Google Bard

Tech enthusiasts are constantly on the lookout for the next great thing. And in recent years, everything from blockchains to the metaverse has been overhyped and eventually disappointed. Although AI currently dominates the debate, this time feels different since we already witness some unique AI-based technologies doing eerily human-like actions. Even though we will only fully understand the whole impact once we look back. Everyone is trying to demonstrate how they can use AI to improve their own services, and Google jumped into the game by announcing Bard in early February. Therefore, if you’ve been curious about the hype, you have come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Is Google Bard?

The internet search giant’s response to the ChatGPT tool, which Microsoft has been integrating into its Bing search engine and other tools, is the recently released bot known as Bard. Google Bard is an AI-powered chatbot solution that uses machine learning and natural language processing to simulate human conversations. Bard can be implemented into websites, messaging services, or applications to answer user inquiries in a realistic, natural language manner and enhance Google search.

How does Google Bard work?

Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications technology is the foundation of Google Bard. Google’s open-source release of Transformer has served as the foundation for various generative AI tools, such as the GPT-3 language model used in ChatGPT. With its generative AI settings, OpenAI’s ChatGPT can generate anything from new synopses to the original text. Bard, on the other hand, is built for search. It seeks to make it possible for more natural language queries to be accepted as search terms. Bard’s artificial intelligence (AI) is developed using conversations that sound natural. It gives context to the responses rather than just a list of answers. It is also intended to assist with follow-up inquiries and new search terms.

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