When you have already been done with your resources and you are at the brim of doing any kind of a waste of time you should make sure that restarting a business is again a good decision. But when it comes to email marketing, a tool that can neither be ignored nor someone can gain supremacy.

But in this generation where you have got endless ways to reach your customer does email marketing play an important role? Is it worth it? In short, yes it is.

The impact a simple email marketing can put on your whole business is much more than you have estimated. There is a lot of confusion in people’s minds when it comes to email marketing. what does email marketing suggest for your business? Let’s jump into this article where you can get a lot of information about email marketing and its usage.

What is email marketing?

The basic and important use of email marketing is to promote the product of the company. The use of this is not restricted to the promotion of the product but also to maintain a healthy relationship with the existing customers and reach more potential customers. Email marketing helps businesses to keep their customers updated and modify messages from time to time. It is one of the most cost-effective options to enrich your customer number.

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Here are a few email marketing statistics that will be an eye opener for you on how it has helped the business and outreach of the companies.

The widespread usage of email

An email has built its widespread usage from a simple informative message to worldwide global usage. Till now the statistics show a figure of around 4.5 billion email users for a variety of purposes. These statistics may increase to 4.5 around and almost the entire world population may be using email marketing.

These statistics are proof of email marketing is a great source of business and dealing with customers. In a developed world where most of the population is using emails as a primary source for connecting then you are bound to use it. How small your business it may be you have the power of reaching your customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The set of features that email marketing is giving you within less time and effort is a great thing to appreciate.

Number of emails sent daily

In 2022 the number of emails received and sent can cross a figure of 333.2 billion. That’s a great number to appreciate. This figure is expected to cross 375 billion by 2025. Over these years, communication patterns have modified and emerged in a broader field. But with these newly emerging techniques also email marketing is growing.

Email marketing delivers a long investment source

With the increasing popularity, investments are also becoming massive. A well-proven and structured email can give you a thousand ways to earn money and popularity.

You can expect ten times the amount you are investing in your email marketing strategies. There are plenty of ways to maintain popularity but this way has got the most steady and long-going popularity.

Use of the email for content distribution

It is always noticed that the most favorite content distribution is email marketing. The latest statistics say much about the recent favorites of using email marketing to disseminate their content. Around 87 percent of the customers have opted for email as the best way to make their content reach the public.

It has always stood ahead of the traditional options like websites, and blogs – be it virtually or in person.

Numerous marketers are not only using this as a source to connect with their customers but also investing in it and becoming paid partners in the companies.

Email marketing has gained rich popularity among customers where the marketers also think of comparing the marketing performance based on email content. 86 percent of marketers compare email performance with metrics such as click rates, and downloads. Email content gains popularity according to how email content has a successful rate, more website traffic, and more social media analytics.

Email marketing will help grow your business wider

Email is always the main customer acquisition and retention thing in the case of local or mediocre businesses. Yes, it is correct that people are socializing more on social media today but it doesn’t mean that people are giving less importance to emails. Statistics have proved that email marketing still tops the searches among customers and it is above all organized search or any social media search.

Welcome emails generally have a high open rate

You can find where your context lies among the public with this open rate procedure. But have you ever figured out what percentage of the public has opened your welcome email? Let’s check. The average rate of opening of the welcome email is 87 percent.

Personalization can do wonders for your email

An average email open rate is generally 20 percent but when you personalize the same email it has an open rate of nearly 50 percent. So a great tip for your next email content is to personalize your email and indicate the individual’s name in the email.

The power of left-out cart emails or abandoned cart emails

These emails are sent to a person who has added a few items to the cart and has undergone the process of checkout but left the steps there themselves. Your email may be responded to positively if the customer is still interested. This type of small e-commerce email helps you increase your revenue.

Interactive emails and their uses

Gone are the days when your email has boundaries and it has to follow the basic instructions of the email format. Reports have cleared the fact that adding video clips or audio downloads increases the open rate of emails by 30 percent.

Customers like to hear from you

Your customers would be happy to hear news about your product from you via email. Sending weekly emails, newsletters, or small text emails about discounts, price drops, etc, can also stick your customer to your product for a longer time.

Summing up

Here in this article, we learned about what does email marketing suggest for your business? An email has built its widespread usage from a simple informative message to worldwide global usage. Till now the statistics show a figure of around 4.5 billion email users for a variety of purposes.


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