The marketing world is a deeper yet never-ending game of business. Trends, technology and old tricky tactics will never be stagnant. The marketing world is about who stands in the market and its trends for a long time and who stands out from the crowd with their unique marketing ideas.

How do you keep up with these marketing trends all the time?

The first and the best way to keep up with the marketing skills is to keep your keen observation of the marketing statistics. Here in this article, we have tried to write a plethora of statistics to help you to find your kind of content, whether it is SEO-based content, social media, video marketing, outreach power, marketing or sales technology.

The Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Statistics

Search engine optimisation or SEO helps you to get to know what the consumers are finding and searching on google. Adding SEO strategies to the marketing content can increase the company’s website visibility and ranking.

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The statistics below will help you know more about SEO statistics and marketing.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO)

  • The collection of different email forms was the most encouraging at converting the viewers. The conversion rate was around 15 % in 2020.
  • Observations confirmed that keeping the videos at the beginning increases the outcomes rate by 12.7%.
  • Media and entertainment are the two fields with the highest form filling for landing page conversions.
  • Email visitors are the most likely, and advertisement search visitors are the least.

Content marketing statistics

The significant role of content marketing is to create and share relevant written content, documentaries, and downloadable and visual media so that the target audience gets what your brand, product and services provide to the market. Content marketing statistics help you find your strategy to solve the pain points that other people can solve. This will help you understand which technical approach works best for you.


  • The short written content within 3000 words has been ranked third best content writing arena.
  • Around 50% of companies leverage blogging.
  • Most business people say it’s effective, and the other 10% say it also has a long-term investment chance with great profit.
  • Around half of these fields spend at least an hour reading and reviewing blogging and leadership content.
  • WordPress uses 70 million new blog posts every month.

Social media statistics

With the increase in the number of customers adding to social media usage, understanding the strategies of how the market works are the most integral part of a business’s success. The social media marketing statistics will help you to gain information about how to successfully increase your outreach, your brand awareness and the promotion of your product or services.


  • We can say that Facebook is now the primary advertising content and distribution channel.
  • 69% of the American people use Facebook.
  • Mostly the customers are mobile users.
  • By 2021, Facebook will have gained enough popularity with a minimum of 2 billion active users.


  • According to the media forecasts, there are more than 2.3 billion active users of Instagram.
  • Users spent at least 10 hours per month on Instagram.


  • It has got 319 million active users.
  • When we arrange, the world’s most dynamic websites are ranked 12.


  • 59% of the active users of social media use Snapchat very frequently.
  • Snapchat has got 300 million users till 2021.
  • In 2019, Snapchat was the most important social media app in the U.S.

Video marketing statistics

Video or appealing images on your product website are the best way to turn new or existing customers into your company’s customers. With impressive images, graphics and figures, it is easy, affordable, and relatively easy to implement.

short term videos

  • Most marketers who use short-term videos in their product promotion say it is effective.
  • A few global marketers, too, use short-term video.

Product related videos

  • 90% of the marketers have reviewed that videos have multiplied their customer’s rate.

Social videos

  • Video has always been of great significance. It has been the second most content type used by product promotors.
  • Live video has been rated third among the social media marketing tactics.

Video analytics

  • Analytic reports show that videos ranging from 20-30 minutes are watched more than the 60 min long videos.
  • People use the 1.5x speed the most when watching a video on a smartphone.
  • The most common medium you have to watch a video are PowerPoint presentations, ad videos and explanatory videos.


  • It has been the number one platform where communities have been built at a high rate.
  • But it is the second most used platform after Facebook worldwide.
  • There are around 2 billion youtube active users, all over the world.

Email marketing statistics

It is the most grounded and essential platform for maintaining a healthy and long-lasting relationship with the customer.

Email usage

  • 80% of marketers have stated that email marketing increases customer connection.
  • Email marketing has got the highest return, especially from local businesses.

Lead generation statistics

Lead generation is how the business attracts and converts the new customer to stick to their product, brands or services. Through these lead generation tactics, you will know who the customers are, how to increase our website visibility, and what steps to follow further.

Marketing automation

  • Maximum marketers use bots to find the lead generation statistics.

Marketing Analytics

  • Google Analytics has consistently topped the analytic arena of marketers.

Advertising analytics

Advertising about a product has continuously increased its popularity of the product. These tricks and tactics will help you check how the paid media are working for your product and what can be done to keep attracting new customers.


Only a few people used ad blockers around 2020.

Display advertising

  • Across social media channels, posts with photos, videos and imagery posts have gained more worldwide popularity.
  • Advertising about the product has increased the rate of popularity the product.

Marketing technology statistics

Marketing technology has a significant impact on how you reach your audience to showcase your product or the content of the product. It helps to find the best connections between the customers and the services.

Sales statistics

The most important thing is an everlasting relationship between the marketer and the customer.

Summing up by getting inspired by marketing statistics

Whatever your business may be about – the goal should be to stay focused. Whether the content is related to SEO, content marketing, advertising, lead generation or sales, these statistics stated above are the most important ways to keep the marketing statistics on track.

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