Sales Pitch Examples

Let’s Kick-Off

You will find yourself making hundreds of sales pitches in the recruitment industry over time. It is always required that you are ready with an impressive speech even when you are provided with a short span of time.

Recruiters out there today will find themselves delivering the same recruiting sales pitch in a different manner to attract new applicants. The speech delivered must be attractive and persuasive while presenting the new opportunity or introducing your agency. When proposing to a potential client to attempt and win them over, longer sales pitches are required. These often demand you to put in the work before and after the pitch to ensure your pitch is successful.

A perfect sales pitch is required in order to gain the attention of the people. Before trying to perfect your sales pitch, you may ask yourself the following questions and find answers in order to build your pitch

  • Who is your customer, and what is their pain point?
  • What do you offer? Focus on unique selling points
  • Why do your potential clients need your services?
  • What impact will your recruitment services make?

How to create your own pitch

We have some guidance on how to deliver an excellent pitch for your recruitment agency. You should take your pitch notes down on paper because it will give you a sense of understanding and make everything a lot more clearer.

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Your pitch should then take the following basic form:

How To Create Sales Pitch

The pitch should then take the following form after identifying these key points;

1) Describe what you and your company do (and why!)

The first step is defining what you and your company do. The candidate will be able to understand if it is explained clearly, and he/she will be able to realize if they are a good fit for the organization.

2) Including the goals of the company:

Including the objectives and goals of the company will encourage the candidate to join the company. Explaining both the long-term and short-term goals will help the candidates decide if their professional objectives align with the organization.

3) Listing development opportunities:

Many candidates will be interested in learning how the company will help them enhance new skills and how it will support their professional growth. Mentorship, which will help candidates develop their careers should they choose to apply for this organization.

4) Inform them about people who joined you in the past:

It can be included in your pitch if you managed to recruit candidates who are part of huge brands and companies. This is a great way to grab the candidate’s attention and demonstrate your agency’s success.

5) Communicate your Unique Selling Point (USP)

What makes your company stand out? This section is crucial because it will most likely be the phrase they remember as they walk away from you. This can show the candidate what makes the company stand out from its competitors and why they should choose to work here. For example:

“Through a thorough recruiting and screening process, assigned counselors who focus on learning each client, on-the-job follow-up, and a strong commitment to customer service, we, the ABC staffing agency, care about employing the appropriate fit for your organization.”

6) Practice regularly

Practicing your sales pitch by writing it down and reading it loudly makes you feel more confident when you speak with a candidate

7) Tie it all together with a call to action (CTA)

A call to action is helpful after the end of the recruitment pitch. It is an indication of what the candidate can do next. This is important as the candidate may want to pursue the job, and a call to action tells them how to apply and when to schedule an interview.

Call To Action

The Best Of All- Recruiting Pitch

What is a Recruiting Sales Pitch

The pitch is an overview to solve the pain point or the value delivered typically in 30-60 seconds. This is why it is called an elevator pitch as it takes the time of an elevator. Short speeches can grab the listeners interest, communicate why you are valuable in this space and have a meeting after this to discuss about the next step.

How To Create The Perfect Recruiting Sales Pitch

Well, to be fairly honest, hiring managers are tired of hearing the same recruitment sales pitches over and over again. We know that every recruiter out there is trying to hire the top talent available in the market, and frankly, it is only fair too! But, using the same sales pitch with different versions cannot give you an edge now, can it?

So, to create a perfect sales recruiting pitch, you should be opting for the 3 WHYS FRAMEWORK.

the questions that you need to answer in this framework if you want to hire the top 1% of talent are:

  1. WHY should I talk to you?
  2. WHY should I bother?
  3. Why does that matter?

Formulas to construct your recruiting sales pitch

1. Do you know how.?  {Focus must be on the target markets}

2. What we are doing now … {Focus largely on benefits}

3. .. {focus on testimonial success stories that support the previous statement}

Why is it that B2B struggle to find and hire the top sales talent?

By following the formula, sales leaders are experts in this space and understand it really well. They find the top 10% of sales talent and place them in the B2B firms. Top sales people have been placed in huge companies like Oracle, SAP, etc. Majority of the people placed have hit their quota at the very first year.

Your sales pitch can also be done by a four-step process:

Step 1: Start with an action phrase.

Step 2: Add a one-sentence statement about what you are doing. (“I do Y”-How do you support people and businesses?)

Step 3: I will explain the specific effects. (“People who use my services find Z”-list one or two from a prospect’s point of view.)

Sales Pitch Four Step Process

Sample Pitch

Hello John,

I am from XYZ marketing and I wanted to let you know that you have impressed us so much with your results in the east marketing firm. XYZ marketing is one of the top marketing firms in the country and has been around for a long time now. We provide a lot of incentives to our employees as we care about them. We also offer tuition to anyone from the team if they decide to pursue an MBA. This is offered based on the performances of the team members. We have built an entire team which has lasted for almost 3 years now.

If you are interested, feel free to call 123-4567 to set up an interview.


Emile Smith

The One That Gives An Overview- The Elevator Pitch

A condensed overview of your business viewpoint is called an Elevator pitch. Summing up key points to get your value proposition across in the time it takes an elevator to move between floors (You get where the name comes from?). Remember that it is not like stuffing all the information about your company in the prospect’s minds as quickly as you can. Neither it is about spamming their inboxes with the list of services that your company offers.

So, you must be thinking that how exactly one masters their Elevator pitch?

Perfecting your elevator pitch

You need to make your elevator pitch as effective as possible in a short span of time. For this, we have got 5 tips, using which you can perfect your Elevator Pitch.

Use simple language

Don’t talk gibberish! Your message should be loud, clear, and concise. This pitch and your company definitely mean so much to you but that is not the case with the one hearing you. So, it is important that you make a good impact and they walk away with a clear idea of what you and your company do and how it can benefit them. Make the most out of those 30 seconds.

Know your audience 

This is something that goes without saying! Your sales pitch to a person who is a mutual friend can not be the same as the sales pitch delivered to someone who is from a different industry or circumstance. Make the necessary changes that are required in the two situations, but treat them both with the same importance as no matter how different the situations may be, both of them mean new business opportunities for you.

Start and end with a question

Opening and ending with a question show that you are open to engaging with them. It makes an impression that you are not here just for promotion. Starting and ending with questions with a great hook and a call to action respectively will draw the attention of the listener and help you and the listener visualize what happens next.

Time check

Keep the time in check. The whole point of delivering an Elevator pitch is that it keeps the listener engaged without taking up much of their time. SO, try to keep the pitch between 70-80 words as this much will be sufficient to fit in a 30 seconds time frame.

Practice, practice, practice!  

Practicing your pitch regularly will make it sound less robotic and scripted. Your tone of voice speaks a lot about your pitch. So, to perfect it you need to practice your pitch. Record your voice while you present your pitch or present in front of a friend. This way you can analyze if there were any words in which you were stumbling or if you were convincing enough. It all makes a difference!

The Elevator Pitch

Tricks Of Differentiating Your Staffing Agency Sales Pitch

The following are the different ways of differentiating your agency’s sales pitch1

  • Providing an in-depth analysis of your sales pitch: Many candidates will be impressed by the staffing vendor who gives a deep analysis of their sales pitch and will be tempted to join the organization.
  • Explain what differentiates you from the others: In a short span of time, the candidates must be told why they should work with you as a staffing partner. This can be done by giving a different elevator speech rather than giving the same one a hundred times.
  • Don’t promise too much: If you think you can’t fill a certain position, it is important to be honest and say so rather falsely promising. Your potential clients will respect honesty and there is a high chance they will give job orders you can really fill.
  • Provide one point of contact: Dealing with the same person every time is helpful for the staffing partner. It is much easier for the firm to retain the same staffing partners and clients don’t like retraining their reps every few months.

Staffing Agency Sales Pitch

Basics mistakes that should be avoided

  • Don’t be too generic: By reaching out to a potential customer, you must explain why your value proposition is special. Customers will receive many sales scripts daily. The key is to identify your ideal customer profile and make sure that the expertise provided is unique from all the others.
  • Make sure the timing isn’t wrong: Many times, emails are sent after the candidate has accepted the job offer. Many sales rep send the same generic emails to the candidates who have a job ad out for that particular position.
  • Don’t focus on job boards but a company’s own career page: When a sales rep finds a company who has placed a job ad, it becomes very difficult to get your message through. Many staffing agencies go through these openings so that they can fit their talent pool. Since it is anonymous, it becomes difficult to find out which organization is actually hiring. Monitoring the company’s own career pages is a better option and it gives the candidates a good overview of the different types of profiles your prospects are looking for.

Basics mistakes that should be avoided


All in all, your staffing agency can truly be elevated by making your mission and goals clear, upgrading technology and diversifying your lead sources. You can truly impress your clients and leave an impact with your pitch by following the following four steps:

  • Use certain tools and modern company insights to narrow down your ideal target customer.
  • Be constantly up-to-date when it comes to recent trends. Keep track of trigger events within companies that fit your customer profile.
  • Be organized and systematically monitor all the career pages of your target companies.
  • Show your clients the extent of your knowledge. Let them know what makes you stand out.

more tips for your sales pitch

Here are some more tips for your sales pitch:

  • Keep it short. As tempting as it is to try and cover each detail in your pitch, you must understand that the audience tends to lose interest after a certain point, and getting their attention back after that point is actually something near impossible.
  • Deliver it right. The way a recruitment sales pitch is delivered is as important as the contents of the pitch itself. It doesn’t matter if the content is great, but without any life in the way it is delivered, you might as well not have delivered it at all.
  • Keep upgrading your pitch. There is never a “finished” pitch. Refine the contents and the technique at every opportunity you get.
  • Invest in your brand. Ever feel like you struggle to stand out against your competitors? Then, you might probably want to invest your time and money in marketing and PR to up your brand image.
  • Keep practicing. The saying “Practice makes a man perfect” didn’t just come up without reason. Constantly practice your sales pitch with friends, family or even in front of the mirror.

A pitch is, in a way, quite subjective. Each context will make it look different, but it is absolutely necessary for anyone in the business field. You never know when good luck his and an opportunity might pop up. That’s when a solid pitch might come in handy. Remember to be engaging and keep your audience in mind. Only then will you end up being a winner.

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