Simple Guide To Write Cold Emails

Writing a cold email is not a challenging task if you master how to do it effectively as it acts as a great source of email marketing. There are various parameters that should be considered before writing a cold email; considering all of those parameters will help you develop a successful cold email and, in turn, will help you get a response from your recipients. This article covers all of those parameters along with cold email templates, after studying it and rehearsing for a few days, you will be able to generate a cold email with a high open rate. So, here is a guide to cold email strategy. Learn how to write cold emails with this article.

Brief Introduction to Cold Emailing

“A cold email is one that is sent to people you don’t know in order to improve your business.” To improve any business, the salesman from that business must reach out to individuals and inform them about his business so that interested people may contact him. This way, people learn about his business, and it flourishes. This can be achieved in two way: cold calling and cold email. Any company’s objective is to expand its reach, and cold emailing may help with that. The sender should follow certain rules and regulations while sending the cold email; otherwise, the spam filter linked with the email will consider the email to be spam and it will not be transmitted to the prospect. 

Brief Introduction to Cold Emailing

To bypass the spam filter, there are also some things to bear in mind when sending a cold email. So, we bring to you the ultimate guide before writing your first cold email.

  1. Be truthful about your subject; do not deceive the reader by using subject lines that are unrelated to your matter; this will irritate the reader, and the reader will eventually classify your email as spam.
  2. Because the immediate impression is the most important in any industry, anytime you send a cold email, make sure you come across as confident and upbeat. Keep the introductory section at the beginning of the email.
  3. Make sure to include your company’s location information or email address in the email.
  4. Provide an opt-out option with your email to guarantee that it is delivered to the relevant prospect or interested person. You can hyperlink to the option from the unsubscribe page.
  5. If someone unsubscribes, make sure you don’t send the identical email to them again.
  6. Keep the body of the email as brief and correct as possible, as no one wants to read long emails.
  7. If you have hired a business to handle cold emails, make sure you ask them to warm up the email, clean the email list, and keep you updated on progress.

Cold Emailing Tips

Here are some helpful tips as a part of your cold email guide.

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Create an eye-catching subject line for the email

When a writer completes his book, he ensures that the front cover is appealing since the customer will look at the cover first and if he thinks the cover is appealing, he will think the book is intriguing and I should buy it. The same notion applies in the case of cold email; if the title of your email is appealing or catchy, the prospect will open it; otherwise, it will be in the prospect’s inbox, but he will not open it.

Here are some tips for writing the topic of your email: –

  1. Mention the prospect’s name in the subject line to pique their interest.
  2. Make the subject more particular by using strong phrases such as get, simple, key, best deal for you, discount, and so on.
  3. If you have a wonderful bargain or anything particularly exceptional to say about your company, make sure to include it in the subject line. Many retailers, for example, give discounts of 10% or 20%, which attracts the buyer’s attention.
  4. To make the topic more appealing, you may ask questions in the subject, similar to how many meal delivery apps these days ask you, (name of prospect) Are you Hungry? Alternatively, many job-search applications will notify you that (name of prospect) is looking for work.

Subject line testing

As previously said, the cold email subject lines is the most crucial component of cold email; if the subject line is strong, the prospect will open the email, resulting in a successful cold email campaign. We learned how to compose subject lines in the previous part, but what if I have two or more subject lines and want to see which one is better and attracts more prospects? 

The A/B testing approach is the solution to such perplexity.

  1. An email with ‘A’ subject line is sent to 50% of people.
  2. An email with ‘B’ subject line is sent to 50% of people.
  3. After a specific time, the email that has been opened most with a particular subject line is declared as ‘best subject line’. 

Subject line testing

This allows you to choose which topic line to use in the future. Along with this, you may try out the following free tools: –

  1.  Is it not spam? – The is a website that allows you to check your email for spam. Simply type your email, submit it to the address supplied by ‘is it not,’ and then click on the ‘see report option,’ which will present you with an online report detailing the spam from your email.
  2. Email subject line grading system – It is an internet website; after you visit it, simply put your subject line into the search window and click ‘go,’ and you will be given a percentage showing how effective your subject line is!!!

How to write a cold email?

Now that you’re certain and you can create a captivating subject line with a high open rate in every email, it’s time to use cold email. Understanding human psychology is critical for every company. Especially if you don’t know much about your possibility.

For example, if you walk into any store and see a sign that says sale!!’ or ‘50% off’ or ‘buy 2 get 1 free,’ as a customer, you will be drawn in. This is a marketing plan to sell more things and develop their business; similarly, if you can grasp what would drive your prospects to respond to your cold email or exhibit interest, no one can stop you from growing your business.

Here are some pointers to help you run a great cold email campaign:

1. Searching of prospects:

When you plan a vacation to a new location, the first thing you do is research the location online and gather information about it so that when you arrive, you don’t miss any notable landmarks.

Similarly, if you want to send cold emails to prospects, you need to at least know some basic information about them. Because from their perspective, they are receiving the email from a stranger. To approach prospects, you should first learn about their personal and professional interests. Gathering this much information on the prospect will assist you in gaining the prospect’s attention. 

Searching of prospects

There are several search portals where you may obtain information on the prospect, and they are as follows:

  • Google:- In today’s world, Google is the solution to any problem; you may acquire information on the prospect or items relevant to the prospect and then apply it.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn can provide you with professional information as well as your prospect’s passions.
  • Blogs or websites: If you discover that your prospect publishes blogs or articles, go check them out; it will assist you to grasp your prospect’s mindset.
  • Twitter: Twitter is also a wonderful place to learn about a prospect’s interests. Spend some time scrolling over their tweets.
  • Facebook: Facebook may offer you an idea about the prospect’s personal interests, and if the prospect is active on Facebook or Instagram, it can also provide you professional information about the prospect.
  • Professional Sites: Using search forums like Quora, you may learn about the prospect’s demands and interests.

2. Notify them about your other prospects:

If a prospect is keen on your business idea, he will try to gather information about you before making any future decision, so try to reach as many people as possible and tell them about your business, and make sure your business website also contains some of your past prospects’ positive opinions about you.

3. How to get ‘yes’ from a prospect? :

When you approach someone to buy anything from you, the first email query they will ask is, “What is my profit in this deal?” Alternatively, why should I buy this? So, while composing every cold email, you should be prepared to answer the same question, as well as discuss the prospect’s perks, discounts, and other fantastic bargains. As previously said, discounts and offers assist to attract prospects and increase mail open rates. 

Thinking from the prospect’s perspective, you will discover that there are hundreds of emails in the prospect’s inbox. Your email should stand out in those hundreds of emails, with captivating subject lines, point-to-point wording of what you want to convey, and fantastic discounts for prospects.

get ‘yes’ from a prospect

4. Numbers attract more prospects!!!

Yes, it is correct! According to research, utilizing numbers instead of adjectives like numerous or large helps draw the reader’s attention. Many product selling organizations use this method to market their goods; they tell their clients that 66 thousand people have purchased this product up to that point, thus the consumer believes that this thing is good and that I should buy it. So, when composing the chilly email, attempt to apply this method.

However, make sure that the quantity is minimal since too many might confuse the prospect and eventually lead him to lose interest in reading the rest of the email.

5. Talk to the prospective

What do we do when we chat with someone? The first thing we do is address that individual by name. Similarly, using the perspectives’ name in the email or subject line will cause the prospective to connect with your communication. It is human psychology that when someone takes your name, especially an unknown person, you pay heed to the person’s word. Also, your email should not be like a speech; instead, it should relate to your prospect in some way, more like a dialogue. It should automatically respond to any inquiries that the prospect may have.

6. Why so serious?

Many times, the mail written is instructive and accurate, but being correct is not always enough; one must also be one step ahead of the game; one must be special.

Consider yourself a customer and imagine that your neighborhood has two general stores. The owner of shop 1 gives you the things you want to buy accurately, on time, but he never smiles. On the other hand, the owner of shop 2 gives you the things you want to buy accurately, on time, plus he always smiles and welcomes his customers, he recognizes you by your face or name, and he suggests healthy and good products to buy.

Obviously, to shop number two. Cold email writing follows the same human psychology principles. Instead of being informative, communicate with the prospect and try to deliver your message using simple and easy language. Keep the email light by using some funny and entertaining lines.

7. Perfect start and good end

Many of us have seen a guide; a guide is there to help us with challenges; a guide uses simple language, graphics where appropriate, and is more point to point. Similarly, if your email is simple, easy to read, short but informative, has a perfect start with greetings, and a good end answering all the possible questions that may arise in the reader’s mind, your prospect will be unable to resist opening your email, reading it, and responding to show his interest in your offer. Make sure that your emails are personalized. Personalized cold emails are effective cold emails because personalization increases the chances of getting a response from the recipient. Also, don’t forget the call-to-action at the end.

8. Simple and sober always helps

It’s the reel generation; one of the biggest pain point nowadays is, we don’t want to watch 3 or 4 hours of movies; instead, we prefer 20- or 30-minute web series; and we don’t read comics anymore; instead, we read memes. In this generation, if you compose an email with a big tale, no one will read it; you must be as brief as possible while yet covering all of the information you want to express to the potential. If you can’t stop yourself from writing long messages, try this: put everything you want to say on a page, highlight the main words, and then try to compose a phrase using keywords.

Effective Cold Email Templates For Your Next Cold Email Campaign

There are six different forms of cold email outreach:

  1.   Sales email
  2.   Media pitch emails
  3.   Networking pitch emails
  4.   Brand pitch emails
  5.   Content promotional emails
  6.   Link building emails 

Let’s look at what these kinds are and some examples of them.

Sales email:-When you need to offer a product or service to a prospect, using a cold email strategy is a fantastic option. Many product marketing organizations are vexing; they phone you at any moment, usually while you are preoccupied with another task, and you are irritated as a result. This type of action is detrimental to a company’s reputation. Instead of this, businesses should aim to reach out to their prospects using social media outlets. This might help to establish a relationship between the firm and the prospect.

For cold sales, you may follow your prospect on Twitter to see what they write or how they think, and you can try to engage with them by like or re-sharing their post or tweet. Everyone admires someone who speaks softly and gently when answering questions. When you send a cold email, your words through the email body, should convey a calm, honest, and courteous approach to your prospects.

Example :-

Hello [name of prospect],

I hope you are doing well!

I wanted to reach out because [tell them how we got their contact information and talked to a colleague; saw your company online, etc.].

[Name of your company] has a new platform that will help (your team at) [organization name].

I ensure that [our product] will be able to help [name of your company] [insert high level benefit here].

At what time are you available for a quick call [time and date]?



Media Pitch Emails:-When a new brand or product enters the market, how do you find out about it? You watch advertising on television or read advertisements in the newspaper, and this is how you learn about a new product on the market; hence, the media is an excellent platform for reaching a large number of people and promoting your brand. The purpose of media pitch emails is to urge reporters or publishers to promote your brand, but the problem is that top publishers receive a lot of cold emails like this every day, so how will you draught your email so that it stands out from all the others and the publisher will open it?

To build a relationship with a media person, you should give him some knowledge or value-added items that he needs for his job. So you should email to someone with the following information for better results.

  1.   Because the majority of them are bloggers, they are seeking diverse themes; what if you give them a topic?
  2.   Give them some content that is relevant to their issue.
  3.   Inform them that you have read their blogs and enjoy some of their arguments, and that you have mentioned them in your blog. 

Let’s see an example of Media pitch mail:-

Hello (name),

I recently read your article on ‘best 7 novels set in India’ . It was really compelling. I have also done a lot of research in the same area, and I own an app named ‘Novels in India’ which lets readers like you read the novels set in India for free as a free trial for 30 days.

Here is the play store link of my app (attach the link). I insist you to please check the app and take the trial. Hope this will help you for your research and future articles. Let me know if you find the app interesting!!

Looking forward to reading your next article.


(You’re Name)  

Cold email outreach

Networking Email Pitch: Networking is the process of establishing new and healthy relationships with more and more individuals, and the primary goal of cold email is to improve networking. Ultimately, a strong network will determine whether or not your cold email campaign is effective.

Format of networking email:-


(tell them where you met or what you want is the agenda of this mail)

(request for a meet or call)


Brand Pitch Email :-As the name implies, this form of email assists you in establishing a link between a brand you are interested in and your organization.

When you are competent in composing the cold email, you will understand what your prospects desire, what challenges they may have, and which offers they may be interested in in the future. So, to create a new email, why not take your expertise to the next level and collaborate with some of the businesses that your prospect may be interested in? When you notify your prospects about the companies with whom you have a partnership, they will be more pleased and will remain your loyal customer. When you assist consumers in connecting with the brands in which they are interested, your company’s networking will improve.

While writing the brand pitch emails, focus on the subject lines and make sure they are catchy enough to capture the prospect’s attention and try to include social proof pertaining to your product or service.

Template Example:-

Dear [prospect’s name]!

My name is [your name] from your [mention where you read about the prospect]. I’ve been using [the name of the target brand] for almost a month and I’m reaching out to you because I would like to collaborate with you.

My blog is related to language study, and it mostly focuses on grammar, punctuation, and context [replace with your topics].

I have almost 10k subscribers and I think they would resonate with your brand’s mission. I would like to showcase [the product] on both my blog and my Facebook.

If you’re interested in working together, please reply to this email so we can discuss further points.

Thank you , [your name]

Content promotional emails:-For a cold email, well-written content is vital. If your material is good, it will boost your reach naturally. Excellent content combined with a good promotion is a winning combo. Cold email content advertising might help you expand your network.

Here is the template for content promotion email:-

Subject line: a quick question about an (article name)

Hi [prospect name],

It’s Mark from [Your company name] here

I was going through your article on (link + post) and I want to tell you that your article was outstanding.

You did glance over the “electronics products” term for a brief moment in your section about (details), you gave all the detailed features of the products, and you also mentioned the important technical features of the products.

I feel proud to tell you that we run a website named ‘everything about electronics’ (paste the page URL over here) which gives you information about every electronic component with detailed features and explains how it’s working. I request you to please give a visit to our website, it will definitely help you to write more such articles.

Thank you (your name)

Link building emails:-SEOs use different tactics for their job, but they all have the same goal: to raise their website’s rating to the top. The higher the website’s position, the more people will visit it. SEO experts understand the value of backlinks for their client’s websites. Link building cold outreach may provide you with a variety of methods for obtaining a large number of links to your website.

 Few of them are –

  1.       Unlinked brand mentions
  2.       Broken link building
  3.       Guest blogging
  4.       Co-marketing activities with other companies
  5.       Link reclamation

The following template can help with link building emails.

Subject: Writing for (prospect’s website)

Hey [prospect name],

I’m [Your Name], and I write at [your company site]. I’m also a regular contributor at [write about your blog], I’m writing to you because I have some really interesting content ideas that I strongly feel will be perfect for [prospect’s company website] audience.

I can send you the topics if you want some new content.

Thank you so much for your valuable time, hoping for a positive response from your side!


[Your Name]


Email Signature is the most important thing

The most significant aspect of a cold email is the email signature as it helps to establish your identity. When you go to an interview, you wear a tie and a clean shirt to appear professional and well-dressed. In cold email, your signature performs the same thing. It will be more effective, and readers will find it more intriguing, if you include a signature in your email instead of the corporate logo.

It will be more effective if you provide YouTube links. You may use the video URL as your email signature. According to human psychology, seeing a movie or an image is more effective than seeing a logo. When you add a YouTube video link as a signature, Gmail produces a thumbnail for it that is more appealing than any other option. Using the email settings, you may add the email URLs as signatures.

PS in the mail is also important

When you read a narrative, you will find a theme at the conclusion that informs you what you learned from the story and adds extra points to the story. The PS in mail refers to the same thing; PS stands for postscript. Including PS is a marketing tactic; according to studies, opened emails frequently contain PS.

PS not only gives extra points to the message, but it also includes: –

  1.   It adds a sense of urgency to the information, much as when you offer a product and push the consumer to hurry up!! Only two pieces remain!!
  2.   PS includes a call to action (CTA), which encourages readers to do the desired action. Examples of CTA are ‘purchase now’ and ‘start your free trial immediately.’
  3.     PS can be utilized to expand networking opportunities. You may include a lot of links in the PS so that readers can follow you on other platforms and so enhance your networking.

As a result, writing precise PS may bring a lot of value to your email. PS is the most crucial yet underappreciated aspect of sending a cold email; it should be considered in order to produce a good cold email.

Follow up is necessary

Every activity requires follow-up; follow-up will tell us how far we have to go and what changes we need to make. The following are the most often requested questions when following up on a cold email:

  1.   When should the follow-up email be sent?
  2.   How many follow-up emails should the prospect receive?
  3.   When should the follow-up be terminated?

Follow up is necessary

If the prospect hasn’t responded to your email in more than two days, it’s time to send a follow-up email. At most 7-8 follow-up emails should be sent to the prospect, according to studies, because we usually obtain a response by the fifth or eighth follow-up email.

Here is a template for you to understand how to write a follow up email :-



First of all, thank you for your time, I am writing this mail to move our conversation further

If you’re still interested, please suggest the next step.

I am waiting for your response,




In summary, cold emailing is chatting to a stranger and preparing him to ultimately ask him to partner with you. It’s a difficult profession because you have to persuade a stranger to do what you want him to do but with a well-written cold email, you can easily achieve this goal.

As you get into this business and spend a few days sending cold emails, you will learn the proper technique to write them, and which kind of cold emails receive the best response. However, if you consider certain crucial aspects when sending the cold email, you will grasp how it works in a matter of days and will soon be an expert in this sector. I hope this blog helps you learn something new!! Best wishes for composing your chilly email!!


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