Ticksy is an advanced helpdesk program that gives you everything you need to offer your clients top-notch customer service. It links to your Envato Market account to give customers a one-click way to confirm purchases prior to submitting a ticket. Ticksy is perfect for online documentation since it allows you to create as many articles as you want and attach them to one or more categories. The platform allows for simple digital downloads and purchases verification.

Since branding has become so important, it enables you to select a unique subdomain, upload your logo, and alter the colors to match your brand for a uniform consumer experience. Fast-loading webpages, one-click access to essential features, and a few keyboard shortcuts for power users are all features of Ticksy.

Each new ticket and response in Ticksy results in an email notification. These are displayed in the Ticksy live on-site notifications box, along with fresh notes, ticket assignments, important announcements, comment likes, and more.


Private & Public Tickets: While public tickets are like using an online forum where anybody can watch and respond, private tickets are just between you and your customers. By doing this, some of the support burden is lifted and given to others who want to lend a hand.

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Envato & Other Integrations: Connect your Envato Market account to give your customers a simple way to confirm their purchases before submitting a support case. We also support Easy Digital Downloads and Themely Marketplace for purchase confirmations.

Knowledgebase: Create as many articles as you like and categorize them as you wish for online documentation. Many help desks charge extra for this service, however, it is totally free at Ticksy.

Company Branded: Since branding is crucial, Ticksy allows you to select a unique subdomain, upload your logo, and alter the colors to perfectly reflect your company’s aesthetic for a consistent user experience.

Live & Email Notifications: Keep up to date. Each new ticket and reply receives an email notification. These, as well as ticket assignments, comment likes, new notes, significant announcements, and more, will be displayed in the live on-site notifications box.

Time-Saving Features: When it comes to assistance, speed is crucial, which is why Ticksy delivers speedy page loads, one-click access to key features, and more. There are also a few keyboard shortcuts for those power users.

Multilingual: Your system can be displayed in a variety of languages. Additionally, via their profile, your customers and support staff members can overrule that setting. Languages supported by Ticksy: English (US & UK), Spanish, French, Italian, Norwegian, Estonian, Dutch, & Chinese (Traditional).

Interactive & Social: Each comment can be “liked” by both your customers and the support staff, offering a wonderful method to express gratitude. Additionally, some common emojis are supported.

Who can use Ticksy?

Ticksy is best suited for small businesses, builders, freelancers, internet developers, web design business,


Free Trial: You can Signup with Ticksy for 14-day free trial for $1.

Monthly Plan: 

  • Single Support Agent – $9 per month
  • 1-3 Support Agents – $15 per month
  • 4-9 Support Agents – $49 per month
  • 10+ Support Agents – $149 per month

Annual Plan:

  • Single Support Agent – $8.3 per month
  • 1-3 Support Agents – $12 per month
  • 4-9 Support Agents – $40 per month
  • 10+ Support Agents – $120 per month

All plans include:

  • Unlimited tickets
  • Unlimited customers
  • Unlimited articles
  • Custom branding and more…


1. G2

Ticksy is rated 5-star based on 1 review on G2

2. Capterra

Ticksy is rated 5-star based on 2 reviews on Capterra

3. ProductHunt

Ticksy is rated 5-star based on 5 reviews on ProductHunt.


When clients approach your company with expectations, and they do so through various channels including social media, email, and phone, it is nearly hard to manually keep track of every problem.

Help desk solutions consolidate all support interactions into a single platform, enabling your agents to allocate, prioritize, filter, and categorize issues more efficiently.

A new help desk is a major investment in your customer support team, your clients, and ultimately your business. Although having a huge feature list is helpful, you should choose with a larger picture in mind. Consider your options carefully because choosing a solution that works for your team (and your clients).


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