Twitter is a social media platform which is extremely instrumental for businesses and individuals, especially when it comes to revealing your identity and personality. This is because how the platform allows for direct two-way communication between both parties, the content provider and the individual involved in interaction and engagement.  

When you directly interact with the party you’re involved with it provides a clear picture of your ethos as a brand or individual and this is what people are looking to connect with, something they can relate to, something they can connect with.  

Let us look at how we can increase the number of followers we have on Twitter to make sure it is a platform best suited for us.  


1. Make a complete profile 

This is one of the primary requirements to make sure your audience count is up and growing. Ensure that you have a fully complete profile you have customised, with a relevant profile picture, and a description in your bio that you can use to let the audience know about what you do. Make sure you embed links they can visit and toggle to know more about you or get in touch with you if required. Design and customise your profile for aesthetic value as well as colour coding your header and profile picture, for brownie points.  

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As of today, there are about 1.3 billion profiles on Twitter and 500 million-plus tweets being posted. In this sea of information, if you have to engage with an audience and invite new followers, you should keep them informed about what you have to offer. For this, you should have a complete concise profile.  


2. Promotions 

Garnering an organic audience means networking and connections. Make sure you promote your Twitter platform on other platforms where you might already have an audience. Once you do this, the audience on different platforms may also stay connected with you on Twitter. If not just social media clusters, make sure you’re promoting your Twitter user on other required tangible areas as well. Put it on your business card, on your advertisements, marketing emails, promotional cards etc, all this encourages your audience to board onto your platform.  


3. Interact and Engage with your audience 

Interacting and engaging will bring in a lot of followers. The secret to this is the fact that on retweeting, quote tweeting and replying, followers of followers can also view and engage with your content. This invariably leads to a larger pool of audience. When there is a larger number of people in the audience, there is a large chance that somebody might be interested in your content and engage with it. This prospective follower might promote your content bringing in more followers.  


4. Interact with your competitors 

A good way to get on the radar of prospective audiences is to engage with your competitors. Reply and interact with them regularly to also analyse how they map their strategy with their own audience. How does your competition deal with their own competition? What sort of content gets the most engagement? Make sure you get in on these data types.  


5. Find people with a large following  

Finding users with a large following like influencers, micro-influencers and followers so you can get them to engage with your profile is a general rule of thumb in getting more followers. Depending on what industry you’re in or interested in, choose a niche and follow people with a large following in it. This helps you get followers organically.  

If they interact with your content, there’s a larger chance that your content is promoted and you avail a larger audience.  


5. Use hashtags  

Using relevant hashtags can help in the visibility of your tweets. Make sure you use relevant keywords that apply to your niche while including hashtags. Aim for at least one or two hashtags per tweet. Twitter also allows for customisable icons that appear after the hashtag as a new add-on. Doing this also will help your content in standing out from others. Relevant hashtags also help you appear on trending topics.  


6. Add videos or images 

Adding videos or images to your tweets keeps the attention of your audience attached to your content. “Adding a high-quality image or video can increase engagement by around 150%, tweets with videos are said to be retweeted six times more than ones without.” says research by Buffer. Make sure you use non-stock images to avoid copyright infringement issues.  


7. Tweeting when your engagement is high 

Make sure that you choose a time to tweet when your followers are active. Optimise your content generation ideally in the noon or when you notice your timeline to be very active. This ensures that your insights are constantly on an upward graph and your content is constantly being engaged with, leaving no room for no activity.  


8. Engage with your mentions 

Engage with people who are mentioning your username, tweeting about you or even just talking about you or your work. A great example of this would currently be the Star Wars Twitter handle. They make sure that they constantly interact with their audience not only leading traffic towards their account but also increasing their engagement. Increased engagement means increased visibility which also means an increase in potential audience. 

 While doing this ensure that what you say is politically and culturally acceptable and does not offend any parties. A large part of interaction is also your identity on the platform, sabotaging it means bad news.  


9. Tweet regularly 

While this may be the last tip it’s definitely not the least. Make sure that you’re constantly tweeting about your functions, information, ethos and other variables. An integral part of staying relevant is making sure you’re constantly engineering and generating content that is matching the dynamic world. Leverage trends and current ideas of interest to tweet regularly. This will direct the audience towards your platform.  



All the 10 tips mentioned above are important steps to keep in mind while trying to garner an organic audience for your Twitter platform. It may be easy to want to buy followers or create an inorganic follower list for your social media, but these usually direct bots and unhelpful traffic that is not genuine to your platform. To make sure that you actually gain an impactful and change-driving audience that boosts your social media presence, it is important to keep these tips in mind and personalise your presence. 



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