Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest has become used for more than just finding room decorations or event inspiration. It has developed into a visual search engine with many eye-catching images. It gives your company a unique chance to highlight the capabilities of your goods or services. You can use the opportunity to provide your intended audience with advice or motivation. It presents several possibilities for brands of all kinds. However, many marketers might undervalue Pinterest’s capabilities as a campaign engine. But Literally, anybody and everyone may use Pinterest to sell their business, from a social media management platform to a cafe near the street. So if you have come looking for some Pinterest marketing statistics, you have come to the right place. Below are the Top 10 Pinterest Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind. Keep reading to find out.

What Is Pinterest Marketing?

Pinterest marketing is a robust platform that can help you raise brand exposure, boost conversions, increase sales, and build long-lasting relationships with your target audience and buyer personas. In a nutshell, it’s a collection of techniques that integrate Pinterest into your business’s comprehensive social media marketing strategy to draw in new clients, develop client relationships, and broaden brand and product exposure.

Pinterest Marketing

Top 10 Pinterest Marketing Statistics That Will Blow Your Mind

If you haven’t yet started using Pinterest marketing for business, you need first to become familiar with the statistics that will help the growth of your company. Below are a few Pinterest marketing techniques that will blow your mind in 2022!

  • User Website Receives 33% More Referral Traffic

Pinterest’s most important selling point is its referral potential. According to the platform’s reports, Pinterest generates 33% more referral traffic to websites than Facebook. Additionally, in 2019, there was a 300% rise in weekly conversions, and Pinterest attracted people by adding more “add-to-cart” and “checkout” features. It enabled the platform to incorporate brand-new shopping options via pinboards.

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  • Regular Users of Pinterest Are Influenced in Their Shopping Decisions

People who use Pinterest regularly are seven times more likely to claim it has the most significant influence on their purchasing decisions than those who use other social media platforms. Furthermore, they come here to fall in love with brands in addition to finding new favorite products. Most Pinners (70%) used the network to discover new, dependable services and goods. They have consequently greatly expanded their selection of shopping features for businesses and advertisers.]

  • Pinterest Posts Have the Longest Lifespan

Pinterest posts last for at least six months and occasionally even an entire year. Searches for some greenery reports continued to climb for more than 13 months, according to their Pinterest Predicts 2022 report. Since Pinterest is a search engine, its posts perform so much better. Therefore, People use it to search for topics that interest them, just like they do with Google.

  • 85% Of All Pinterest Traffic Comes From the Mobile App

Pinterest is available in both web and mobile applications. However, its mobile app accounts for around 85% of Pinterest’s traffic. And this shouldn’t be a surprise, as mobile devices account for more than half of all internet traffic for social media services. Additionally, it shows that businesses must make their material mobile-friendly.

  • Pinterest Made $575 Million in 2022

In Quarter 1 2022, Pinterest made $575 million only. Over the year, it saw a growth in both users and income. However, Each quarter of 2020 saw more money coming in for them, primarily from ads, than the corresponding quarter of any prior year. Therefore, it is a significant possibility that it will increase again in 2022 if you consider the pattern its revenue followed in 2020 and 2021.

  • 70% Of Users Use Pinterest to Find New Products

Pinterest has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, and 70% of users say it is the best place to find new products, concepts, and services. Users also discover the goods, services, and photographs on the platform.

  • Pinterest allows marketers to reach over 200 million people

The advertising market of Pinterest reached 226 million users as of 2022. Because of the platform’s low user base, marketers may quickly contact their target demographics on it. The combination of distinctive and personalised imagery makes the transition from discovery to purchase simply for customers. The platform also has an impact on the brands, goods, and spending habits of consumers.

  • Nearly 1 billion videos are watched daily on Pinterest

According to Pinterest statistics, the platform’s Premiere ad packages are helping video advertisements on Pinterest garner attention. One billion videos are seen daily on Pinterest, according to a report.

  • Pinterest is used by 85% of Pinners to plan new projects

Connecting with pinners on Pinterest has evolved into an entertaining platform. According to research, 85% of Pinterest users use the site to plan new initiatives. Many individuals visit Pinterest to decide what to buy or find new ideas.

  • Pinterest Is World’s 15th Largest Network

With 433 million active users per month, Pinterest is ranked 15th among social media networks. It is one of the most popular social media sites, and its user base rapidly expands. According to this statistic, 5.5% of people worldwide currently use Pinterest.

Pinterest Marketing


Above, I have mentioned all the information you need to understand Pinterest marketing statistics. Therefore, if you haven’t already started using Pinterest for your brand, do so immediately. With some skill and consideration, it can be utilized effectively to increase your brand’s online social media presence, present your items to the correct audience, and foster engagement.



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