How to Use HubSpot for Cold Email?

HubSpot: The CRM Platform for Cold Emails!

A cold email must be succinct yet compelling and forceful to elicit responses. Each component of this brief message must add value and serve an essential communication function. You, therefore, need a platform that will enable you to send cold emails. However, if you use HubSpot and want to start sending cold email marketing, it’s logical to use their great email platform. Below, you’ll get to know whether HubSpot supports cold emails or not. Keep reading to learn more:

What is HubSpot CRM Software?

HubSpot is a CRM platform that combines everything growing businesses need to offer a world-class customer experience in one location. Their carefully designed, not haphazard solution gives the sales team the tools to develop into stronger, more effective teams. Customers are put first with HubSpot, personalize things is easy, and a connected CRM brings support team together.

You begin with a free plan and can later enhance it to better suit your business’s requirements. It is, without a doubt, a fantastic platform, and several strong arguments favour using it.

Why use the HubSpot CRM Platform?

With HubSpot, you won’t need to switch between various platforms to market to current and new consumers. You can develop leads, nurture contacts as they turn into customers, keep track of contacts as they become clients, and track the development of your marketing strategy. It is made to make your business work more smoothly so you can advance. It offers you some special advantages because it was thoughtfully created in-house rather than pieced together through acquisitions. Numerous more platforms can be linked with it. You can therefore manage the upkeep of your website in one place while nurturing your leads in this tool.

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Can You Send Cold Emails with HubSpot?

If you’re wondering whether you can utilise Hubspot CRM for cold emailing, the answer is no. It is against it’s rules, so that no HubSpot tools may be used to email cold contacts. Cold outreach should be avoided from a deliverability aspect to protect your sending reputation.

Here’s why:

It rapidly torpedo the whole business and marketer reputation

You, as a marketer, are affected by the sender’s reputation daily. However, many marketers are unaware of it. When you send an email, spam filters are more likely to let your campaign through without a hitch if your sender’s reputation is nice and high. On the other hand, your efforts will stop producing results if your sender score falls too low and your emails start showing up in spam folders. The issue is that it’s simple to lower your sender score and challenge you to raise it.

This CRM software is Not built to work with cold emails.

It would be best if you had a cold email domain distinct from your main business email when you send cold emails. This is done to ensure deliverability. Your emails run the danger of being in the spam folder if service providers like Gmail or Outlook flag your cold email domain. This would impact internal team communications, customer service, and marketing if it happened on your primary corporate email address.

Against Policies

HubSpot’s Acceptable Use Policy forbids sending emails to leads you have never interacted with. If you haven’t spoken to a prospect previously, that person is off-limits, and they must have given their consent in order to receive your emails.

No Cold Email Deliverability Tools

Deliverability is a crucial component of any campaign using cold emails. However, its email management software and sales platforms do not provide any customize deliverability tools. Deliverability won’t be a big problem for most regular customers because HubSpot is made for teams contacting inbound sales leads.

Can You Send Cold Emails with HubSpot?

Is it easy to use HubSpot for Cold emails?

While you cannot send emails to purchased lists directly using its email builder, you can warm up your contacts by emailing them until they subscribe by opting in. A great way to get someone to subscribe to receive future emails from you is to send a personalised email to a highly-targeted list of industry contacts that addresses a problem they have been experiencing at work or delivers – right to their inbox – a solution or workaround that would make their daily lives easier.

When your contacts have decided to sign up, you can transfer your new subscribers to HubSpot to nurture them with relevant content until they are prepared to purchase. By emailing your purchased list regularly, you can continually generate new leads while its email marketing services nurture your leads until they are ready to become customers. HubSpot cannot be used for cold email, though. It is one of the CRM tools made for communicating with potential customers who have previously permitted you to send them emails.


Above, I’ve covered everything you need to know about whether HubSpot’s CRM platform supports cold emailing. HubSpot is an effective platform that may support your sales and marketing tools and efforts in many ways. It cannot be used for cold email, though. It is a CRM for communicating with potential customers who have previously permitted you to send them emails.

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