limit of 2000000 words for up to 10 users.
  • It includes all the free trial features plus Complete Article Rewriter, Research Mode, Workflows, Bulk Processing, Surfer Integration, Priority access to new features and Priority support.

The third Plan is Custom Plan, which is useful for teams and businesses. It includes everything in Long-form Plan plus Unlimited   words, Unlimited users, Custom AI development, Invoicing options, a Dedicated account manager, Training sessions and Premium support.

Jasper AI (Jarvis): What it is?

Jasper AI, formerly known as Jarvis, got founded by Dave Rogenmoser in 2020. Jasper AI is headquartered in Austin, Texas, United States. Jasper AI is an Open AI GPT-3 tool which uses Transformer AI models to enable the tools to recognize patterns and images along with the generation of AI text, languages, and social media posts and also generate the best long-form content you want for different campaigns. Jasper is a popular AI writing tool which helps you in creating content you want to create without wasting much time and energy.

Features of Jasper AI (Jarvis)

  • The Starter feature of Jasper AI allows access to 50+ Templates, Text Summarizer, Paragraph Generator, AIDA Framework, Problem-Agitate- Solution (PAS) Framework, Product description, creative story, Content improver, Blog Post Topic Ideas, Blog Post Conclusion Paragraph.
  • Jasper has Business features which allow different kinds of customization of AI Workflows, collaboration with the team and tailored Billing & Usage.
  • Jasper produces different kinds of images which meets the imagination requirement, like whatever kind of images we want, it gets in a few seconds.
  • Jasper users can easily get their content written in 25+ Languages which again is a good thing about it.
  • Jasper long-form assistant tool comes with many tools such as the rephrasing tool, grammar-related issues, and explain to a child tool which ensure you get quality copies and avoid writer’s block.
  • Jasper’s boss mode plan has lots of extraordinary features in any other ai comparisons which place jasper as the best AI writer as they help in resolving different types of complexity in involved content writing.

Pros of Jasper AI (Jarvis)

  • A large content creation community prefer Jasper, i.e., conversion ai, as a part of their organization as it has not only reduced the long hours in doing such activities but has also held the quality of the content created by it. This way, Jasper wins over the other AI tools.
  • Jasper AI also contributes to attracting organic traffic, which adds to its advantages as it helps in increasing the sales and revenue of the organization.
  • Jasper AI is a smart tool that helps in generating SEO-friendly content, thus helping in the top ranking of the website copy on google.
  • Jasper’s AI language tool has helped people from different parts of the world to overcome language barriers, especially when content needs to be created in native languages. There is a very limited number of tools which do this, and they are very expensive to afford. This way, Jasper seems to be a more affordable and friendly conversion ai tool.
  • Jasper has proved to be of greater help to book publishers. It has made a copy and paste thing for the publishers.

Cons of Jasper AI (Jarvis)

Jarvis ai a few dark sides as well. Let’s know about them:

  1. The Content Improver feature of Jasper has a very limited word limit which needs to be increased; there is a high demand for the same, so it can’t be considered a core disadvantage of the Jasper AI.
  2. There is repetitive use of the same words again and again, which can be annoying as there is very limited improvisation of the same.
  3. Jasper AI conversion tool does lots of automatic content creation jobs just after knowing the topic which one is looking for, and the same is done from different sources. The content produced has some plagiarism into it, which may not be good for the businesses.
  4. Jasper AI has a few tools which are not very user-friendly compared to other tools, which may keep people away from this tool.

Pricing of Jasper AI (Jarvis)

  1. The Starter Plan of Jasper AI is a 5-day free trial, and charges for the same up to 5 users are $29 per month, which includes 20000 words, short copywriting, short input, 50+ Templates, 29+ Languages, Chrome Extension, also some Organization and Support features.
  2. Boss Mode Plan of Jasper ai offers a 5-day free trial, and the charge for the same is $59 per month for up to 5 users, which includes everything in the starter plan plus 50000 Words, Documents, Commands, Jasper Chat, SEO Mode, Recipes, Plagiarism Checker Access and Grammarly; also, some Organization features Unlimited Project Folders, History Search option, Favorite output option, Auto Save and Revision History options. Boss mode covers a lot of excellent features of Jasper AI and many support features as well.
  3. The third and last Plan of Jasper ai is a full fledge plan with unlimited access to Jasper AI features. It is known as Business Plan, which is very suitable for big organizations. It offers all the features included in Boss Mode Plan plus more than 5 users’ access, and the charge for availing of this Plan is $499 per month. It offers a Custom Words option, Document sharing, and assigning member usage limits.  It also offers a Dedicated Account Manager, Personalized onboarding and training for your business, Jasper Community access and many other features. Big businesses use this tool very often.

We have already seen the Meaning, Features, Pros & Cons of writesonic and jasper and both are very effective AI tools, but when it comes to comparison, i.e., jasper vs writesonic or writesonic vs jasper AI (Jarvis), they differ in some ways, there are few criteria upon which can compare two ai writing tools and come to a conclusion that which among them is best AI writing tool.

  • Pricing – When we compare jasper and writesonic in terms of pricing, writesonic wins, unlike jasper, writesonic is more economical and largely preferred by small businesses.
  • Long-form content creation- Both can generate genuine long-form content, but as per the survey of the users, it has been found that compared to writesonic, Jasper AI (Jarvis) wins over copy AI.
  • Suitability- Writesonic is best for beginners who have just started their journey in the content creation industry as it is very economical and has sufficient features to meet the purpose; on the other hand, Jasper AI (Jarvis) is suitable for all kinds of users be it small or big, as per our survey it is best for the big organization as it opens multiple doors to explore upon and create SEO-friendly content for social media posts, Facebook Ads, Blog outline and generate content which meets the reality. Jasper AI may be expensive for small businesses.
  • Ease in usage- Compared to jasper, Writesonic wins as it is very easy to understand the process without much difficulty, whereas Jasper has a few tools which may be a bit confusing type and it may involve complexity in using the ai.

Moral of the Story

As per the deep analysis and understanding, we have concluded that there is high demand for both the AI tools in the market as they are performing excellent, but among both, i.e., Writesonic and Jasper AI (Jarvis), Jasper (Jarvis) is more preferable, and thus jasper is the best tool, though it is costly the outstanding feature is sufficient to recover the cost and benefit more than the expectations, it is very much recommended to those looking for the best AI tools like jasper especially the Organizations with big teams.

Thanks for reading!

Hope we have helped you out with choosing which one is best!

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