Cold calling while not so popular in these days, remains a great technique to get in touch with prospective customers who might be interested in what you do and how you function. While a number of businesses switch to cold emailing or digital marketing, here are 20+ statistics gathered from different sources and survey methods that will change your perception of how cold calling still stays relevant in the B2B world.

1. 82% of business who receive a cold call accept regulations to business. While cold emailing may be a large concept currently, this statistic speaks of the impact of cold calling. It provides a personal touch feeling to the person making the deal as well as accepting it. (RAIN Group)

2. Cold calls that include the word ‘We’ make up 45% of successful ones. This ensures you are making an effort to include the person on the other end and prevents negation that may come up almost half of the time! (

3. 57% of C-Level buyers prefer to be contacted by the phone. (Crunchbase)

4. 92% of consumers think that unidentified calls could be a potential fraudulent activity. (Hiya)

5. Over 30% of callers receive follow up attempts in the form of calls when they initiate cold calling (Call Hippo)

6. Call Hippo has also reported that sales representatives, if they go the extra mile and make some additional calls, can increase conversion rates into prospects by 70%

7. B2B technology representatives average about 35+ calls a day and spend about 55 minutes on the phone in conversation with prospects (

8. Successful cold calls last two times longer in conversation with unsuccessful cold callers. (

9. Sales representatives, if they state the reason and purpose for calling have a success rate that double times more than an ambiguous cold call. (

10. 4 PM – 5 PM being the last hour of any working day has proved to be the most effective when it comes to cold calling. (Call Hippo)

11. Opening sales calls with a question ingquiring about the their day or how they’re doing. For example opening a cold call with “How have you been lately?” (

12. Mentioning a common link between yourself and the prospect such as a LinkedIn connection also increases the chances of a meeting or follow up. (LinkedIn)

13. The most successful cold calls span for a length of 14.3 minutes. (

14. Wednesday and Thursday are the best days in the week to call all prospects in comparison to the rest of the week (

15. Cold calls that take a monologue format are most successful. If the representatives are speaking in a monologue manner, they seem to get the most traction. (Crunchbase)

16. 79% of unidentified calls go unanswered and coupled with the statistic of most recipients considering unidentified calls fraudulent, this is an important to statistic to consider. (Hiya)

17. 42.1% of responders reveal that the phone is the most effective sales tool available at their disposal (Sales Insights Lab)

18. Cold calling is deemed to be a proactive form of reaching out and 82% of respondents accept meetings from callers who proactively engage and reach out to respondents. (RAIN Group)

19. The question “Is now a bad time?” during a cold call actually makes you 40% less likely en route to receive a meeting proposal. (

20. It takes an average of 8 attempts for a successful cold call.

21. Only 1% of cold calls lead to appointments ultimately.

22. 63% of salespeople say that cold calling is the part of their job they dislike the most.

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