Crafting the perfect elevator pitch is a great sales technique and a huge skill. Making the perfect elevator pitch and condensing a product or service into a short sale-able form is a skill you can master as a business professional.

An elevator pitch is an easy and versatile way to sell yourself quickly and your business venture to a recruiter or a prospective client. The secret to a good elevator pitch is sending a clear and passionate message.

Keep the following points in your mind to successfully sell yourself to somebody.

What do you do?

1. Explain yourself as the first step

Talk about your job. Make sure you describe it in a simple and easy-to-understand language without any jargon or industry language that may create an understanding gap. Talk about how you are instrumental in what you’re pitching. Talk about whether you’re networking, gathering leads by hard work, or amassing potential investors.

2. Have a clear objective

Make sure you communicate your vision, mission, and objective to your recruiter. If you’re selling a product or idea, explain your biography and the details of your venture, so the person at the other end knows what they’re getting into. Use easy-to-understand language that communicates your pitch clearly and concisely. This is an important first step because an elevator pitch’s scope and time limit are confined.

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3. Provide an introduction

Give a quick setup to your venture to introduce what you’re looking to impart. Prepare a few bullet points to lay the groundwork for your pitch. Understand what you’re selling and talk about its functions and how it helps the person investing in it.

4. Get your audience hooked on

Provide a USP or a unique selling proposition for your product. A USP separates you from the crowd. It shows the client how you are different from the rest of the players in the market.

5. Make your pitch adaptable

Your elevator pitch should be adaptable and versatile. It should be functional at any place and in any setting. You should be able to use it in an elevator, in an office, or anywhere at an informal mixer event! This makes it adaptable and rewarding.

6. Engage with the other party

Don’t make your pitch passive. Write it so that the other person actively engages with you. Instead of just showing your competence, expertise, and skills, make sure you’re pitching your idea so that questions can be asked, and the other person can interject and inquire about what you do and how you do it. The investor should be interested and motivated to know more about your venture and dive into it.

7. Use dynamic tools

In today’s world of social media, visual and auditory tools are great add-on advantages to sending a message. Use these to harness a great advantage. Use images or videos, so it’s easier to tell a story and get people hooked on your message. Make presentations and show infographics that have worked for you. Use connectors and various storytelling tools to weave a story.

8. Audience first

Target your pitch to your audience. Make sure your pitch is tailored so that it is advantageous to the audience you’re pitching to. Provide to them how you can help and what makes you a rewarding choice to invest in.

9. Answer these questions

Make sure you’re answering these questions without fail
Who are you?
What do you do?
Who do you help?
How do you help?
How will you help make life easier for your client?
What is your most rewarding selling point?
What is your biggest point of charm?

These provide a condensed image of your entire venture and give clients and investors a sneak peek at the essence of your work.

10. Be inclusive

Make sure your elevator pitch is well written and inclusive. In today’s fast-moving dynamic environment, humans are constantly evolving towards being better, more active, and accepting individuals of society. So should you as an instrumental face of your venture. Make sure you’re respectfully appealing to the person so that they feel respected and that giving you their time feels valuable.

These are some tips on how you can write a good elevator pitch in 2022. These steps are essential and give you that extra edge to gather the right people for the good work.

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